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Shraddha was a witch and she wanted to multiply her powers. So she used Vicky and friends to get a ponytail of stree.

I am agreeing with it. However there can be another possible variant of this theory :

Actually, Shraddha was already a powerful witch three years ago, but someone cut off her ponytail and burnt it and thus she lost her powers. She just wanted a ponytail of a witch to get back her lost powers.

Since the beginning of film we never see shraddha using some sort of powers. The only power she showed was disappearing instantly. That happened two times I guess.

->First in woods: It was dark night, so maybe she went far in the darkness, and it gave disappearing effect which was not real.

->Second when Vicky goes to a man and asks him if he can see the girl, he took pretty much time, so maybe she left till he looked back, and we/he thought she disappeared.

She never used her own powers, instead, she tried some Tona-Totkas.

And when she said she can't kill Stree, what did she mean? People are saying “A witch can not kill a witch”

Oh, come on! There's no such law. It clearly means that she had no power to kill Stree.

One more proof, when Stree attacked her why didn't she use some powers to fight back. She was totally helpless. It was not a matter of secrecy, because Stree nearly killed her. She was not a fool to give her own life for a secret.

Even if you have less power than someone who is attacking you, you still fight back with all your power, when it is matter of life and death. It's Natural.

Argument 1: if you cut the ponytail of a witch, she dies. So why didn't shraddha die if this theory is real?

Yes, it's popular folklore however it's not true according to filmmakers. Shraddha clearly states if you cut her ponytail it will make her powerless. It will not kill her.

Argument 2: Stree was a ghost, not a witch. So she didn't die. But shraddha was not a ghost so she will die if someone cut her hair.

Film-makers don't believe that stree was a ghost. In fact director, Amar Kaushik used term “Witch” for both shraddha and stree in an interview. According to filmmakers a woman ghost and a living witch are the same things, with no differences.

And if Stree was a ghost, why the hell she have her powers in a ponytail? Only witches have their powers in ponytails.

So it's clear, both were witches. And according to film concept a witch loses her powers only, not her life, after losing her hairs. The same happened with Shraddha.

So what exactly happened with Shraddha three years ago?

In one scene shraddha says “Maine bhi koi apna khoya hai” while saying this she really looks sad. First we thought that maybe stree abducted that man. But then she says “Vo vapas to nahi aayega” However Stree never killed any man, and all of them returned after she lost her power. But we didn't see that shraddha's apna man.

So Stree wasn't behind it, someone else killed that man.

But who was that man? Her relative or her Lover?

The 99% chances are that he was her Lover. After saying that she looks the way at Vicky with sad eyes confirms it, because Vicky also loved her. Moreover, witches don't live with families.

So here goes the story: Shraddha was a witch. She and a noble young man loved each other. But society didn't accept it. People killed that man and they cut shraddha's hairs. They also tried to kill her, but she escaped somehow.

[Stree's story was also similar, maybe that's why shraddha shows some sympathy]

After this shraddha wanted back her powers to avenge her lover's death. It needed a ponytail of a witch. So when she heard about chanderi incident, she planned all this.

Now in the film's sequel, she will avenge her lover's death, aur is baar mardo ko aur jyada dard hoga.

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