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Vadiraja Mysore Srinivasa

Drama Romance Inspirational


Vadiraja Mysore Srinivasa

Drama Romance Inspirational



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I was the villain of the piece!

It was accidental all right. But, still, felt sorry to become the hurdle in the pursuit of love.

It all started in the beginning of the week when Janata Curfew was announced.

I decided to begin my morning walk early so that I can finish small purchases before the 10 am deadline and abide by the government regulation like a good citizen.

So, I left for my morning walk after parking my two wheeler away from the University Main Road and started to walk, completely immersed in enjoying the natural splendor of the early morning.

Though I walk on that road everyday, I never get tired of the smell coming from the fresh blooming flowers spreading its fragrance, selflessly.

The road, stretching nearly three kilometers long was bereft of people.

That could be one of the reasons, that  must have prompted him to display his love and affection and chose the empty road.

At first, I did not notice him.

Even as I walked past him, he was standing just behind the large tree, watching me closely and allowed me to go past him.

After walking nearly couple yards, I turned back to see him as I heard some sound in the bushes behind me.

Then I saw him eyeing me and eager to get going with his planned activity.

I simply walked away and didn’t realise that I must have created a hurdle for him.

The eyes! when I met his eyes, they were almost pleading me to leave him alone. I didn’t know what do. Should I turn and go back and stop my walking for the day? Or Should I proceed and take another road to come back?

Discretion is what he appeared to be asking.

So, I decided to move away as fast I could away from him.

Then I heard the awful sound. I don’t know whether he was pleading for his mate to come to him or crying in agony!

My curiosity took over my generosity and I decided to play a detective.

So, I moved towards to other side of the road and hid behind a tree and watched.

He came and stood in the middle of the road and once again lifted his head let the awful sound escape from his mouth looking skyward.

After what appeared eternity, I saw her!

She came out of the bushes, slowly walking, looking here and there.

While it was clear that she must have heard him and wanted to meet him, she stood away and watched him, as if to tell him to do little more than just cry!

Then the miracle happened!

He slowly opened up his splendid wings displaying its vibrant colours and started to move like a well trained dancer looking at her.

She stood mesmerized by the display of love by him and slowly but surely, walked towards him.

I just turned away heaving a sigh of relief that finally, I got rid of my guilt feeling of having stepped in between the male and female Peacocks who wanted to meet and mate.

Smiling to myself, I walked away in smug satisfaction of making way for the lovers to meet, finally!

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