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Bhagirathi Mohanty

Abstract Tragedy Classics


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Abstract Tragedy Classics

The Actual Heir

The Actual Heir

4 mins 229 4 mins 229

There stands a huge mansion and a mad widower in the remote corner of the village. No hair of the woman left was black. No limbs set right but people did not bother about it. They also did not mind whether there was anybody in the house. But they stopped there for a little while to listen to her sweet and melodious voice. After the end of the song they gave remarks in her favour and moved past.

        People of her time told that she had a happy family with a daughter the most beautiful one at that time. They loved her and cared her to the optimum. Her husband, Kumar worked in a steel plant and received a satisfactory amount. He had also other sources of income from market complex and farm land.

      He came to his home very rare. During his leave he invited his relatives in the town to take part in the musical program. His main intention was to apprise his wife Anupama's talent as a proficient singer. Day and night his kinsmen straight right to his home in his absence and never left until they were asked for.

   All went well up to the sorrowful mis hap. Kumar's only daughter died of chickengunia putting a full stop to all entertainment shows. It was a great shock to them. Anupama broke down altogether. She always sang sad songs. Kumar thought in order to take her away from the melancholic state he had to espouse a child. But boy or girl!  

     In her cheerful mood he asked her," Anu, forget the past which is irreparable. I assimilate your trouble but we can not act against what is pre written. Time has glossed. We can not have an offspring of our own. In such a circumstances, we have to take on a juvenile. But which will be better a male or female child ?I think a female offspring will serve the purpose because a girl child in course of time will be more emotional and attached to us than a boy  In future when he came round that he is acquired to them he might pretend with us and squander the properties I have saved with the sweat of my brow."

   It was done which Kumar decided. A girl of five who was a cherub and neglected by her kins men was taken on home.

   Elina the waif , was very brilliant in schooling. She proved fruitful to them as she did exceedingly well in all exams. She was also taught singing by be Anupama. At her marriageable age a suitable dude was in search who would inhabit permanently after marriage

     A dude who joined newly in the police department concurred to it.

  It was the beginning of  a favourable time in Kumar's family. Very soon Elina brought forth a male child which magnified the happiness.

      Instantly, a series of misfortune shadowed the happy times. Kumar died from an explosion in the steel plant. The birth of the second child,a son brought with him the un pleasant news of the demise of his father in a clash with the revolutionaries. It was a great shock to Anupama and Elina. The long cherished dream shattered in to pieces. Subsequently, Elina suffered from fungal infection She was shifted to a famous hospital in Mumbai. Lakhs of rupees were paid out for her treatment. The more she put in order the more it required. In the long run, all her attempts were futile. Elina died of the infection leaving behind her a weighty burden on her mother's head , in the shape the responsibility of her two sons. Without proper guidance they turned vagabonds and squandered money after useless purposes.

     At this stage she lost her mental balance and became mad. Her relatives appeared again with ill- intention. They pretended to help her and sold out the properties and disbursed the money among themselves. Anupama had nothing to do with it. She remained busy in singing and dancing. She ate , slept and spoke at will.Her grand sons blotted. Her kinsmen stopped visiting her when she became penniless. She went without food for days together. No neighbour extended their hands of help. Out siders halted only for some minutes to listen the song from her. 

     Along with the passing of time no song echoed the mansion. Did she stop singing or claimed some amounts instead of her songs she delivered. Some volunteers were in doubt as to her living. They trespassed the edifice. They found the

 singer slept comfortably. The melody queen was no more to entertain the passers by with her fascinating songs. They took the deadbody and cremated her. 

     Thus came to end 

the life of a scholastic singer. The broken edifice stood as a witness of the unforgettable woman.


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