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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Jaee Ponde



Jaee Ponde


The Climb

The Climb

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"So ma'am," the reporter asked "What is your story?"

"I'm sorry, I don't exactly understand your question." I said as I took a sip from the cup of coffee placed on the table between us.

"Everyone comes in this recording studio and asks you about your bandmates and your album, I want to know, your background. So tell me, was there anything in particular that inspired you or kept you motivated?"

"Well yeah, all my fans. They keep me going. Their smiles and their voices, that's what pushes me to produce better music and work harder."

"I understand, but was there any time in your past, an incident or a person who kept you going? Anything personal?"

I looked around our band's recording studio and saw our album cover, a view from a mountain top and that's when I closed my eyes and for a moment relived that incident a smile curved my lips.

"Yeah, there was. It was like a turning point in my life." I said to the man sitting in front of me making note of every word I said.

"Would you share it with us?" He said eagerly.

"Gladly." I said, took a deep breath and began my long story.

I woke up at what seemed like 9 in the morning, the time of the day where the sun escapes through the leaves and branches of trees creating golden patches of sunlight all over its surroundings. I rubbed my eyes and stretched my arms while I struggled to get up from my extremely comfortable sleeping bag. I ran my hands through my hair and tied it into a ponytail ignoring all the knots that had formed the night before. Let me just clear something, I am not a sporty person. I never have been and never will be. Just after an hour of “wandering” in the woods I was left with bug bites, injuries and leaves all over my hair. I walk up to see my friend, Kate, munching on an apple by the campfire she set up last night. She’s always been a nature girl. Kate always belonged in nature, she’s always hiking and taking trips. I’m exhausted by just listening to all of her stories. That’s why I knew I signed up for a nightmare, a beginner like me hiking with a pro like Kate was NOT a good match, it was going to end in injuries and tears (did I mention absolute trauma?)

“Ready?” She asked with the widest smile on her face.

“I feel like I should say yes” I said with sleep in my eyes.

“I’m not going to take a no”

“Okay fine, yes I am ready” I said with a groan.

“Let’s go! Also you might want to freshen up, you’ll scare the animals” she said and proceeded to laugh like her joke was hilarious.

“You realise your the only one laughing?” I asked.

“Shush now and get dressed, we’re going hiking!”

With half of my body asleep I rolled my eyes and walked to the small, tiny “bathrooms” or as I would usually call them, “bushes.”

As we started walking and I tried my best to look enthusiastic but after 15 minutes of branches and mosquitoes my “I love nature this is so exciting” mood turned into “this was a bad idea I don’t know why I agreed to this” attitude. I was groaning and cribbing about the tiniest things. At one point i remember stamping on a stone because it tripped me and then picking it up and attempting to break it. I was an absolute disaster while my friend (I had decided not to refer to her as best friend by this point) was stopping at every step and smelling the flowers, taking pictures, in her own words “admiring the beauty of nature.” I have no idea what ‘beauty’ she was talking about.

“Are we there yet?” I asked for the fifteenth time in the past 3 minutes.

“You know what? Sit down. Come on, water break” Kate went ahead and sat on a big rock and patted the place beside her telling me to sit down. I was more then happy to give my full of scratched and mosquito bitten legs a rest. I sat down and shut my eyes to take a break from the torture I call hiking.

“You know why I bought you here?” Kate said in a serious tone.

“To torture me?”

“No, to somehow inspire you to restart your music.”

I looked at her like I had seen a ghost. She knows I hate talking about my past and she knows that music is a really touchy subject for me. When I was eight, I saw high school musical for the first time and music had been my dream ever since. Of course back then I wanted to be a ‘pop star’ but things changed. I started a band with a drummer and a guitarist and Kate on the keyboard. We hadn’t decided a name yet, I was the songwriter and lead singer. After brutal rejection from the music industry and harsh criticism from the people around me I couldn’t do it anymore. The record label spat at our lyrics and told us we were young and crazy and that we should be focusing our time on something that will actually lead somewhere. I didn’t let them get to me at first, but the industry being so brutal didn’t let me keep my strong posture for too long. Soon I lost all hope, all my all lyrics went from sunshine to songs about rain and sadness. Let me rephrase that, songs ONLY about rain and sadness. I was snapping at my band mates and my parents, my mental health was degrading and I decided that for my physical and mental health this just wasn’t for me. Imagining four thousand people screaming to our songs was a dream that I would pour my blood, sweat and tears to make a reality. At the start it was all so exciting and positive, but after a while all hope was lost. We weren’t going anywhere with our ‘music’. the dream of having a fan come up to you when your walking on the street to ask for a picture, or seeing someone listen to your song on their earphones were all crushed. 

The dream was beautiful and exciting but the journey was excruciating and upsetting. 

“Kate, how many times do I have to explain to you..” I said with my voice raising as every word came out of my throat.

“I’m sorry okay? I’m really sorry. This was a horrible idea, let’s just get to the top. The climb is exhausting but we’re more than halfway through. I’m sorry, I just wanted to see you happy.”

“Okay” I said and managed to put up a smile.

For half an hour we walked up the hill, tripping on branches and plucking flowers to put in our hair. Kate put a bright red hibiscus behind my ear while I tried to get the saddening thoughts of music behind me, soon I managed to pretend to enjoy the walk for my best friend. After everything she just wants me to be happy, we can have regrets but I think the important part is to remember that we did the action with a good intention. I decided to not get angry at Kate and to enjoy our weekend together. As we walked ahead, Kate’s shoelaces gave up and she was tripping on them all the time. It’s like we exchanged roles, as my mood became lighter she kept getting mad at her shoes and started cribbing about the brand and their cost and how she should’ve worn her other walking shoes. 

“It’s okay Kate I’m pretty sure you’ll live” I said as Kate was listing the ways she could get severely injured by her shoelaces.

“Live? You think so? That’s amazing!” She said with sarcasm flooding her voice.”it’s okay, wait, I think we’re here” 

She took my hand and started walking with me till the top of the hill, it was a relatively small hill and we didn’t have to use a rope or anything to get up here, but what we saw, what we saw just made the entire trip worth it. 

As I opened my eyes wider I realised what a beautiful artist nature is. How the blue of the sky complimented the green of every leaf. How effortlessly beautiful the taller mountains look and how in middle of all the bushes and trees the flowers still managed to stand out in all their beauty. The birds and clouds looked like little splashes of paint on the canvas that gave it an extra glow and to top it all of was the smell of light breezes and fresh air like a cherry on the cake.

“This view, the view is so...” I said, but Kate interrupted me before i could go any further,

“It’s not the view, it’s the climb.” She said.

And that one sentence was all the inspiration I ever needed. 

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