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sakshi agarwal

Fantasy Inspirational Thriller


sakshi agarwal

Fantasy Inspirational Thriller



3 mins 154 3 mins 154

“It’s easy to hide tears and smile while working but difficult to control when lying in solitude”

“Everything, we get is a matter of fate if your best trials are done; do not get upset”

Jasmine smile dwindles and waves bye Heena to catch his flight departing in few minutes. She never wants to end up her life in a manner where the roads of her dream and her parent’s choice go parallel.

‘My parents never got to know about my presence. My singing is my passion where they appreciate it and expects me to use it as favorable point for getting a good husband’

Kindly all the passenger's board in the plane which going to leave in two minutes

Jasmine wraps up all her solitude in a bag and dragging it to start her new morning.

Jasmine’s mother, Mrs. Kanta is an old woman like her thoughts. She never cared of her dreams nor allowed her daughter to open her wings, but they neither chained her. Jasmine was allowed to study as far as she can but earning income and fame, outside the house is a part of man which separated all three of them.

Mr. Yash, father of Jasmine, who put all his efforts in showing off his money in his friends but the news of escaping for passion was thought as elope which decreased his status build all his life. He stopped talking to Kanta which in his sense was a prime reason of his poverty.

A day appeared in the life of three, when Yash and Kanta along with their neighbors including Singh’s family who presented their son with demand of low dowry for Jasmine, watching a singing show in mid of the village, hosted at global level.


“Appa, an Indian girl is going to represent us”

“No, Ramesh, you must hear wrong. Well, whoever the person is, let me tell you, my son is working internationally and he is a boss of the company”, proudly proclaimed by Mr. Singh, turning around his whiskers.

Show began

Contestant after contestant changed. Everyone rejoiced a lot and surprised even more when they saw Jasmine blossoming on the stage and performing a thousand times better, they ever expected. There was a little gleam in Kanta’s eyes when she heard a woman whispering her daughter’s beautiful appearance but this added more shame to Yash because her presence was independent of his need.

Later on, as Jasmine ended, she demanded a water bottle to host; an ugly boy with water in a tray stepped on stage. Mr. Yash and the head of the patriarchal society, Mr. Singh were curious to saw the face and when face turned to screen, it was no longer to gather shame for Singh and proud to Yash because the boy was none other but Singh’s own greedy son.

This news spread in a village-like a fire. Jasmine was called back with help of Heena and she was allowed to sing as much she wanted.

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