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Raju Ganapathy


Join the Forces

Join the Forces

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Each step taken, some people shaken

Will the people awaken, from their beliefs mistaken.

Reminds one of the long march, salt of the earth

Brought forth masses for issues no dearth

Call them pappus, or even jokers

Showing signs of a new India makers.

Blisters on their feet, drenched in the rain 

Walking along miles, their body may be in pain 

The spirit is willing, their sight inspiring 

Crowd day by day swelling, earth has began its shaking

Tremors one can feel, trembling one can see 

Yatris are here, those who oppose in a tizzy

Transformative walk, walking the talk

People may balk, light to repel the dark.

 Digging the heels sometimes resting on the wheels

For the masses they feel thunder they steal

Kanyakumari to Kashmir, effort has no peer

Good if message you can hear, shed some tear.

Messiahs to clear the mess, what has become of a nation

Sigh do the people, them they give high fives

Some people with their knives out to stab them on their back

Back out they will not, you can’t tie them in a knot 

If you are a cynic you may take a pot shot

You may join forces and be ready for the consequences

Them you can endorse, rise, strive, and come to senses.

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