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Sakshi Agarwal

Action Inspirational Thriller


Sakshi Agarwal

Action Inspirational Thriller

My Dream Maker

My Dream Maker

3 mins 219 3 mins 219

 A house is full of the aroma of freshness, new furniture, new paint, special design of my room. This was what I had dreamt of but happened reverse to it. I still remember: 3’o clock in my phone was buzzing because of a call from an interior designer which I saved as ‘my dream maker’. The environment was cheerful from my eyes although clouds were bursting harder and crossing all the difficulties, my dream maker was heading with his labor.

I welcomed all of them with lemonade and directed all indications which decided to implement from the next day by laborers of dream makers.

The day finally arrived. I packed all my important belongings into one room. The contract needed to finish within 5 days as there was a huge ball in my house.

Amidst the noise of drilling machines, man chattering and laughing, I managed to tick the checklist of the things needed in the ball. I should appreciate myself as it was so difficult and exciting to write, think when the bag was full of clothes tumbled down on my head, fulfilling different demands of workers. The most helpful thing that happened to me was that my boss allowed me to work from home.

Thousands of thanks to her! I had invited her too to the ball to enjoy with us.

Every evening, when workers departed from the house, I demanded them to come back early next morning to complete work with celerity and they always reply me with some words, “We will swipe everything quickly”. When I ask, what they will…, then they smiled at me back and said, “the oldness”. Their answer put me in dilemma but I condone it.

They all working laboriously and got new worker last day of their work. He was looking different from them but invested his whole day sincerely.

The sound of the working machines disturbed which lifted me to go outside for a phone conversation. When I returned back, all the workers were waving me goodbye as they had completed the work. I wished them, thank you, for without knowing their sown seeds which going to reap my house.


The next day, I stepped into the dream room and got frozen for few minutes. The situation was completely changed. My simple room was alive and smelling good.

I was happy to have a ball in the room and the next voice that broke the chain of my thoughts was house bell and finally, loud music.

Everyone was dancing, doors were open for others to accept a room that had money and expensive jewelry. Party was at its peak; some dancing, some coming, some going. Me drinking shots after shots which were my biggest mistake. But I have a boss cum friend who was a party-off girl and always finds a corner to read books or listen to her Sufi songs.

Dancing on the loud music delving me more in the party but boss’s shriek brought me back. When we found three men covering her mouth tightly, my eyes got widened by seeing those thieves were my dream makers. They were thief trying to swipe all my money using duplicate keys made by heir new worker arrived on last month. They waited for the right time and while working, they steal all important data.

Now, I understood the meaning of their words.

Thousands of thanks to my boss. She was my real dream-maker.

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