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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats


Message I needed to hear

Message I needed to hear

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The messages I need to hear.

I am always amazed that whenever I need a sign that somehow God always provides one for me. It could be like a verse that keeps popping up all day or when I go to church and I have been praying on something and then the sermon is exactly what I prayed on and exactly what I needed to hear.

I remember 8 years ago when I was yet again in a horrible place in my life after finding out about Mr. Con Artist, I prayed. I remember praying all day to be able to let go of my anger and hurt. I kept getting this verse, first from a friend who had no idea what was going on, then from another friend who sends me a Bible verse every morning, and then the same verse comes up at church! 

God was really trying to tell me something! The verse was Romans 8.28 "All works together for your good, who have been called according to his purpose"

This of course is my bible verse, we all have our favorite bible verses that mean something to each of us. Now hearing that I know if I believe, it's all going to be alright.

I've been through way too much and I know it works and at that point I knew what my purpose was. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was to write and to go and tell my story to others. 

Well just before getting to church that night I checked my Facebook page and on one of my posts two women who were supposed to be my "Facebook " friends dogged me out. 

They actually accused me of all the trouble I was going through, like I was the one who did this to myself.

Don't you just love victim blaming?

I was mad and hurt, the only thing I had done was trust the wrong man, he cheated and lied, hell he had three other women and a wife! I trusted him and when I found out, I just called his ass out on it.

I felt that if they were truly my "friends" they would know that I blog every day, that is what I do. They would know who I am and if they read my blogs, they would know that I built people up. I try to give hope and inspiration to others, I never tear people down or call people out.

Well, God knows I am hard-headed and so the message that night was about dealing with criticism! Ha really? How you need it to make you a stronger person, that there will always be someone out there dogging you.

My Bishop went on to say give people a chance to see who they are, they will always show their true colors eventually. Was he at my house that week? How did he know that was my message? 

He continued saying that some people are downright evil and that when you open your heart and invite them into your life, be careful of what they try to do.

That as you start to get closer to God, you need to expect more bad to come at you to test your faith.

(I remember thinking, wasn't I just in a peaceful place filled with joy and then all of this happens?) 

He said don't let anger rule your life, you need to let it go, it's only blocking your blessings. He closed with remember you reap what you sow!

These were all the messages I needed to hear, this was what I needed to do, to let this go. I knew this is the path I needed to take and to remind me that even in my darkest times, I will believe.

Yesterday, I was in church and the message was my verse. I was feeling down and a little defeated and needed some reinsurance. He also spoke of, "This too shall pass" my mom's favorite saying. And then he ended the sermon talking about being a butterfly. How we all start out different, then we feel stuck and suffocated but if we hold on we will become a beautiful butterflies. Again a sign from my mom as butterflies are our thing since she passed.

So today my friends remember there are always messages when you need them. There are signs from everywhere, it could be a verse, a song, a book put in your path, something you keep hearing again and again. Look and listen and you will have your answers.

Your message is out there.

"Be the change you want to see"


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