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My Vampire Roommate

My Vampire Roommate

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It was okay for me until he does not involve in my matters, I said to my landlord in a reluctant tone. She said okay. He does not disturb you much as he is busy with his job of content creation.

I just nodded and went to the office.


My landlord is a single widow who is as nice as stupid. The meeting resulted in the sharing of my double bedroom independent house with a stranger.

She informed the basic details about him. He is doing the job of the content creator for a couple of e-magazines and wants to stay in Hyderabad for some time.


If I allow him to stay in the unused room,  I can get a concession in my rent. It was a hectic day at the office today. And you know evening traffic in Hitech city route?  Don’t just ask me.


I reached home at almost dinner time. My home is having some aroma of Biryani.

 I was surprised to see the dining table seeing organized and it is shining. I don’t have a maid.


There was a note on the dining table which reads 

“Welcoming myself to the new place. Please have your favorite Biryani – Rajeev”

 Not bad. Sharing the room with this guy brought some surprise dinner.


I have searched for his presence but not found any clue about him. Maybe he went out to roam.

Or is he enjoying moonlight at the rooftop?

 With overloaded curiosity, I went upside. He is not there. My curiosity is not to see him, to know how he knows I love Biryani. Does he know my Instagram handle? Is he on Tinder?


It is okay Divya, he has surprised you with Biryani. Let us see what happens next. I told myself and took a shower.

 After eating the Biryani, now I just wanted to thank him. I left a thank you note on fridge top shelve and went to duty the next day.


Life is going with routine tasks. Mom sent me pictures of bridegrooms and their profiles in WhatsApp. I tried to ignore them. One of my uncles got retired recently. I bet he has taken the work of marriage bureau. 

In the last three months, he has sent six profiles of respected bridegrooms to whom I have simply said No. I mean I just want to love someone before marrying.


Due to overprotective parents, I have never dared to go out with boys in school and college. I mean how can one proceed if every second person in your college is informer to your father.

My Grandmother says, Divi if you talk with boys you will get unnecessary problems.


As life going in the same routine of job and rest there someone came to surprise me with Biryani.

 After one week, when I am lately woke up and doing household chores he came into the kitchen.

 We greeted each other. He wore a loose T-Shirt and a jeans trouser. 


For one moment, I felt some handsome creature which is a mixture of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt is roaming in my universe.

 I mean how can someone on this earth be so empirically hunky and cute at the same time.


When I am trying to measure his seductive eyes intensity he has smiled at me and introduced himself as Rajeev. We did not shake hands as I am cleaning dishes.

I thanked him for the dinner and asked about his work. He told he works with some e-magazines, websites which podcast celebrities interviews, news and trivia.


For his work, he has to go to celebrities when they give him an appointment. Then he has to upload the pictures, audio, and videos on the web.

 The day was Sunday. I told him I will order lunch for him too. He offered me a Biryani deal if I go and bring chicken.

I thought you were brought Biryani from Paradise or Bawarchi restaurants. He told he doesn’t even know their names. It was surprised again.


How can a Biryani lover doesn’t know the names of Paradise and Bawarchi names in Hyderabad?

 I doubt he lied. I went out and brought Chicken and he cooked Biryani.


While eating Biryani together I have asked him, how can he knows I love Biryani.

He told he has seen my facebook profile and my status updates about eating Biryani. It sounds creepy I told him.

 Anyway, I hope you win Master Chef India if you go. I have shown my appreciation in a weird way possible.  He explained he checked about me on facebook with general curiosity.


The time passed so fast when I spent with him.  His naughty jokes about city culture and dating encouraged me to spend time with him. Months were passed and I slowly started missing him during the weekdays.


I started waiting for Sundays so that we can eat and talk together. One night I confessed my feelings to him and he has taken them as positive, He said it happens and he is also attracted to me. Also, he said we can feel it as dating.


First, it was not acceptable to my mind, but my heart already started wanting him. I explained myself as some Tinder match. But here I am just dating my roomie.


His presence made everything romantic even though there is no moonlight. One such moonless night, We both cuddled excessively and unknowingly it lead to sex.


He was so charming on that night. His touch made my body lighter. When he kept his head on my bosom I felt so cold and hugged him tightly.


His lips were as active as his hands. Within a few minutes, we both were undressed and started making love. It was one wild session and it proves he is a breast man. His extra massive shaft made me ask for riding him. While I am riding him like a cowgirl, his both hands are holding my boobs together like he is supporting them.


In between the moaning, he said he is waiting for this moment.

Did I ask him are you on no fap? Or wanted to be virgin till marriage? 

Because one who is this much naughty and romantic can’t  be virgin this much time.

 He did not answer.


While I am about to cum, he told me he is waiting for this love from eons. Later I slept by keeping my head on his chest. In the silence, our breaths are talking with heat in the air. I felt some connection.


Raj, I don’t feel you as human sometimes. You don’t know how much you might have earned in modeling. I feel this chest line is awesome. I kissed on his chest and pressed my head against it.


He said Yes Divi. I am not even close to human. The sex was wild I pinched his soul patch. He said ewww.No Divi. I am not human.


I laughed loud and taken him close to my lips. Now don’t tell me you are alien.

 My hands playing with his hair strands. He said I am a vampire.


I have bitten on his cheek. Don’t just joke Raj. Let me sleep. I slept like a child in his arms. I feel cold and covered my body with a bedsheet in the sleep.


The next day morning I woke up late. I felt my body sour and laughed about the things we did.

 I searched the entire house but I didn’t find him. He left a note on the kitchen door and it reads “Divi, I am not human. I am a vampire and from thousands of years, I am searching for the soul who accepts me as I am and loves for being what I am. Do you love me?” -Raj.


Now, I am giving an expression of A.C.P.Pradyumn in C.I.D. show. Something is going on.

I went to the bedroom and checked his bags.


There was a book and it was written 1600 A.D. on it. His handwriting is clumsy. I called my landlord.  She told she doesn’t know the background of Rajeev.


He left his phone in the room. I left a note on the bathroom mirror that "First let us talk".

 I went to the office but I don’t have interest in doing tasks. I sit idle and applied for sick leave. After getting approval, I came back to home.

 He is there in white color pajamas and with bare chest. I did not talk to him. He only came to my room and started caressing my hair.

 How can I be so immature to predict? I asked him.

Divi, it is not your fault.i should have told you on the first day. I loved you. I don’t know how to tell I am a vampire.


See, it is not in my hands. When you started attracting to me, I felt it was a boon for me.

 Do you still love me? He asked in a low voice.

 With tears in my eyes, I said yes.

I don’t know whether it is love or not. I cannot simply call it lust. I felt comfortable every minute with you. I find a home in you. My heart became free of anxiety in your hugs.

 I believe this is Love.

See, Raj. I am a simple girl who never experienced much surprises and love from childhood. I just wanted to love before getting married. Of course, it sounds rubbish but with this obsession of falling in love with someone, I fell in love with you.

 Now it is not the same. I allowed myself to make a physical relationship with you as I wanted to marry you.


Raj looks perplexed.

Divi, do you know what you wishing for? You are going to marry a non-human. Do you know what happens further? You will die after some years. I will still be here. On this earth.


I cannot guarantee the children we get can be human. He ended the conversation.

 I hugged him from the back and said Love is Love even if you are human or a vampire.

We can make someway for this.

 I have seen his eyes.they are eagerly want to say yes.

 While he wanted to say something I stopped him by locking his mouth with my lips.

 Next day I have ordered Twilight series books to read.

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