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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller

Malisto, the New Life Episode 5/7

Malisto, the New Life Episode 5/7

5 mins 175 5 mins 175

                      EPISODE 5

Continued from episode 4

The UFOs landed on Malisto. Quickly, they controlled the whole crowd by their terror and made them kneel down. I also knelt down in the midst of the crowd with my grave serious eyes. From the biggest UFO, the captain of the aliens along with his one man (Sparta) came out.

I said to myself, “Today only one man. That is perfect!”

The captain began to touch the same machine on the heads of one and all to identify a strong brain. Today, I was just waiting for him to come close to me. 

After about an hour, he came close to me. He said to me, “Sometimes, I feel, I should drink all the fluids of your heart. I don’t know about your brain but your heart is good. I will soon work over it. Your heart may prove useful for us.” He smirked and turned his face towards the other human.

I replied, “Captain, you know what. It’s not only me who may be useful to you. You may also be very useful to me.”

The captain of the aliens got a bit shocked. He again turned his eyeballs towards me with suspicious eyes, “What did you say?”

All of a sudden, I took out my laser mouser with great agility and pumped many laser shots in his chest. The alien standing by his captain got a big shock! Nobody was expecting this! All UFOs encircling about six thousand people began to turn brighter. I began to shout madly, “The alien standing right before me is the new captain of the aliens! I admit him my boss, I admit him as my Lord and everything!”

The alien standing right before me shouted loudly by looking towards all the UFOs, “Stop!”

I added at a rapid pace, “I killed him because he killed my love. I don’t want to mess with anyone of you. I just killed the killer of my love. Moreover, nothing is going to change for you except for the good. Now, you will enjoy all the powers and facilities of a captain. Now, you will be our emperor. Now, you yourself will drink the fluids of the intelligent brains. So, what say?”

He looked towards all UFOs and shouted with a thunderous sound, “I, Sparta is your new captain. I was the right hand of your previous captain. Now, it’s only me who can save your life and can make you rule the whole universe. Acknowledge me as your new captain by blinking the lights of UFOs or get ready to face me right now.”

I began to look around. The lights of all UFOs started blinking. Sparta shouted, “Haha! I am the new captain!”

I said, “Congrats, Sparta, our new emperor.”

Sparta said to me looking at me with his strange eyes, “Aakash, still your life is useless for me. Moreover, you have killed our captain. You deserve to be killed.”

I answered with full confidence, “Sparta, you still need me. You want the fluids of intelligent brains. And I can bring the intelligent brains from the earth soon.”


“That you leave upon me. That I will manage myself. I will talk to the authorities of the space shuttle of the earth and I will convince them somehow to bring the intelligent humans from earth.”

“Are you doing this just to save your life?”

“No. In fact, I want to work with you all. I mean I will always be a slave of yours.”

“Why do you want to be our slave?”

“It’s simple. Because I want to be the king of Malisto and you can make me the king of Malisto.”

“Oh! You made a great plan. But I liked it.”

Sparta declared loudly, “The first ever king of Malisto is Aakash! Everyone here on Malisto is bound to obey the orders of Aakash. If anybody is found disobeying him, he will be burnt to ashes! So, hail the new king!”

All humans began to speak loudly, “Congrats, you are our new king!”

Sparta said to me in a low voice, “Don’t forget what you have to do for me. If you fail, you will be killed!”

I said, “I understand, my Lord.”

“Okay, take this machine and find one intelligent brain for me today.”

“I would love to, but I want to tell you we should not take any risk.”

“Risk? Risk of what? I need to drink the fluid of an intelligent brain.”

“It goes like this. Now you will be able to find only one or two intelligent brains. But if the scientists of earth or captain of our space shuttle came to know about it somehow, then our plan will fail. They may sense what is exactly going on here. I think it’s better if you don’t touch anyone here. I will talk to them and then bring 3000 intelligent brains altogether. Then you can kill all at once. You will have enough brain fluids to store too. I think, the latter option is better for both of us.”

“Yes, you are right Aakash. I am not touching anyone today. But next time I will not leave anyone.”

“Okay, my lord.”

Sparta went back to his biggest UFO and in no time they were gone.

I turned to the crowd and said, “Now, I am your king. You have to obey what I will say.”

All spoke in a single tone, “Ok, our king.”

“Hey, don’t call me king. I am not comfortable with this word. I am your king no doubt, but just call me sir.”

All replied, “Okay, sir.”

“Okay, then get me some good food to eat. Now, I won’t do anything. You just take care of my all needs.”

“Okay sir as you order.”

One among the crowd said to the other, “See, how an absolute power corrupts a man absolutely! Don’t know what the hell he said to Sparta, he made him a king of Malisto. Before, only aliens were exploiting us. Now, a human is also added to the list.”

Now, I was waiting for the arrival of the space shuttle from the earth. I was thinking what I should say to them. How can I convince them in getting my things done in the proper way? I had already become the king of Malisto on some conditions. Now, it was the time to do the things that needed to be done.

After about seven days, the million colour sky of Malisto filled with lights and air rushing sounds. The dusty red clouds were formed due to the high pressure of the air. I realized that the space shuttle of the earth was very near. After about two minutes the space shuttle of the earth landed on Malisto.

To be continued…

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