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saravanan Periannan

Abstract Romance Classics


saravanan Periannan

Abstract Romance Classics

I want to speak with you

I want to speak with you

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Valaiosai song from tamil movie Sathya plays in Saravanan's mobile and his room mate JP wakes him up and tells we have to go to the reunion to trichy da.

What reunion Saravanan asks this and yawns.

Jp tells, we have a week's holiday for pongal and many of our friends have arranged for a small meet in our school in Trichy.

ok let me decide on it says Saravanan.

Saravanan gets inside bathroom and closes his door and starts brushing, he spits out in the wash basin, rinses his mouth and washes his face.

He looks at his face in the mirror and in the mirror he sees his school memories.

Hi Saravanan says Gowtham as they run to restroom to wash their face and Gowtham says come fast class will start.

They walk faster through corridor and see the time which is 02:35 pm.

Saravanan looks at Abinaya who is his friend in his class as they ask excuse us sir.

The teacher asks them why they are late and gowtham says i was wounded and Saravanan helped me to dispensary and sir allows both in.

The school gets over and Saravanan gets the note of Abinaya as they walk through pathway and both speak about borrowing story books from Library.

JP and Gowtham walking behind looks at Saravanan who runs smiling towards them.

A day when all friends of Saravanan and Abinaya sit and eat during lunch.

Saravanan says something about Abinaya's story and he says that part was wrong in it.

Abinaya saya you have no rights to say on it and says Saravanan acts jealous thinking no one can write better than him.

The argument continues between Saravanan and Abinaya and Saravanan comments Abinaya is egoistic and Abinaya starts crying and gets inside their class.

Saravanan and JP run inside class to request Abinaya not to cry.

lunch period ends and all starts coming to class.

JP requests Abinaya not to cry.

Abinaya wipes her tears and lies her head on bench.

Saravanan on seeing Abinaya crying starts crying and JP starts consoling him.

All their classmates see Saravanan crying and they learn about the argument between Saravanan and Abinaya.

Teacher entering their class seeing this calls Saravanan and says him to wash his face and come to class

Teacher learns of the argument between Saravanan and Abinaya.

 when Saravanan enters the class and takes his seat, the teacher tells the class you all are friends and must forgive the mistake of others.

Saravanan looks at Abinaya at that moment and when Abinaya sees Saravanan she turns her head away.

Saravanan understands what he have done and again tears drop from his eyes.

JP sitting next to him sees this and tells him to bend down and takes Saravanan's water bottle and gives to him to drink and says him to wipe his tears.

Saravanan loved Abinaya so much and he thought of saying his love to her after high school completion.

But thus incident made their friendship broken.

From that day to completion of high school both Abinaya and Saravanan did not speak to each other.

Saravanan comes back to senes as JP knocks the bathroom door saying come out fast Saravanan i need to take bath.

After two days both Saravanan and JP reach trichy and goes to their school for the meet.

All friends greet each other as they know the moments they spend now may or may not come again.

Saravanan eyes searches Abinaya and priya, Abinaya's friend says she is in our classroom.

Saravanan goes slowly to classroom and the sound of shoe stamping the floor is heard by Abinaya in classroom and she thinks someone is coming to the class and walks out of the class.

Abinaya sees Saravanan slowly walking up and she tries to walk.

Saravanan voice gets struck and he says wait Abinaya.

Abinaya waits there and Saravanan walks to her and starts speaking

The words i spoke to you and the cry i made that day is still haunting me.

I cried because i saw you crying and because i have hurted you.

I tried to speak with you afterwards but i am not able to,

Do you remember we spoke only once after that incident that when i participated in a competition you came to me and asked me about competition.

I told you about that.

That day, i was so happy speaking to you.

But then the old memories came back haunting,

what Abinaya will think about me now, how Abinaya would have thought about me the day i made her cry.

Tears drop from Saravanan's eyes.

Abinaya, i feel happy speaking to you and now i think i have shared all the words that i tried to speak over years and finally, i spoke all that things.

I am sorry Abinaya, this one sentence i thought of asking to you for years.

Thanks for listening to this Abinaya.

Saravanan waits there for a reply from Abinaya and Abinaya says i also tried to talk with you Saravanan but i also thought that what Saravanan will think about me, what he would have thought of me when i made him cry.

Abinaya cries saying this and says Saravanan i am sorry.

Let us be friends Saravanan says Abinaya and Saravanan cries and smiles saying sure Abinaya.

Both walk through the stairs speaking about both their lives.

Saravanan says Abinaya i need to say you a thing,

yes Saravanan says Abinaya moving her hair curl falling on her face with her fingers and putting it on her head.

Saravanan says Abinaya I love you.

Abinaya gets shocked on hearing this.

Abinaya says Saravanan , I am sorry i never had a thought of love on you but you are my best friend who gave me memories to remember.

Saravanan says sorry Abinaya if i have hurt you.

It's ok Saravanan says Abinaya and she walks to the place where all their classmates stand talking.

Saravanan smiles thinking he have found his friend Abinaya.

Saravanan feels happy atlast he have confessed his love for Abinaya to her.

and Saravanan cries as he cannot show his love for Abinaya by staying with her life long.

Saravanan defines love in his mind as "Love is emotional , if we love someone truly we must accept their decision whether it is yes or no

 because it is said by a person we love."

Saravanan walking thinking of this thought hears Abinaya calling him for the class group photo and  Saravanan walks to that place.

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