Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Average Guy

Drama Romance Fantasy


Average Guy

Drama Romance Fantasy

Nanny - 4

Nanny - 4

15 mins

( The readers are requested to read the first 3 chapters of "Nanny," to understand the continuity of this story so far …)

Nanny 4

"Are there any sightseeing places nearby ?" Latika asked. 

"Yes, I think there's a Temple and a Mosque and also a beautiful Lake nearby. I've not gone inside any of them though." I replied.

"Ok, good, we'll go to the temple in the evening or the lake. Do you know what Mandir is that ?" She asked again.

"Mandir is mandir, what do you mean by what Mandir? Do you mean which God's idol is there inside? I frankly don't know." I replied.

"Don't you believe in God? Are you an atheist?" She persisted.

"Not exactly an atheist, but I am not too religious. I do not believe in differences between people on the basis of caste, creed, or religion. The world would have been a much better place if…..Anyways, let us not go into this discussion, this is a very sensitive topic. You want to go there in the evening, I'll take you there." I tried to end the conversation.

Latika insisted, "What sensitive topic? Who else is there…only you and me. Tell me what you were saying…?"

I replied, "No, nothing…you see I go to Mandir, Masjid, Church, Gurdwara and any holy place of any other religion…for me all are sacred, all are holy." I put an end to this discussion. 

We had finished our lunch and I was relaxing on my bed. We had just met yesterday evening in very unusual circumstances at the railway station. From then on till now... It's 4 pm now, and we have had a lot of interactions, which brought us very close. We didn't even know each other till yesterday… but now it seems that we have known each other for a long time. It's difficult to define a specific relationship between us even now. We have become good friends for sure…although from the outside there might not be any similarities perceived between us. One thing that was common though was that we were both unmarried, middle-aged persons...I was 36 and she was 40. 

The biggest difference was our size. If she stands in front of me, you will not be able to see me at all. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall as against my height of 5 feet 3 inches. Her body was also much wider and bigger with her weight of 94 kgs and I weighed a meager 63.5 kgs. So I would be completely hidden behind her. 

She however used this difference in our size to her fullest advantage. At the slightest of opportunities, she would pick me up in her arms, just for nothing. Like what happened just now. I told you I was relaxing on my bed just scrolling through my mobile. She was organizing the utensils in the kitchen area and talking to me about the Mandir visit in the evening. She finished her work and came to my bed and just scooped me up in her arms, cradling me tightly to her full breasts. Then she was just casually roaming around my small flat carrying me in her arms like a child with my arms around her neck for support. She was smiling down at me and enjoying my helplessness in her arms. To make me feel even more awkward, she was gently rocking me and bouncing me in her arms like I'm her baby. 

Tell me, is this the way to handle an important person like me? No, I'm not bragging, but I do command a certain fear and respect in my place of work. I am the Branch Head of a major Company. I am handling quite a few hundred crores of business and controlling about a hundred people. I am managing a fairly modern Sales and Administrative office, a massive one lakh square feet warehouse, two Service centers in the city, and a magnificent Corporate Showroom displaying our Company's product range. And here I am, the 36-year-old respected Associate General Manager of my Company being rocked in the arms of a 40-year-old tall, big middle-aged woman, who was treating me like I'm her toy. 

No, no, I told her what I do. She does give respect to the person I am, especially because she says that I had saved her yesterday when she was stranded at the station. She is also grateful that I had allowed her to stay with me. All the more so because she did not actually have any place to go back to in her hometown where she was returning. So, it's not that she doesn't give respect to me. 

But on the other hand, she says that she had found me because of her destiny. She believes in destiny a lot. One phrase she repeats jokingly is, "Finders-Keepers - I have found you, I'll keep you." 

Now while roaming around with me held in her cradle, she repeated her pet phrase once again. I laughed at this phrase of hers, "How can you say that you have 'found' me? We just met by chance."

She had her answer ready, "You say that I'm older than you…it's you who have become old. It happened yesterday evening and you have forgotten already. yourself have written down everything in Part 1 of your story 'Nanny'. Go and read it again now. Ok, tell me…Why otherwise would I get my purse snatched at the station? Why would you be crossing me at that time? Why out of all people would I ask for YOUR help? Why when I was totally unknown to you, even then you would get convinced to give me shelter for the night? So many Why's …all point to the fact that it was not just a chance, I just HAD to meet you. That means I have 'found' you." 

"Ha ha! What strange logic! But still, that doesn't justify your statement that you can 'keep me." I was laughing at her logic. To emphasize her point, she bounced me once or twice in her arms. I got startled and clung to her neck more tightly.

She was bent upon proving herself right, "You are forgetting the incidents that happened from last evening and throughout today morning and afternoon. Now I'll have to tell you to go and read your own story 'Nanny - Parts 2 and 3'. Then you'll remember how much effort I had to put to just bring you under my total control…physically, psychologically, and to some extent emotionally. That means I've won you for myself…so obviously I'm going to 'keep' you." 

I laughed, "What logic again!"

She said, "See, even now you are in my control, lying helplessly in my arms like a small boy. You might be the General Manager in your office, but in my company, I'm your Boss."

I said, "No, I'm not yet the General Manager in my Company. I'm the Associate General Manager. GM is just one promotion away."

Latika said, "Good. Then here at home, you are my associate and I'm your General. You 'manage' your staff at the office. I'll 'manage' you at home." She laughed at her own smart joke.

"Ok ok, my manager madam, can you please put me down now? You see, I generally enjoy a Sunday nap in the afternoon. That is one luxury I enjoy in the full week to relieve me from my work pressure and tension. Although it's already a little late in the afternoon, can I please have a 2 hours break for a nap? Then I'll take you to the Lake in the evening. The temple might get closed by then." It was as if I'm asking for a leave from my boss, being cradled in her arms like a baby.

Latika seemed to be rather glad at my request, "Sure dear. Pehley bolna chahiye thha na…doesn't matter…let's take a nap now…." She was already walking to her bed carrying me in her cradle, with my face pressed to her breasts and my arms still around her neck and her back. 

I said, "Hey Latika, why are you carrying me to your bed? You put me in my bed, you sleep in yours. Just don't disturb me for two hours, then we'll go to your Mandir or Lake, whichever you want."

There was no effect on Latika. She carried me to her bed and laid me down. Then she climbed onto the bed herself and lay down beside me, with her head on her pillow. I was about to get up, and she pulled me back, "Where are you going? You will sleep with me here."

I said, "I know. Once you have brought me here, I know you will not let me go. I was just going to get my pillow."

She held me flat on the bed beside her with her big fat hand pressing on my chest and said, "You are in my bed, so I'll arrange for your pillow."

She stretched her hand to her side. Then pulled me up close to her body and laid my head on her outstretched upper arm. My head rested on the portion where one has the bicep. She didn't have any muscular biceps though. Her arms were just solid thick, not much of any loose fat. She smiled, "This is your pillow. Now turn to my side and put your upper leg over my thighs. You can use me as your side pillow also."

She turned my body to my side facing her. She also turned on her side to face me. She pulled my leg over her fat thighs. It felt as if I was using a very fat and thick side pillow. Since her arm on which my head was resting was kept a little bent, my face was practically near her breasts. 

I smiled up at her and said, "You know Latika, lying this way on your hand is reminding me of a funny story of my childhood. You know, when I was quite small, even after my teeth came out, till even 3-4 years of age, I used to pester my mother for breast milk. I used to refuse milk bottles or when she tried to feed me through a cup or spoon. So my parents started giving me soothers or pacifiers from very early on. Those rubber nipples or teats are given to babies to suck to keep them quiet. I got so addicted to those, that it became difficult for them to withdraw that habit. My parents used to tell this story when I grew up. But I clearly remember one day when I was in class 1, that is when I was 6 years of age. I had coaxed one of my uncles to buy me a soother from a shop. I remember how happy I was when I came home, flung myself on the bed and put that rubber teat between my lips, and sucked on it to my heart's content."

Latika burst out laughing, "Oh no…soother at 6 years ?…. Ok, I'll buy you one and you can try it now at the age of 36. Now, big boy, you said you wanted to take a nap. Just close your eyes and I'll put you to sleep."

I said, "Latika, you are again treating me like your baby."

Latika said, "I told you, till such time you are not giving me my own, I'll treat you as my baby whenever my mood arises. Now, just keep quiet and try to sleep." 

We were lying sideways facing each other. Not literally facing each other, because her head was much above mine even lying down. Understandable, as she was 6 inches taller than me. She hugged me tight inside her big body, wrapping her free arm around my back. She covered my eyes with her palm. My face was now squashed into her full big breasts. I put my arm around her big waist like a child holding his mother while sleeping beside her. Because of our height and weight difference, I actually looked like a child beside her. My leg was already over her thighs and was quite awkwardly angled up on her thighs, as her waist was at a much higher level on the bed. It was obvious, with her weight of 94 kgs being 1.5 times my weight of 63.5 kgs. Her body was so much thicker than mine. My head had a perfect soft but thick pillow on her upper arm. Her other arm was wrapped around my back pulling me tightly inside her body. She was gently scratching my head with her fingers in my hair. My eyes were closed. I felt the drowsiness creep into my eyes. I don't remember when I drifted off to sleep.

I don't know for how long I had been sleeping. I was dreaming that I was again a small child lying sideways on the bed, my head resting on the fat arms of my mother, my face on her breasts. My mother was saying, "Latch on baby, latch on...suck..". My eyes were closed, I was so happy, so content to be back in my childhood, sucking away to my heart's content. My hand was hovering on the mother's other breast, squeezing it lightly as babies do. It was a heavenly pleasure.

I opened my eyes to look at my mother. Her eyes were closed. Was she sleeping? But her face?…it was not of my mother….it was Latika's. Ohh no !! What a bad dream!! Startled, I stopped sucking on her breast. My movement awakened her. Mother… was Latika who opened her eyes and smiled down sweetly at me. "What happened to my baby? Go back to sleep dear. Latch on Baby, latch on to it. Suck…yess… that's like a good boy. Now close your eyes…Mummy's here with you.…you go back to sleep." Latika started scratching my head with her long fingers in my hair. My eyes became heavy…I drifted off to sleep again.

I don't know how long I slept this time. When I woke up I realized I was lying face down…on a big soft cushion. I did not open my eyes…I tried to figure out where I was. Slowly I was getting out of my slumber. I realized that my face was buried as if in between two soft pillows. Ohh…my face was between two big soft breasts…I realized with a shock that I was lying on her huge body face down. My thighs were resting on her fat thighs, my legs stretched out on her thick legs. I was fully resting on her big body with my full weight balanced on her, with my face down resting between her large soft breasts. My hands…one of my hands were resting on her thick shoulders and the other on her solid upper arm. I lifted my face to look at her. She was lying with her head on her thick pillow, intently looking at her mobile phone...earphones plugged to her ears…watching some video possibly. I had a strange feeling of smallness. I, being a 36-year-old fully grown-up man, was sleeping face down with my full weight transferred on the body of this 40-year-old middle-aged woman. And she was casually lying with my full weight on her body, totally oblivious of the fact that a man was sleeping on her body, coolly enjoying a video on her mobile. 

My stirring on her body made her look at me. She removed her earphones, put her mobile beside her pillow, and smiled down at me. "So, did my baby get a proper Sunday nap? Happy? Relaxed ?"

I sat up hurriedly. I sat up on her stomach itself, straddling her body like riding a horse. She put her hands under her head on the pillow and was looking smilingly up at me, sitting on her belly. I said, "I was lying on your hand beside you. How did I come up here on your body ?"

Latika laughed a little, "You were in a deep sleep, enjoying every moment of it. I was getting bored lying on my side. I cannot sleep during the day. I couldn't even watch videos on my mobile as the sound would wake my little baby up. I could not put my earphones on while lying on my side as my ears hurt. So I rolled onto my back and pulled you up on my body. That is why you came up lying face down on my body. I gave you my two soft pillows to rest your face on. You continued sleeping on me. And I was watching videos with my earphones on."

"Tell me one thing Latika", I had to clear a doubt, "Did I wake up once earlier when I was lying by your side on your hand ?"

There was a naughty smile on Latika's lips, "Why are you asking this question ?"

I stammered, "I am not sure whether I was dreaming or it really happened. I dreamt as if my mother was feeding me as I lay beside her, sleeping with my head in her hand and with my face in her breasts. But when I opened my eyes, I saw it was not my mother, but it was you smiling at me and talking to me. Did this really happen or was this a dream ?"

Latika's naughty smile has now become wider, "What do you think ?"

I was in two minds, "I am not sure, but I think I definitely remember that I had something in my mouth."

Now Latika couldn't control her laughter, "You were telling me your childhood story of your Soother before you fell asleep. Probably I had given you a Soother in your mouth."

Was she meaning what I thought she meant? "But where would you get a Soother to give me ?" I sounded innocent. 

She laughed out loudly. She reached out and pulled me by my hands back onto her big body. She hugged me tightly on her breasts. My face was now right in front of hers, our lips almost touching. "You know, I'll just go crazy…I just love everything about you….you are soo small, soo cute, and soo naive…don't you really know what you had in your mouth ?"

I knew what she meant, but I didn't say anything. I just smiled. And that smile gave me away. She caught my head in her two big hands, "You naughty little man." She pulled my face down to hers and crushed my lips with a big, long kiss…that left us both exhausted. She pressed my face down inside her long, wide neck. My face was buried in the cold interiors of her neck, my head firmly held in place by her big palm pressing lightly on the back of my head. I was lying with my full weight released on her huge body. It was like lying on two feet deep soft, thick cushion placed on the bed. She was so much wider and taller than me that nothing of my body was even touching the bed. My eyes were closed, and my face was buried inside her neck. She was humming a low soothing tune. I didn't know she could sing so well. I relaxed on her body, surrendering myself to this big amazon woman, who has now engulfed me totally, with her long and heavy arms squeezing me inside her body. I felt so safe and secure and peaceful lying on this big woman as if nothing in this world can harm or bother me now. 

The visit to the temple can wait for next time …

( To be continued…. )

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