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gobindbir singh


Reunited Love

Reunited Love

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A surge of fresh air breathed her neck as she gazed at the figure. The small, thin, bent-shaped sapling looked wearily at her. "Why is it so sad, dad?" asked Maddie. He came up to her height and softly whispered, which made her ears tingle, "How can you tell little one?". "I don't know, but I can sense that it is unhappy," she whimpered while tugging at his hand. "Pat it," he said with a chuckle. She patted. "See how happy it is now," said Joe, with a smile. "I think so," she replied, tentatively.

 "What if it doesn't want to be there; and wants to play with its family instead?" she asked him on the following day. He fixated his eyes from the newspaper to the plant leaves, and a smile hinted near his lips. "Go on, pat it," he told her. She patted. "All good now?" he asked with a smirk. "I guess," she replied, still dumbstruck. "What if it is sick of drinking water; and wants to eat candy?" she asked on one late Sunday afternoon. 

"You know the drill, honey," he responded while taking a fit for one of his older son's shoes. She nodded and went forward to pat it. "I know you want this Mars bar. Here," she said quietly; and dropped two small pieces of it into the black expanse. "I'm going to name you Larry," she proudly remarked. Joe overheard the words, and a faint smile spread across his face. She went inside and brought a red ribbon to 'christen' him.


 "Did you just give it your chocolate? Stupid girl!" she saw him laughing from the corner of her right eye while she tied the ribbon. "Quiet down, Jack" her father cut him down with a stern look. He came and stood next to her. She could feel the deep, cold blue eyes of her father piercing through Larry's soul. "Did you give Larry a pat?" he asked her daughter. "Yes," she replied. "After giving your chocolate?" he further interjected. "No," said Maddie- almost impassively. "Do it then," he immediately said. She patted. His delicate, pink-torn lips curved into a subtle grin. He gave a gentle pat on her back and gestured to her; to head back inside. She clutched his outstretched hand and skipped off to the table.

Months went by. 

Joe used to keep her daughter over his shoulders so that she could pat him. "Wow, he is certainly becoming bigger," she used to say. "No, miss. How come?" he used to reply in a satirical manner.

Years passed away; memories passed away. 

 Maddie grew up, so did Larry, and so did her responsibilities. The once small, thin, bent-shaped plant had now turned into a tall, thick, robust tree. She kept candies, toys, and packets of fresh juice in the soil. She watered him every day with adequate proportions. The red ribbon still elegantly fluttered, and its sight always gave her a proud smile. She used to explain every little detail about her to him- green eyes, brown hair, an irregular nose, sleek cheeks. She used to tell him about her teachers, about her family, about her grades, about her fantasies, about her antics- about everything a 10-year-old could ponder. Everything was just perfect.

On one casual Monday evening, she jokingly laughed and said, "Do you want me to tell you about how I pranked my teacher today?". He nodded. "You see, me and my friends-" she was interrupted by her father, who told her to come inside immediately. She obeyed him. "I'll be back soon," assuring Larry. As she was walking towards her parents' room, she distinctively recognized her mother's voice. "How do we tell her," said a trembling voice. 

She gulped and decided to go inside."Yes, dad?" she asked, opening the door to the scantily lit room. "Sit down, child," he instructed her. She closed the door behind herself and sat down in her usual sitting place. She felt an aura of uneasiness, as soon as she sat down. The chair seemed a bit too cold; the looks on their faces seemed a bit odd to her. "We have got some news for you. Larry-" he began. She held her breath; as soon as she heard that one word. "Larry can no longer be with you," he carried on. He paused to check her reaction. She didn't say anything at first. Her brain simply couldn't fathom the thought. She felt her throbbing heartbeat, just seconds away from closing in; on a marathon, but her heart raced off a cliff instead and shattered into a thousand pieces. And then, it hit her. She felt a sharp piercing pain in her stomach.

 She clenched her fists and hit the table hard with it, and consequently dropped on the floor. Nobody said anything for a minute, and she continued to awkwardly lay on the floor, shedding small tears in her misery, before eventually muttering, "B-but why?". "We cannot handle its growth anymore. It is already well over 10 feet tall. The neighbors are complaining about this too, so it is best to let it grow in its natural habitat. Besides, you can't even pat it now," he answered soothingly. "I don't want to pat him!" said Maddie, eyeing her father with a dead stare. "I wanted to be with him forever," she continued "I wanted to rule the whole world with him. I wanted to grow old with him, and then talk about politics and smoke cigars. I-" she groaned and started sobbing uncontrollably. 

"Come here honey," her dad said. He took her in his arms and started rubbing her back gently. "Both of us know that you can't do that." She could feel the comforting hands, through the thin fabric of her dress; but continued to weep, and unknowingly pounded his back. He let out a small gasp. "Be careful, young lady," the words transformed into a small laugh. She joined the laughter. He assured her that everything's going to be all right and that she should be happy for Larry instead. "He can now enjoy his time with his family as we do," said Joe calmy, while stroking his daughter's moist chin. Maddie gave a slight nod while still thinking about her tree.

"Can I do one last thing to Larry, father?" she asked. "Of course," he said. She finished telling Larry the story of how she pranked her teacher. At the end of it, she couldn't control it any longer and broke down into tears. "Here," she added big chunks of Skittles into the soil; and continued with a smile, "have all the candies you want." She could no longer pat him, for he was too tall for her. "It's okay sweetie, it's for the best," her dad explained to her when she told him about that. She wondered what that meant. She brushed it off by giving Larry one last hug before they saw the authorities uprooting him from its soil. Her last memory of him was when she looked at the gradually diminishing figure on the road, saying goodbye for the final time.

"Here, son, eat this," said a tall, green-eyed woman to a 5-year-old child, giving away a bowl of cereal to him. "In other news, a forest has been burning down for the past 4 hours in Sacramento," said a feeble news reporter. She glanced at the television set. The woman's heart skipped a beat when she saw a huge red ribboned tree. "It could be a coincidence too," she thought. The drone camera zoomed, and she saw her initials engraved on the tree. She dropped the mop on the floor; as she stared at the telly in horror.

 "I need to go there immediately," she said to herself. She looked at her son eating while spilling milk all over. She smiled and immediately thought of her 'other son' that brought her back into reality. "Mommy's going to be late. Behave well. Okay?" she said while cleaning the table. As soon as she packed a few things with her, she gave a kiss on her son's forehead and then rushed to her car; and drove to the area. She saw fumes emitting from afar, so she impulsively parked her car. She closed her door with a thud and briskly walked up to the 'crime scene'. There were about ten firemen armed with large fire extinguishers. Maddie covered her face with the palms facing her eyes and the fingertips slightly touching her wry eyebrows. Through the tiny space between her fingers, she managed to spot a red-ribboned oak. "Larry! You're safe!" she yelled with excitement. 

"Ma'am, you're not allowed here. Kindly go back and wait for the fire to douse," a fireman blocked her way. "How long do I have to wait then?" she asked impatiently. "We don't know ma'am, it all depends on the wind. It can take 10 minutes or even 10 hours," he replied. She told him that she would wait on a nearby bench. As she sat on the bench, it hit her again. She felt the same sharp throbbing pain in her stomach she experienced 21 years ago in her parents' bedroom. She clenched her fists and hit the bench hard with it.

She closed her eyes, and all the joyful memories flashed before her eyes. She remembered watching the first YouTube video with him, she remembered when she drew a portrait of him, she remembered when she gave him his first candy. Tears began to fill her eyes as she gradually began to remember everything. However, she reminisced about her father's peculiar teaching the most: To pat Larry; every time you interact with him. She always contemplated this- until now, she finally understood what he meant. 

You should take care of your loved ones as much as you can; while they're around you. When you can no longer 'pat,' you can no longer be with them, and you have to let them go. So it is best to capitalize and seize the day with them!

She opened and squinted her eyes. It took some time for them to adjust to the bright, outside world. She found herself sitting alone on the bench, with no one around. She could feel the sunlight kissing her chapped lips while the chilly mist from the aftermath; caressed her face. She recognized the figure standing in front of her, to be somewhat familiar. She blinked her eyes twice and the blurry vision smoothened. It was Larry! She rushed towards him.

 A surge of fresh air breathed her neck as she gazed at the figure. "Larry!" she screamed joyfully. She gave him a big hug, then stepped back to admire him. "Look at you, son," she gaped at him. "All mighty and powerful," she continued. She sat down beneath his feet and took out her basket that carried his favourite toys and his favourite candies. She 'fed' him and splayed his toys in front of him. Then she began reciting to him her stories. She told him her woes, of the memories that came to her again, of the old cuts she had washed away that still ached just the same- the people who didn’t stick around, the chances she didn’t take, the memories she didn’t make. 

The light breeze made it appear that Larry was nodding- like the usual, which relaxed her. From dusk till dawn she spoke of every memory that haunted her; and each one that comforted her. The golden glow of dawn became the silver sheen of nightfall, and the grass on the ground grew around her, calling her to slumber. As she laid in the grave of grass and flowers, tears splattered her frail moonlit face. "Oh god, I missed you so much," she said with a satisfied whisper as she fell asleep, oblivious of everything except her reunited love.

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