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no one really 6166

Horror Tragedy Crime


no one really 6166

Horror Tragedy Crime

She No Longer Lives Here

She No Longer Lives Here

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Rage entered Jennifer's thoughts as the phone wouldn't stop ringing. She finally picked up the phone. Unknown Number it read. Jennifer's curiosity was on top and called back. 

"H-Hello?" Said Jennifer stumbling through her words.

"Oh hey, Jenn. How are you, sweetheart?" Said a voice sounding like Jennifer's mother. Jennifer was relieved to hear her mother's voice. 

"Oh, mom! Hey, how have you been?" Said Jennifer with joy. 

"Sorry to bother you love but could you go to the store and get some eggs." Jennifer's mother demanded. Jennifer's facial expressions became bewildered but decided to go to the store tomorrow. The next day, she searched for eggs, bought them, and headed to her mom's house. She reaches for the handle. Locked. She knocks and she felt herself become sick when a man, probably in his 20's, responded to the door. 

"Excuse me...where's my mother? She lives here." 

It was clear that the man's facial expression changed. His smile faded away and turned into almost a frown. 

"Ma'am...the previous owner passed away two years ago. I'm very sorry." Stated the man looking at Jennifer as she became petrified.

"Th-That can't be right. Sh-She called me last night..." Jennifer stumbled on her words with disbelief. 

"The previous owner, Megen Stanely, got murdered in a store nearby. She was brutally stabbed and punched just for some fucking eggs a mentally unstable woman wanted. Apparently the person killed themselves. I'm very sorry for your loss." The man explained as he shut the door waving goodbye. Jennifer couldn't believe what she had heard. "No that can't be..she called me last night. This is bullshit. This can't be right." She thought to herself. She headed back home tearing up. Before getting a knife to end her own life, she heard the phone ring. Jennifer felt a sick feeling and got nauseous. She picked up the phone. 

"Unknown number" it read again. She decided to respond and hear the voice of her mother. 

"Hello love, have you bought the eggs yet? I've been waiting for you."

Jennifer became unhinged. She became mad. She threw the phone across her kitchen. 

She headed back to the new owner's home and knocked.

"Hey, where was my mother's body buried?" She asked and it was clear she was losing her mind. The man didn't dare to mess with her and gave her the address to the cemetery she was resting on.

She rode all the way to the cemetery and the gate read " Eternal Peace Cemetery". She got off her car and walked inside. She read every single tombstone in search of her mother's. 3 minutes passed and she finally found it. A perturbing sight came in vision as she saw her mother's body missing. It was clear to see someone had dug it. 

And there on the tombstone was Jennifer's name and on the bottom, it read "All I wanted was to eat, I didn't mean to take her life away."

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