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Kavitha Chandran



Kavitha Chandran


Sad Diaries from Kerala

Sad Diaries from Kerala

2 mins

I am just requesting men also to help women in the home chores

Women have the right to learn and study

They can also go up the ladder if men assist them

It is a common and serious misconception that women will rule you or dominate you if given education and power

There are so many great women out there who even after being highly qualified do all home chores and are down to earth

I don't know to cook great recipes like other homemakers, I know to make only simple dal chawal

Just I am requesting my brethren to cooperate in-home chores I am not trying to be a star nor do I crave for positions

I just put forward my humble request

There are a couple of good souls in our society who want to educate women

I would request the jury and panel reviewing our writings to help women to learn and write

There are many educationists in our surroundings they teach but still, there are weaker students like me who need spoonfeeding

Maybe me being lagging in studies can be due to lack of hard work from my end or some deformities in my genes and chromosomes

I am not trying to pollute the atmosphere

I do agree that men are breadwinners, they face a lot of hardships to protect the family but women can also wonder on work front if given a small opportunity

I did not want to hurt anyone's sentiments but really good educators are needed for women to grow up

My heart pains when I see that there are still women out there who are struggling because they don't have someone to teach them

I am really thankful to OpenDG and Techsters for teaching me all delicate nuances of writing

I have a cousin in my locality She is M.A in Malayalam Arts but she did not bag a job though i suggested her for Malayalam content writer position

The company she applied for does not have the patience to teach her, it is so sad

Even if you don't publish my write up that is your wish but you must definitely ponder over this, this is the most saddening and grim reality of India

I am jotting down some observations and real incidents from my surroundings

I just wrote about a girl child's basic right to education

As this is an open panel for women and men to pitch in their views I shared a small story from my life and my neighborhood

You can rebuke me, make fun of me, call me names but I really feel bad for the girl child

If possible please give her a job

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