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sakshi agarwal

Children Stories Comedy Inspirational


sakshi agarwal

Children Stories Comedy Inspirational

Pens in Flower Vase

Pens in Flower Vase

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Lying on my bed idly is a way to show grief and my mom knows this very well. But she is the one who made me in this situation. My marks got decreased from last year but they still are not that much bad. Why is she so insolent?

Knock, knock at the door

“Come in”, I wiped out my tears and turned pillow upside down. I know the person must be my mother with one glass of juice and some slices of fruits laid in a pattern of smiling face.

She enters with empty hands which surprised me a little and gives a terrific shock when I saw Lily with her; trespassing in my room. I hate this girl from the day when her parent’s money started to pile up to touch the sky and she is like sitting above them. My parents never spoke before them because of their dominion behavior and now they are rich enough to buy all our properties within money.

I welcome her with huge smile on face with hidden grief in heart.

“Nancy, take care of her. She is with us for whole day.”

“Yes mom, I will try.”

Mum’s bigger eyes scolded me. From Lily’s back, mum warns me not to trouble her after which she left.

Door shuts

“Hi lily”, I try to be friendly with strong hold on my nerves.

But silence answered me. She was busy in looking around and pin-pointing things.

“What is this rubbish? Flower pot is holding your pens. How cheap?”

“It’s not………”

“Nancy, wait let me guess, did you buy this flower pot from local fair and with that your budget is up to buy flowers to put it into and you are using it to keep it your pens so that you can show off your ‘too called’ expensive vase, right?

She laughs wildly.

I want to break her teeth and gave them her as ‘too called’ expensive gift. But she is partially right after all. Old flowers which fade with time is replaced to these pens by me.

“Nancy and Lily come down and have some snacks”, mum called us.

This stops Lily from laughing and she grabs me with her fatty skin to grab the large number of snacks. Obviously, this is the reason of her pear-shaped body. She carries me as fast she can but bulbs flicker, lights have gone out.

“Nancy, did your parents forget to pay electricity bills?”

I doubt because yesterday morning, mum was scolding him for bills. I call mum but she does not respond.

We, opposites hold our hand tightly because her parents too didn’t respond on calling. This reminds me of our childhood when she and me both were in playschool and used to enter together. But now she and me are different and accidently stick in an unwanted situation.

“Why are our parents not responding?”, Lily’s words sound more frightened than what it means

Before I can speak, I hear falling of pitcher.

Our body squeezes. We peep in the living room (perpendicular to entrance door) where our parents’ mouth and limbs have been wrapped with rope which must be hurting them harder. Seeing this, Lily whispers creak sound in my ears.

“Door is open, then inside must be….”

We both shut our outcoming words with our hands and slowly make moves towards kitchen. Lily picks one knife and fork in another hand and I chose a chopping board with a knife. Sudden police awaken in us. Phone has been done by me and as per instruction we found a corner to hide us. But we need to take this for our protection.

Lily followed me. Our quiet footsteps and nervousness in eyes are genuine and consequence of the situation. My mum likes banana too much and moreover, her habit of leaving their peels here and there. Lily steps on the peel and slid to the floor. Her heavy muscles create vibrations which reached to the ears of gang members. Every gang want similar things like money or revenge and we are people of pure state, then they must want money which is not obviously in the kitchen so, I relax and conveys Lily to the safer place.

It happens as we thought.

“They came”, Lily in feeble voice.

“Sound is from this side. Lily Collins is missing. We are informed, she is with her parents”

“Find her as soon as possible”

Heavy footsteps vanished from the reach of our ears. It astonished me. The conversation is not about stealing our limited money but about this fatty Lily. Why did they want her? Lily was half unconscious. She is getting breathless. I need to give her water. I uncovered the bedsheet lying over us and take Lily’s muscular arms in mine.

“Try to open your eyes”, my hate, grief all turns into love for her after hearing the words which I not meant to listen.

A jug full of water will be sufficient to have her face washed and drink some. Before my hands can reach for it, I heard whistle of Police. A joy and strength powers up me. These guys now will be in the hands of law. But who knew that reverse may happened?

Police are in front of us with our mothers who are wailing for us. Because the silencer of police woke the senses of these criminals and they decided to ram away from the back gate of kitchen where they found us. They are now pointing their guns over our heads with a demand of their freedom along with 10 lakhs of money.

I indicate Lily to do that trick. She and me both used our old tactics which is to bite the hands and ran away from the hold usually we did when our nannies do not fulfil our desired wishes. We bit harder. Their hold gets weak and their put my last special symbol. I take out my knife, etches deeper and when he was with his pain. I slapped the chopping board on his face. He fell down with groan.

Police arrest him, we exchange smiles to each other and hug tightly and remembers our childhood friendship. From that day, she never makes me feel my low balance account and appreciates my pens in flower vase.

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