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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller

Malisto, the New Life Episode 4/7

Malisto, the New Life Episode 4/7

6 mins 93 6 mins 93

                     EPISODE 4

Continued from episode 3

Sohpia shouted aloud, “Stop! Aakash Stop! For God’s sake stop!”

I tightened my fist as hard as I could. With my left fist facing upwards and right fist facing directly the face of the captain of the aliens, I made a posture to begin a fight!

The captain looked in my eyes for about thirty seconds with his deadly and horrifying eyes. He slowly moved his body and made his fighting posture too with his four arms and four legs. I could not understand his posture. It was the first time I was facing four arms and four legs of a fighter. 

Without thinking much, I punched with my right fist but he caught my right fist with his one right arm. Immediately, I rotated my body about ninety degrees in anticlockwise direction and tried to hit his face with my left elbow but he caught hold of my left arm too under one of his left arm. Now, my both arms are under his control. But my both legs were still free. 

I tried to back kick with my right leg on his right leg. Unfortunately, his legs were very flexible. With one of his leg, he wrapped my right leg. Then I tried to back kick with my left leg and it had to suffer from the same fate. He had clenched my all limbs with his four limbs. He still had four limbs remaining. He used his remaining two legs to keep on standing. With his two remaining arms, he bashed my chest again and again! After about fifty bashes, he released all my limbs and I fell straight to the ground.

The captain smirked at me, “So, Aakash anything left within you?”

“Yes! I am still alive!”

Sophia screamed in vain, “Aakash, stop. Please stop!”

I ignored Sophia completely. Now, I wanted to hit a spear with my body. Somehow, I got up and ran fast as I could and bent my body to hit the right shoulder of my body against his stomach. He caught hold of me in his armpit. Then he lifted my whole body with his hands by pulling me up from the back of my pant and threw me down, with my back against the ground. That was a powerbomb!

My back almost broke down in pain. Somehow, again I got up. Now, I was left with only my desperate punches. He easily escaped. Then he again lifted me up and threw me on the other side brutally. He was literally manhandling me. He lifted me and threw me thrice and I almost passed off with my eyes wide open and not even an iota of energy left within my body. 

The captain turned his eyes towards Sophia. She closed her eyes and began to murmur something. He picked up his drilling machine and came very close to Sophia. Her eyes were still closed she continued murmuring. At once, the captain pierced her head with the rotating needle of the machine and caught hold of her body tightly. I was seeing the writhing limbs of Sophia. My heart was burning in agony. But I was helpless, completely helpless. 

One of his men quickly gave the captain a straw. He put the straw in Sophia’s head and began sucking the fluid of her brain just like a years long thirsty savage. The fluttering of her limbs stopped after a while and I had understood she was no more.

The captain of the aliens announced, “People of Malisto, don’t dare to tell anything to the space shuttle of your earth. Our eyes are on you. Your one mistake will cost you an instant death, death not only of all of you but also of the space shuttle of the earth. Mark my words, if you cross your limit then it will take only one hundredth of a second to cross our limits.”

The captain with his two men went back to his space shuttle and flew away, followed by his other 19 space shuttles. People began to run towards me. They began to nurse me. I had been through a great mental trauma, physical pain was just a dwarf before my mental pain. My mind was hung with the last images of Sophia within my mind. I didn’t come to know how people were helping me. Where did they keep me? How were they trying to cure me? People condoled much over the death of Sophia. They consoled me a lot just to bring me back emotionally.

It took about one month to cure me. The aliens had not come again. Obviously, they were looking for another group of humans from earth. But our earth’s space shuttle had yet to arrive. I was thinking within my mind, “Sophia is dead. It is better to forget about her and think about the future. But what’s my future. Now, I am on a new planet. Here is no career, no business, no money nothing. I thought here we all would be talking with each other, we would be spending time with each other, we would be having a happy conversation which was not possible on the materialistic earth. But instead of all these happy moments, we are facing terror of the aliens, death of the loved ones. The atmosphere here has become deadly, full of sorrows and griefs, all are crying here. But can I do anything to change my life here? Well, it’s the main point to think.” 

After two days, the colourful lights appeared in the sky and a thunderous sound was heard. It was a clear indication that our earth’s space shuttle was going to land. We all came out of our small homes. The space shuttle gently landed on the red soil of the ground. 

The captain of the earth space shuttle announced, “Congratulations ladies and gentlemen, we have brought for you new basic amenities of life from earth. Not only this, we have also brought three thousand more humans from earth!”

All cheered their arrival but in a very dull voice. The captain of the earth felt a little strange but he managed to chuckle. He thought within his mind, “First, they were bored with earth. Now, they are bored with Malisto too. Really, they are very boring people!”

The new three thousand people were extremely happy and very enthusiastic to land on the new planet, Malisto just like we were. The few soldiers in the space shuttle began unloading. I came close to one of the soldier and said, “I also want to help you.”

“No, sir. It is our duty. We don’t want to trouble you.”

“No, no. It’s okay man. It’s not a trouble for me. Please let me help you.”

“Okay sir. As you please.” He smiled.

I started helping him. 

I said, “Hey, I think you have more than two laser mousers with you!”

“Yes, sir. I have three.”

“But what if your laser mouser falls while unloading?”

“It won’t, sir.”

“Why? It can fall.”

“Actually the mousers in my back pocket will only come out if I press the button which in my belt.”


“Yes, sir.”

“Can you please press for once. I just want to see how your techy back pocket works.”

“Okay, sir.” He pressed the button while his hands and brain were loaded with heavy things.

I immediately picked up the mouser and hid it inside my coat. I said, “It’s really miraculous! Thanks, for showing.”

“Welcome, sir.”

Unloading everything, the space shuttle went back to the earth. Nobody dared to open their mouth before our soldiers and scientists. The new three thousand humans had come, our space shuttle had gone, now it was clear, the time for the new calamity had come. Now, I was waiting for the arrival of the aliens.

And after a few hours, thunderous and terrifying sounds were heard. The twenty haunting UFOs of the aliens had reached the new planet, Malisto! All began to scream and shout. But I was again standing still, serene and alert. 

To be continued…

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