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Md Maruf Hasan

Abstract Tragedy Action


Md Maruf Hasan

Abstract Tragedy Action



4 mins

Marvelous morning sunshine, the boat is heading towards the nearest small islands from mainland of Maldives. There is no mainland for Maldives actually because entire country is within the sea. The heaven of Earth you can say. Tourists across the world love to spend their holiday in Maldives and if you are get married, Maldives must be your favorite destination.

The boatman reached near one small island.

‘ Khalid, you want to catch fish here?’

‘Uncle , not bad.’

‘ Okey….All please listen. You can do snorkeling here. We will be here for 30 minutes and then we will depart for next destination’

There are 10 tourists in the boat and Khalid and boatman are locals. Boatman is Khalid’s uncle.

Khalid is working as Navy Officer. He is very famous for his bravery among Navy commander, out of all the officers he is considered as distinguished officer. He is 24-year-old now.

Khalid took his expensive shot gun which is particularly used to catch fish. Khalid jump off from the boat and the rest of 10 tourists also went down to swim. Everyone has life jacket except Khalid. In fact , Khalid can stay inside water for long period of time. He grew up doing snorkeling activities from his childhood. This is very normal for him to be expert in catching fishes.

All started to swim and tried to observe tortoise and various colors of fishes. The coral reefs are also mind-blowing. You can be an eyewitness for marine life which is million years old. The beauty of snorkeling is you have all the safety equipment and you do not need to go deep sea under water like scuba diving.

Khalid went alone towards one corner where he saw school of fish.

‘ Khalid , do not go too far’

‘ Okey …uncle’

Khalid set his fish gun and throw. He got one big fish hanging in the hook. He returned to boat and unhooked the fish and gave to his uncle.

‘ Khalid…you are always very efficient to catch fish’

‘ Uncle… You taught be to be efficient’

Khalid again went and returned with bigger fish than the previous one. In few minutes , he caught few fishes .

‘ Khalid…that’s enough for today. Please stay in the boat’

‘ Okey …uncle this is very last one…I am sorry’

He went again towards corner.

‘ All…..Please come towards boat , we will be moving next destination soon’

All started to come towards boat.

Khalid throw the fish gun as usual, and this time the hook was stuck with the rock. This fishing Gun is very expensive and he bought it from outside country when he went to USA recently. Khalid can stay inside water so long. Up to 10 minutes. He thought I need to release the hook from the rocks under water. He went deep few meter till he reach the hook. It was so tied and it will not come out unless you can untie the hook. He focused to untie the hook from rock. Suddenly he felt like coughing. The water entered inside his nose and mouth. He lost his control over him. He can not come out from water he felt.

‘ Am I going to die? I lost my control over me. Can my uncle help me out? Allah helped me plzzz….La ilaha illalahu muhammadur rasulullah ‘

Boatman was busy to bring everyone on the boat. He completed his task and everyone is on the boat. He looked at the point where Khalid is supposed to be. He saw nobody. He waited for 1 minute while speaking with others and he then again looked at the point. Khalid is disappearance from the surface of blue water. Boatman started to panic. He jumped off from the boat to reach that place with his goggles. He swam there. He saw Khalid is at down unconscious. He went down and catch Khalid and brought into surface. He heard no breathing at all. Boatman started to cry. The other tourists also got panic attack. Boatman brought the Khalid towards boat and the others helped him to bring Khalid on the boat.

Boatman gets on boat and used his technique to bring out water from Khalid’s belly. The water came out , but he was unable to wake up.

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