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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller

Malisto, the New Life Episode 3/7

Malisto, the New Life Episode 3/7

7 mins 191 7 mins 191

                                                  EPISODE 3

Continued from episode 2

All were screaming in fear. I was completely serene and ready to face the consequences. My eyes were chasing the haphazard movements of UFOs. Sophia closed her eyes and clung to my chest. With my right arm, I comforted her but my eyes were fixed above in the million colour sky. Out of panic, all began to run here and there. Stampede was created. But I was standing still in the middle of everything with Sophia in my arms.

The biggest of all UFOs landed on the red soil and all other UFOs encircled all the people. A loud voice was heard, it was coming from the UFOs, “All of you listen carefully, now you can’t run anywhere. We order you to kneel down! If you try to run or disobey us then you all be ruthlessly killed!”

All the people running around me knelt down. I kept on standing in the same position. But one ran as fast as possible. Again the voice of UFOs was heard, “Hey, stop!”. But that man didn’t listen to them, he went on running. One UFO became brighter and all of a sudden a streak of white sparkling light appeared from it and hit that man in a wink of an eye. And he was finished! Even his skeleton was burnt to ashes!

The voice was heard, “Just stay down. Don’t try to mess with us! You have already seen what we can do. It’s better for all of you to just obey what we say.”

I was wondering, “Are they humans? They can speak english very well.”

The bodies of all froze down in fear. Now, nobody was moving and everyone was on their knees except me and Sophia. 

Sophia said to me, “Aakash what you are doing? Just kneel down. All people are on their kneels sitting together and we are standing and we are alone.”


We both knelt down together.

The door of the biggest UFO opened up and landed vertically on the ground. A weird figure came out of it with an eerie outfit. He looked like a man from his face and other body parts but the problem was that he had four arms and four legs. Two other men like him followed him. The first man seemed to be the captain of all UFOs. He had a strange machine in his hand. Nobody knew what he was going to do with his machine, what he was going to do with us.

The captain with his two men came close to one human. He touched his machine with his head and read something on the machine and shook his head negatively. Then he touched his machine with the head of the other man. He again shook his head negatively. He went on touching his machine with each and everyone’s head present over there. It appeared he was searching for something in our heads with the help of his machine. 

Sophia was fearing a lot. She said to me, “Aakash, I am not feeling okay. Something is going to happen bad.”

“Don’t worry Sophia. The bad has already happened. Now, nothing more will happen. They killed that man because he tried to run. Now, they are just looking for something in our head. See, now they are not killing anyone. They will search in our head whatever they want to search and then they will leave.”

“Are you sure?” Sophia asked with her trembling lips.

I answered yes just to comfort her. In fact, I was also feeling that I told her the truth, means, it appeared that was a strong possibility.

The captain of aliens went on checking. After a few hours, he had checked all of the people sitting around us. Now, only we were left. The captain of the aliens with men were coming close to us. Our hearts began to pump blood in our veins at a faster pace. Sophia’s face turned pale in fear. 

The captain of the aliens had come very close to us. He was about to touch his machine on my head. I mustered up courage and asked by standing on my feet, “Who are you?”

He said, “I am your friend.”

“You have already killed a human and you say you are our friend!”

“What are animals to you on the earth?”

“We humans are friends of animals. We also keep pets at home.”

“But you also kill them and eat them, don’t you?”

“You want to say, we are animals in your eyes.”

“Well in the eyes of animals on the earth, you humans are the worst animals!”

“You didn’t answer my question, who are you in real?”

“You are not in a position to ask me anything. I am in a position to order you anything. I have neither the time to explain everything nor you need to know about it. Well, I can say only one thing. You humans did a good thing coming here. You made our job easy.”

I was about to speak something. He touched his machine on my head and nodded his head negatively. Then he came close to Sophia. Her slim body was badly shivering with fever. He touched his machine on the head of Sophia. He smirked and nodded his head affirmatively. That was a strange sign for me. Because it was the first time he was nodding his head affirmatively. He beckoned to one his men. He immediately brought another machine for his captain. 

The new machine seemed like a drilling machine to me. He switched on the machine. It was even working like a drilling machine. I felt uncomfortable with the new type of machine. Sophia had closed her eyes in fear. On the one hand I was seeing a drill like machine with its rotating needle and on the other hand I was seeing an innocent face of Sophia with her closed eyes. My eyeballs were moving swiftly on the new machine and Sophia’s face. 

The captain of the aliens was bringing the rotating needle of the machine closer and closer to the head of Sophia. I recognized the oncoming mishappening beforehand. Now, the time had come to use my martial arts. I immediately gave my right back kick on the new machine and the machine fell about five metres away.

The voice was heard from the people around us, “Oooooo!”

I shouted, “Captain, you can’t kill her! Why do you want to kill her?”

Sophia opened her eyes and fell on the ground out of fear.

I shouted, “Sophia, run! They want to kill you!”

Sophia could not move an inch. Her fear had paralyzed her whole body. She said, “Aakash, save yourself. Don’t mess with them. They are so powerful. You can’t win. Just save your life.”

The captain answered my question, “Oh, your name is Aakash. Aakash, we are not killing her.”

“Don’t make me fool! You were going to pierce her head.”

“Then what? I was just trying to pierce her head but you humans are cutting animals into pieces and then you cook them and then you eat them brutally! You eat them because you want calcium, phosphorus and proteins from their bodies, don’t you? Then what’s wrong if we have something from your bodies?”

“You can’t understand. They are just animals and we are humans.”

“In the eyes of animals, you humans are the animals and they(animals) are humans. In this universe a powerful eats the weak. I just want to drink the fluid of her brain. Because she has a powerful brain.”

“But she will die!”

“But I am not killing her. I will just drink the fluid and go away. She will die by herself. I am just going to take what I need. Like you do with animals. But I will not cook her in fire, I will not torture her. It will take just a few seconds to make a hole in her brain. Then she won’t feel any pain after a few seconds.”

“You don’t have any feelings, captain!”

“Don’t worry, you humans are also same.”

“Captain, you forgot one thing. In this universe a powerful eats the weak that you know. But I think you have forgotten the other thing. The weak also fight with the powerful as much as he can to save his life. I won’t let you kill her so easily. As long as I am here, you can’t kill her!”

Sophia shouted, “Aakash please don’t fight for me. Anyhow, they are going to kill me. You will not be able to save me. In this process, you will also be killed. Let them kill me, at least you will be safe. At least one life will be safe.”

I shouted with my eagle fixed eyes on the captain’s eyes, “Sophia, I don’t have a great brain like you. I don’t have good logic like you. But I know only one thing, I never backed down ever in my life. I will not give in even now. If they want to kill us, I am also ready to give them a big fight! Captain, if you have a heart within your chest, then come on! Come on one on one!”

To be continued…

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