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Ann Maria Rose

Horror Fantasy Thriller


Ann Maria Rose

Horror Fantasy Thriller

Invisible Fear

Invisible Fear

2 mins 427 2 mins 427

Rhys had just moved into a new city, with his wife, Kathy.

They lived in an old apartment.

People siad that the apartment he lived was haunted.

But they did not believe them.

One evening Rhys was working in his room.

Suddenly he heard someone knocking on the door.

‘Who is it?’ asked he.

‘What's up? It's me!’ replied a fimiliar voice.

It was his best friend, Jasper.

So he opened the door and let him in.

‘I was working, why are you here?’

Asked Rhys.

‘Well, as you moved I thought of coming too, I've got a job as well, but as the apartment is full, I had to come here.’

‘Alright, you can stay here till you got a room.’

He replied.

‘Oh, hi Jasper! So you're staying here, come everyone let's have supper.’

Siad Kathy joining in.

And so they ate thier supper.

‘Thanks Kathy, it was delicious.’

Siad Jasper after supper.

‘You're welcome.’ she replied smiling.

Later it was time to sleep.

They went to thier bedrooms and fell asleep.

Suddenly Rhys heard a scream, he sat up on his bed.

Maybe, it was just a dream.

So he fell asleep again.

The next morning everyone came to the dining room and had a splendid breakfast.

After breakfast, Jasper went and turned on the telivision.

He put the news channel.

After a while he called Rhys and Kathy.

‘Hey, someone was killed in this apartment, I saw the news!’ he siad.

Rhys explained how he heard a scream.

‘Oh! Now what shall we do? It's not safe to live here anymore.’

Siad Kathy.

‘But, the apartments near are all full, and if we want to go to an apartment, which has space for us, we have to travel a lot!

Let's keep calm.’

Siad Rhys rather coolly.

So, somehow they got into normal mood.

But many people got killed and thier money disappeared.

No ditectives or police men could get any clues.

So they drove for one full day, stopping for rest, to another apartment.

They were very tired of traveling, when they reached and fell asleep at once.

The killing continued, in the old apartment.

One day, in his dream, Rhys found a ghost.

It siad that it was a police man's ghost.

He handed him a hand cuff.

Rhys asked him what it was for. ‘For capturing the ghost in your apartment, it's a thisf's ghost.’ replied the ghost officer.

First Rhys hesitated, saying that he doesn't believe these super natural things, and that, that is not a ghost but a killer.

Then he woke up.

He found nothing in his hands.

But he felt it.

He showed it to his wife and friends, they couldn't see it but feel it too.

One day they went to the old apartment and waited for night to come.

Suddenly Rhys threw the cuffs into the air and heard a scream.

He had found the thief, killer ghost.

Then he woke-up.

He was in his office room, in the old apartment.

It was all a dream, there was no Jasper, but only he and Kathy!

And he told his dream to his wife.

‘Oh c'mon, don't tell me that now you're believing in ghosts, but the thing that you saw a dream in your dream was sorta surprising.’

Siad Kathy rather intrested.

The couple laughed.

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