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I’m a cephalopod mollusk, surrounded by deep Pacific of emotions, spreading each part of my tentacle to absorb the happiness but only ending up with pain and blisters. Trying to stop these overthinking, multitasking tentacles from absorbing and observing everything.

Finally ending up gazing at the turmoils floating down the streaks only to erupt my spines, my body soft and fragile still waiting to taste the lost skeleton structure of mine. So, in order to avoid that: I swim! I swim fast in this Pacific of emotions, running past time, shattering the hour glass cause this is the only way I can manipulate time. Running straight to my closet where I can vent it out, to my places: My emotional closets!

These closets are the very place where I hide in my dark days, tangled up with chains and locks, where no one can enter without my permission and the rule states that there is no way to get an approval! Safe and secure! Hearts shackled up in my own constructed chains, shattering upon every glimpse of the reflection I hold within. Eloquently bleeding my heart out with the ink I hold inside.

And the words would be inked till eternity.

Because Lowly Mollusk it is!

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