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Shruthi Abhinaya

Romance Tragedy Inspirational


Shruthi Abhinaya

Romance Tragedy Inspirational

Love was not just about heart breaks!

Love was not just about heart breaks!

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SANYA'S JOURNAL: 04.02.2021 @6PM

Dear Diary,

I know it's been so long that I've stopped sharing stuffs about my life with you.But now things are not the same, I could finally see many changes in me and my life as well. 

Yes! It's all because of him. So here I go... this is my life changing story which was an unexpected one. One fine day when I was about to get into my class I bumped into my classmate and I somehow managed to runaway from him without saying a word because I was embarrassed. I just figured out that his name was Mithran, we both were pursuing MBA and we had no clues of our future. This guy was quite familiar in my class since he always had a bundle of questions in his pocket, who always comes up with a topic to talk or a doubt to get clarified with the staffs. Lol! I use to call him a cashew for being so. I have admired him for the way he initiates things and comes forward for anything thats happening on the class. Not everyone has the habit of taking a first move right, that's something I got attracted to. Every time I see him talk, I got a feel that he resembles someone but I didn't know who. To be precise, I didn't knew much about him nor did I try talking to him, but somehow I started liking him.

Once when we were asked to clarify our doubts regarding the course and our career, he as usual came up with a question related to the stream that we were supposed to choose for the upcoming semester. That was something which I also wanted to know about. So after the class, I went to him to get clarity about that stream, with no second thoughts on mind. As you know that I'm not a girl who usually talks to people who are not so close with me, I hesitated to talk to others but not with him. Their was something that pulled me towards him which I believe was destiny.

And then I spoke to him, we both had a serious discussion on that topic but in the end we both had a good connect. Eventually we both started talking and even through texts. Our bond was getting closer day by day with the endless chats that we had. All my life, people come, use me and left with only heart breaks and painful memories. I was so scared that this special bond should never be something like that. I liked him because he had also gone through a lot just like me.. And he usually makes me feel special and happy like no one ever could do. Being lonely is a gift for both of us. We both lost faith in human relationships. 

We both were a good companion for each other and I finally got my answer that he always resembled "me". Oh yeah! It was me that I found in him. He loved me the way I am and he always asks me to be myself without having to change myself for others including him. 

We both had a bitter past that we tend to forget and a life that has always been horrible. So all I wanted was to comfort him with care and put a smile on his face every time. He was a mystery guy whom I was studying slowly to get to know about his life, to heal his wounds and to paint it with colours. He is a guy with whom people interact just for using his potentials. But I found a lot in him that others failed to see. Deep inside.. He was a poor soul who craves love and attention that he had lost hope long back. He buried them deep inside him and started living his life as a loner in his own ways without expecting things he do in return. I never really knew the exact things that he went through but all I knew was Mithran is a guy who truly loves what he does, be it with humans or be it anything that he does.

I wanted to change him inside out. In this process of trying to study about him, I fell for him without even my knowledge. He was all I wanted though he had some flaws which I never minded. I wanted to confess this only after healing his wounds. He was someone who once believed in love but now all his perspectives towards love has changed. He doesn't want to fall prey for it since he believes that love is all about heart breaks and pain. He lost faith in it because of his horrible past.

He once said that "Love is all about choice which I'll never make, because it will only give me wounds in the end".

That's when I started interrupting and tried convincing him that his views about love was not always right. 

"Yes love is painful but it also plants a smile in our face not because of ourself but because of someone. Not every love is meant to fall apart. There are people who are happy with their loved ones but even they go through pain at moments."

Mithran and I were arguing at each other but I never gave up. Because all I wanted was to bring back the faith in love that he lost.

I asked him "Imagine a life without pain, will you be able to feel what happiness really feels like? How will you taste the happiness without feeling the pain?" 

"It makes no sense right? That's what love is. It gives you pain and happiness from the same person you love. What matters is even after giving so much pain, if the person still chooses you that's when you should know that your love was stronger than the pain it gave. When You could accept the love that person gives, why can't you accept the pain he/she gives? It's in our hands to fix things right. You both should work on it, try to solve things that went wrong and in the end both must hug tightly and whisper in ears that I love you even after all this. "

" A life without obstacles is a pointless game in which the player wins for no reason which infact turns out boring. Instead in reality, Even if you fail in one game, you will win on the other. In that same way, love is something unexpected and it is not the same with everyone. You will fail but learn a lot from it. If once you have failed in love, you should try to fix everything that went wrong and fall in love again, when the right time and the right person knocks your door instead of losing hope in love just because of blunders you made in the past."

Having so much to say, I had a strong faith that I changed atleast a bit in him. I went silent for some moments just to hear his side. And thats when something unexpected happened.

He came up straight forward towards me, sat very close to me that we had only inches apart.

He looked into my eyes and after some gazes he started talking. I was in a clueless state as to what he was going to leap. He then said that " All these years I have thought that I was the only person who could make me laugh or smile. But you proved me wrong everytime you made me laugh or cry. I was not the same before you entered my life."

With provoking silence between us, he continued that " I thought I could never find love again, but I'm blessed to have you in my life. Having you is like taking drugs without which I go mad. I was someone who stay awake all the time not because I want to... But because I couldn't.But now I'm able to sleep at peace and that's because of you. I watch sun set and sun rise and lived a life which remained meaningless until one day some girl, who came into my life to turn my life a miracle only with the amount of love she poured on me. I had feelings for her but I as usual buried it inside me as I was scared of losing her. I was not ready for yet another heart break. And to your notice, that girl was none other than you."

"But now after hearing everything that you said, I've come to a conclusion that this is something that I should never hold for so long and yes I've changed my mind. I still don't believe in love but I believe in our love. The love that you gave me. The efforts that you put in, just to make me smile. Yes I've fallen for your words Sanya"

This was something I never imagined yet I went speechless. I was literally shaking and I was happy on the other hand. Within the moments of joy, he came even more closer and grabbed my waist. He looked into my eyes and I could feel the touch of his lips on mine immediately and that's when it happened.

He whispered those magical words holding my lips "I love you Sanya".

That's where everything began, a happily ever after couple we were. And I'm great full to have him in my life. We never gave up on each other and we have beautiful kids as a living proof of our love.

With love

- Sanya Mithran. 

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