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Md Maruf Hasan

Abstract Action Inspirational


Md Maruf Hasan

Abstract Action Inspirational

Skeptic Student

Skeptic Student

9 mins

Biplob was walking back to hostel after Sufia Kamal Library is closed. He lives in Malibag. His friend managed the room for him when he was working at Starling Garments. He left the job since He admitted to Saifur’s Mauchak Branch for Spoken English Course. From morning till night, he spends his time there, but he does not dare to go to drink tea with other friends because he does not have sufficient money. He feels shy to mix up with others since he thinks he is not rich enough. He spends 2500 taka per month and the hostel provide food and living cost. One day Biplob went with other friends in Shabag for Gonomanch movement and they asked him to do slogan, ‘K Te Kader Molla Tur Rajakar Tui rajakar’. Most of the Jamaate Leaders have been accused of War criminals 1971. Biplob is not sure about this since somehow politics is involved with this agenda and also anti-islamist movement under this umbrella. Hence, he joined, but few minuetes later he took excuse from his friends to go to Washroom. He went to Sufia Kamal Library and read with others and when they would return, he joined with them. All of them went to tea stall and the senior young man, Shajid, invited to drink tea to everyone. Biplob does not have money, but Shajid said,’ Biplob, please take tea’. Hence, he ordered for everyone. As soon as they finished drinking tea and Sajid announced, ‘everyone gives your bill’. Biplob is left with empty pocket. He pulled the shirt of one of his friends and requested him if he borrow him this amount by assuring to pay later. His friend gave that money. He was saved at that day. He was very careful to go with other friends that day onwards.

As biplob was walking by Romna park, Police stopped him and said, ‘where are you going?’

‘I live in Malibag Sir, I am just a student coming from Sufia Kamal library. Saifur’s Mouchak branch got no class today. Hence, I came here.’

‘Can I see your student card’

‘Sure… Here you go’

Police officer checked the card and let him go.

As Biplob started to walk again and thoughts going around in his mind


How a capitalist, unjust society can be changed? What is the role of religion in 21st century? How long should we be captivated by this complex system. The injustice is rampant everywhere. The hypocrisy is existing within every type of institution. How should we get rid of this nonsense. Why backbiting and misuse of power is here. Why are we so crazy for power? Why do we see money as only God and guardian of our life? Writing does not change the society. How Karl Marx thought for people realizing our slave mentality, but can we create revolution again today? Why should we be fool for years to these nasty, hypocritical political systems? We all are stuck to do prestigious level of slavery and we love to be professional slave. Can we be really free? Should we stay coward for the rest of our life? This century is the age of capitalist. Will Marxist ideas would be same like past writers who were coward to bring revolution and change in society

? What is the role of us in 21st century? Is it like to accept slavery for the rest of 100years. As time passes, we are entering in slave state. The future is so gloomy and we have no control over it. There is no freedom by the name of freedom. We fly everywhere and we fly nowhere. We live with full luxury but we have no luxury. We fuck but we do not fuck. We buy but we do not buy. We are hungry but we are not hungry. How can we remove this optical illusion? Is it possible to bring change? What institution is there who is going to sponsor outside of their institution? We write but we do not write. We are intellectual slave, but we are not intellectual slave. Can we get read of this? Why do not we establish justice for all? Why are we so racist? Are we racist by nature? Or we create racism? How division destroys us? Why do we love to say Indians in West instead of saying we are humans? Is my skin really a problem? Is my student identity really problem? Is only money would define me? Is it my fault to be born in poor family? When revolution is possible and how revolution is possible in 21st century? How can we be one nation? How can we be human nation? How can we make sure safety of water, food, shelter, security, education for all? How can we establish justice for all? God or nature is unjust by nature but how can we do struggle to establish justice for all? Is law suitable to dream for justice? Hat kind of law can make sure justice for all?

Will our sexual freedom work? How our psychology should be developed for peace and security of society? Is it by nature we need to accept discrimination? How cleaner, teacher, doctor, soldier find the meaning for their work? Does our life have any meaning? Why so messed up? We workers are beaten up everyday by that group but how can we revolt or would our revolt work? We will be thrown out of our job and we need to live in extreme poverty and debt and all will laugh at us. Our family would hate us and our God would hate us. Then, what kind of dream for freedom should we see? Does drug works to free us? But this is for limited time. The poverty can not be eradicated by drugs then how am I going to revolt against this hypocritical society? Are not we hypocrites.

Each of us are hypocrites in our own way. Each of us are biased in our own way. We do not talk when we feel secure. We do not talk when we have enough money. E do not talk when we have enough sex. We do not talk when we have enough power. We care everything about us. We love to help others because we get pleasure in helping. That’s interest or we get position by help. That’s interest. E are working for ourselves. How can we create and save our environment? Should we blame powerful countries for pollution and nuclear weapon usages. What do we want? We waste our energy just to show we have. How long this drama would go on? Would the end of human civilization solve the problem of injustice. What happened if other animals come into power. Would the injustice be gone from that world.

The world belongs to those who have power. How natural selection works? How quantum mechanics works? Can they solve the problem or can they just create more problem? Will Sufism solve the problem? Will Islam solve the problem? Will Christianity solve the problem? Will Judaism solve the problem? Will Buddhism solve the problem? Will atheism solve the problem? Will Marxism solve the problem? Will any ideology and worldview solve the problem of injustice? Does justice and injustice exist? How Positivism solves the problem? Is the universe just chaotic and does it not make sense at all? Will sex solve the problem? Will ample of money solve the problem? What is peace? By establishing peace and justice can we solve the problem? What do we want actually? If we be immortal, can it solve the problem? What problem are we talking about? Does problem exist? Where are the coward and brave philosophers? Can they solve the problem? God of Krisna, Muhammad, Moses and Jesus can solve the problem? What are we looking for? Living in west can we solve the problem? Living as monk can we solve the problem? Living trillionaires can we solve the problem? How long do we live?

What is life for? Why death exists? Why life exists? Why material exists? Should we satisfy with only how question since why question perhaps be silly question? What was beyond God? What was after God? Does universe get something other than God and multiverse and other verse? Why can not we expand horizon beyond multiverse and God sitting on Throne? What are behind the God and multiverse? If we go far from these all the thoughts we have produced so far? What can we thing about? What can we think about if we go beyond all the logics we have provided? What are there after all the knowledges of sciences. If we create knowledge by our self if we exist, why not beyond all of these? How can we be satisfied? Is the girl who we love more than God enough for us to satisfy? What is chemical reaction in the brain? Will the explanation solve the problem. What are we looking for. We do not know. What about Plato’s Ideal Stae? Can that solve the problem? Or Socrates death had solved the problem of morality of ethics obeying the unjust ruler for the shake of country? Or Does Pythagoras solve the problem via mathematics? Or Descartes gave the solution via ‘I think therefore I am’ or Sigmund Freud Gave the solution ‘ I fuck therefore I am’ or Hegel and Kant solved the problem by combining Ideal and materialistic philosophy? Or Heidegger and Ponte solved the problem by phenomology with quantum Mechanics. What about poets and novelists? Do they focus on problems only in society or can they be problem solvers? Shakespeare can give the solution? Or Dostoevsky? Or Le Tolstoy? Or Nietzsche or Camus? Or Jean Paul Sarte? Or Kierkegaard? Or Iqbal? Or Qutub? Or Confucious? How Muhammad inherited the Abrahamic faith? Can we explain by interpretation of dream or is it in DNA of the ancestors of Abraham?

Can the Abrahamic teaching transfer from DND to DNA like other family diseases like Diabetics. Is the Tabula Rasa (blank state by born) or something can be achieved like we get as DNA copy and paste system. Memory can be copy pasted from earlier generations? What is the nature of our brain? How one language to different language and after years of generation the same teaching is being delivered? Or The teaching is just copy and paste from previous scriptures? How about technology? The blockchain technology? Can it solve the problem? What for? Why? How? 

Biplob reach at his hostel. 15 people within one room. We can expand our thoughts but we are revolving like solar system returning to same comfort zone again and again unless we revolt.


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