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Ajad AJ Creations

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Ajad AJ Creations

Children Stories Classics Inspirational

Inspirational Man

Inspirational Man

3 mins


             Who is our India's inspirational man? You may know by reading this story.

   He Born on 15 october 1931,in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu in poor family. Father Jainulabdeen,he was boat owner and mother Ashiamma house wife. He born in small village, so educated in Government school. No amount to study. So he pick tamarind seed which fall on the ground in a bag and sold in shop, study with that money. one day teacher saying lesson by showing fly birds, he think, why i won’t fly in sky like bird. What should want to do for that. Asked to teacher, teacher told what to do, from that time he change that as his goals and dreams. He will get second mark in class also he was interested to know more about his dreams. He do more hardwork. After studying high school, for helping father he do as paperboy.

   After his school studies, he joined in St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli; in Madras Institute of Technology. And he certified with Physics degree in 1954. In that time this collage is more famous. He don’t have any interest to read that courses, but after he felt sad for reading that courses. In 1955 he joined as Airspace Engineering at Madras. There they kept exam for 8 ranks, he got 9 rank and failed and felt sad. He dream to kiss clouds, to do signature in the sky its also gone in a air. He remembered Failures is a step stone of success, which told by his father. What he never stepped backward in his life. In 1958 he received Aeronautical Engineer degree in Madras Institute of Technology. After he receiving, he worked on failed Hovercraft project, at DEFENCE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION (DRDO). In 1962 he joined in INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANISATION (ISRO) and did some many successful satellites with another scientist. 

         In 1980 July 18 they launched the satellite called “ROHINI SATELLITE RS-1”.

Launched site: SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, India.

Launched Vehicle: SLV-III

Orbit: 305 x 919km.

   As a project director he struggle a lot for development of SLV-III. He said that working in ISRO is his biggest success of his life. In 1982 he came back as a Director of DRDO and worked on guided missile Agni, Ballistic and Prithvi for this he got name as “ MISSILE MAN OF INDIA” By this name all may his name i think so,

      No Indian will be without knowing him,

         He is the inventor of missiles,

          He is the inventor of satellites,

          Non other they he is “ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam”. In between 1970 and 1990 Kalam worked on projects SLV and SLV-III improvement, the two projects are succeeded. In 1970 SLV Rocket Satellite was launched successfully. In 1998 he passed in Pokhran nuclear test. He was also associated with India’s space program and missile development program On July 18, 2002 with higher majority he elected as India’s 11 President. And on 25 July 2002 he Sworn as president.

While delivering a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management Shillong, Kalam collapsed and died from an apparent cardiac arrest on 27 July 2015, aged 83.

 Abdul Kalam Books: Wings Of Fire, Indian 2020, Naa Jeevana Gamana, etc

 Kalam Awards: In 1981 Padma Bhushan 

               In 1990 Padam Vibhushan

               In 1997 Bharat Ratna

              In 1997 Indira Gandhi Award For National Integration.

              In 1998 Veer Savarkar Award

              In 2000 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize from Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy. India.

               In 2013 Von Braun Award from National Space Society.

     Every man have one story it may be good or bad, that was in our hands, there are two ways one good and one bad which way you want you only decide. How many days we are live is not important, how many days our name is there is important. It is real success.


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