Shobhit शोभित

Drama Romance


Shobhit शोभित

Drama Romance

Love At Metro Ride

Love At Metro Ride

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There she is! In pink suit entering in my coach and here I am feeling that my heart is going to pop out. All the blood was rushing to my heart and I can hear its beat.

She reaches near me and asks the man, who is occupying ladies seat, to give her seat. I know she that she is sitting here for next 4 stops and then she will hop off.

This whole cycle of action was, somewhat, was getting repeated every working day for last 2 months. I was not aware about her name. I was not getting courage to speak to her.

“How do I start conversing with her? What she will think of me? Will she be thinking of me as player?” I always keep pondering over.

It is Valentine’s Day nearby and I have to speak to her. She has smiled at me once, I noticed that.

She is sitting just next to me and she is listening to music as she has earphone plugged in. She is rolling her finger in stole and sometime rolling over suit border.

I am thinking “Shall I just say ‘Hi!’? Shall I ask some general random question? Shall I start by praising her? Shall I do this or that? Blah.. blah..”

Suddenly an idea strikes me that I shall ask her for a pen, pretending that I have forgotten it and have to write something important.

I just turned to her side to ask

But she has already gotten up to hop off at her station and there is no point asking now. I got late in action.

She looks at me for a fraction of nanosecond and hops off.

And I am thinking about what I will do tomorrow, when she will again sit at nearby ladies seat or just stand near me, to speak to her.

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