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Vatsal Parekh

Comedy Drama


Vatsal Parekh

Comedy Drama

Spooked out Again

Spooked out Again

5 mins 274 5 mins 274

I love my personal space, and I think others also do. But, I don't think Julia understands the concept of "personal space". I was minding my own business, watching the TV, when she just rushed inside my house. "Yoo-hoo, Revs! How are you???" She screeched loudly. "Yeah, I'm good. Hope the same with you!" I replied. "So, Halloween is just around the corner! After three days! Woo-hoo!" Julia said. I replied, "Yes, I know, but, in India, people don't really celebrate Halloween. This tradition is only in foreign countries." Julia said, "Yup, I know, but, how about we watch some horror movies tonight? And also organize a little party? All the kids will have so much fun, including us! Please?"

Well, I couldn't really deny the offer. And anyway, who doesn't love horror movies, even though we get terrified?! "You've convinced me! Let's make some pamphlets!" I finally said. Julia smiled with delight. So, we decided to design some of them on the computer. We came up with a sweet design, and then, we printed them. After that, we distributed the pamphlets to all our friends. They all were very excited. 

Julia's parents were out of the station, as they had gone to a relative's place. So, she decided to stay at my house. By night, all our friends had confirmed that they would come to our fun party. We had some food, and then we decided to sleep. 

We had such a nice sleep! Well, I saw a dream that I was flying in the sky. Julia slept beside me. And she seemed to be giggling in sleep! 

We both were sleeping peacefully until I heard a sound. No, not of peaceful songs, but of anklets! Was there a jewelry store nearby? I woke up, still groggy. Then, the sound became louder and louder. I shuddered. I went outside, looking here and there. I quickly turned back, because, I thought as if someone sped across the room. I was very scared, so I started running ad fast as I could. But suddenly, someone stopped me! The next thing I knew I'd faint on spot! When I came to, Julia stood in front of me, "Revs! Who sleeps on the floor, when you have beds?! Come on, get up! Didn't you feel cold here? And, look, you even have a little bruise!" "Uh...well, I don't remember what happened with me, Jul-" I was interrupted. "Okay, okay, I'll hear that later. Get up!" She screamed. 

I was still spooked out by yesterday's strange happening. Julia came towards me, "Revs," She began. "What happened?" I told her the whole story. She was also shocked. "I don't think ghosts exist! We were talking about Halloween and all of that spooky stuff before sleeping, so maybe, you just had those things in your mind. And, then, it must have been hallucination!" She explained. I felt Julia was right, so I said, "Yes. Maybe you're right." 

Then, we spent the day ordering stuff for the party. I tried a lot to stop thinking about last night, but, that thing was just stuck like glue in my mind. Julia said, "I know you're still afraid, but don't dear when Julia is here, yo!" I laughed. Julia sometimes, or, er, always made me laugh.

Soon, it was nightfall. I wanted to go to the bathroom, but, I was still afraid. I asked Julia to stand outside the bathroom, and she agreed. When I came outside, I saw that Julia wasn't there! "Julia? Julia? Julia?" I asked. "Revsssssssssssssss!!!!" Julia screamed. She screamed loudly. I ran, and then, Julia wasn't even there in the room!! I could only see blood, skulls, some spooky shadows, and someone's terrific laugh. Wait....what? I was also scared, so I fainted again. The next morning, Julia woke me up again, angrily, "Again you slept on the floor?!" 

I told her, "You screamed, and then you called me. So, I came. Then I saw some blood and a bunch of other things, and I fainted!" "What? I didn't call you, nor did I scream!" She said. "Why weren't you waiting for me outside the bathroom!" I asked. "Oh...that! I was feeling allergic, so I went to take the pills. It was urgent, sorry!" She said, embarrassed. 

I was confused! If Julia didn't scream, then who did?

I decided to calm down. We ate breakfast, and then, I watched the TV. And, then, fog fumed up all around the room. Someone started to laugh very loudly. A skeleton popped out! "Ahhhhhhh!!" I screamed. A lady appeared in front of me, "Hahahhahah! You will never escape! I will kill youuuuuuu!!!!" "No, no, please! Don't do that!!!" I begged. Suddenly, she laughed, and said, "Oh, Revs! You're so funny!" I was confused. Then, the lady quickly wiped her makeup off and took out her spooky mask. The face underneath the mask made me smile. It was my friend, Kiya! "Kiya?" I said. "Yuppp!!" She responded. "But the ghost?" I asked, still confused. "Oh, that was a prank!! I wanted to meet you but in a special way. So, this was a ghastly prank, hahahahahaha!" She said. 

I had to laugh. Julia came in, glaring at Kiya. "Well, I must tell you, that, Revs is my best friend. She loves me a lot." She said. "Oh, but, Revs is my best friend, more. Also, I was the one who started calling her 'Revs'. Don't copy me!" Kiya replied, glaring. They both started friendship wars again! I stopped them, "Oh! Shush! And guess what, it's already 31st October! Halloween! Time for the party!" 

We wore party clothes, and then, all our friends came home. We watched horror movies, but, Julia said, "I really think we should do this at night. I wanna see Revs's spooked-out face again!" I laughed and teased her. Kiya felt jealous, and Julia sashayed in front of her. I just winked at Kiya. 

Oh well, I don't know about Kiya and Julia's friendship. But, maybe you enjoyed this tale? Tell no! 

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