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Cutie Girl

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My Scary Friend - Bonus Part

My Scary Friend - Bonus Part

7 mins

Hello, my lovely readers! I know this part took a lot of time to come as I was really busy these days but it's finally here so do enjoy!

2 years later...

"Y/N!" called Taehyung while waving his hand. Y/N looked at him and smiled. She ran towards him and hugged him tightly. "Did you wait for me for too long?" Y/N asked. He answered, "Not long. Just came a few minutes ago." Y/N giggled. She said, "I wanted to come early but it took some time for me to get ready." Taehyung started laughing. Y/N started winning, "Yah! Why are you laughing? You know I'm not used to getting ready so much. It's all my friend's fault. They themselves said that 'Y/N it's our graduation day so you have to come all fancy or else we won't talk to you.' That's why." He said, "Hm...I see. Whatever it is but you look beautiful as always." Y/N blushed. She said, "And you look handsome as always." He smiled. "Y/N-ahh!" called her friends. She turned around and saw all her friends in branded suits like gentlemen. She said, "Wow! You all look so good in your suits." J-Hope said, "Haha...Thanks." "Seems like you listened to us," said Jimin. She replied, "I had no other choice after all I was getting so many threats from you all." Everyone was laughing and enjoying their time together. 

Taehyung said, "The ceremony is going to begin and my brothers still haven't arrived yet." Y/N frowned and said, "But didn't they graduate a year ago?" He answered, "Yes but they wanted to support us so they said they would come." Y/N nodded her head. Just then a car pulled over and came out Taehyung's brothers and his best friend. "Hey everyone," said Jin. They all greeted each other. "So, how's your kingdom brother?" Suga replied, "Everything's good. Now that both the kingdoms have merged it's just a bit hectic handling so much. Wish I had a partner who could help me in these situations." He sighed. Everyone knew that he was missing his love, Raven. After that incident, Suga and Y/N told all the truth to their friends and then being supportive, they understood everything and cheered them up. Y/N sadly smiled and side-hugged him to assure him that they were with him.

Soon the graduation ceremony began. Among the toppers were Y/N and Taehyung. Everyone clapped for them and after the ceremony ended it was a prom night. 

Taehyung extended his hand towards Y/N and said, "Shall we dance together, my princess?" She smiled and accepted his hand, "Of course, my prince." Both of them were dancing happily with each other their friends were busy gossiping with each other as they were still single. After a lot of dancing and enjoying Y/N excused herself to go to the restroom. She went inside and saw no one was there. She thought at least she would have some privacy. She was touching up herself when all of a sudden the lights started flickering. She got confused and a bit scared too. The lights stopped flickering and as soon as she saw in the mirror she widened her eyes with shock. She turned around and saw Raven in her usual black dress and a creepy look on her face, just like how she used to scare her before. Y/N hugged her tightly and started crying. She asked, "OMG! Is this really you?!?" Raven smiled and hugged her back and replied, "Yes. This is really me. Now stop crying like a baby or else your make-up is going to get ruined." Y/N stepped back and wiped her tears. She said, "I missed you so much. You know how much you scared all of us. Suga was left all alone. He missed you more than any of us. By the way, if it's really you then are you back as a demon or a human or an angel? What happened to you after you disappeared like how did you come back? I need all the details." Raven raised her eyebrows and said, "Wow, girl. Calm down. You ask too many questions at a time. I'll answer all of them one by one but are you really going to do all the questionnaires over here?" Y/N realised that they were still inside the restroom so she said, "Oh, yeah. Let's go out and introduce you to all of my friends. Our friends know everything now so you don't need to worry about hiding yourself in front of them." Raven chuckled and said, "Okay. But I need your help with something." Y/N asked, "What help?" Raven replied, "I want to surprise Yoongi(aka Suga)." Y/N got excited and asked, "Ok but how?" Raven whispered the whole plan in her ear. Y/N said, "Oh this is such a nice plan! I'm ready. Let's go."

Raven made herself invisible and Y/N went to her friends, Taehyung and his brothers and told them the truth and Raven's plan. They all gathered at a place and discussed how they should execute the plan. After discussion, Y/N said, "All settled. Let's start 'Mission Surprise Suga!' " 

Taehyung, Y/N and her friends went outside the hall to the garden. There her friends acted as if they were fighting with each other and Taehyung was trying to stop the fight. She shot a video and told them to hide. Meanwhile, Jin and Namjoon were distracting Suga by talking to him. After the shot, Y/N went towards Suga and said worriedly, "Brother! I need your help." Just then Jin's phone rang and he excused himself from there Taehyung came to Namjoon saying that they had to talk about something serious because of this they both left leaving Y/N and Suga alone. Suga asked, "What happened? Is everything okay?" She said, "No it's not. Jimin, Jungkook and J-Hope are fighting with each other. Taehyung tried to stop them but he got a call from his mother and she said to convey a message to Namjoon as he wasn't picking up his phone." He said, "Let them fight. They aren't kids. I know they will stop soon so don't get stressed." She said, "I knew you would say this that's why I shot a video, watch this." He saw the video and got tensed. He thought that it was a serious matter. He said, "Let's go we have to stop them." Y/N nodded and they both ran towards the garden. 

When Suga reached the garden he saw that no one was there. He turned around to see Y/N but she wasn't there either. He got confused. All of a sudden his eyes were covered by a pair of hands. He felt the touch familiar. He started to get emotional. To confirm he touched the hands and turned around. He saw his love, Raven with her beautiful smile and eyes filled with happy tears. They hugged each other tightly. She said while crying, "Surprise!" Everyone came out from their hiding places. He asked, "Where were you all this time? I got so lonely without you." She wiped his tears and said, "Don't worry. Now I'll stay with you. Forever." Y/N was so amazed seeing them together that she herself started tearing up. She said, "It's such a beautiful reunion. Our plan got successful." Taehyung hugged Y/N and wiped her tears. Y/N asked, "Raven now you have to answer my questions." She chuckled and said, "Ok. First, I'm back as a demon like I was. Second, even I don't know what happened to me after I disappeared but whatever it is, due to God's wish I came back." Everyone enjoyed their time.

After a few days...

In these few days, Raven went back to her kingdom where she met her mother and her mother apologized to her and she forgived her. Raven and Suga got engaged and we're happily managing their kingdom together. Whereas, Y/N and Taehyung also got engaged and both of them pursued their dreams and lived happily ever after.

Thank you everyone for giving so much love to this series. Hope you all liked it. This series finally ends now and I'll come back with a new series soon. So, stay tuned for the upcoming series.

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