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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats


I Want A Relationship But..

I Want A Relationship But..

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I want a relationship but let me send you a picture of my dick 

I'm sorry, yes, I have to talk about this again and it's because I seriously can't figure this out. 

So if you follow me you know that I am single and I am on dating sites. That really should be called the dick sites because it seems like all men nowadays want to show off their dicks on sites like these. I am not talking about Tinker or any of those 'Hookup sites'' just regular dating sites.

Look if I was on Tinker or those other sites then yes, I would want to see what I was getting before I got it but I'm not!! I have no desire to see your dick, I am looking for a long-term relationship with my best friend and right out of the gate I don't need to see what you got.

And yes, sorry...not sorry... I am the Taylor Swift of blogging, if I have a shitty date or you decide to send me a dick pic that you think I MUST see.. Yes, I'm blogging about your stupid ass.

So here I am yet again… 

This guy has a nice profile, it says he wants a relationship and he's not looking for a hookup. He has a few nice pictures and only one shirtless at the beach so I think okay I'll answer him.

We exchanged numbers (Yes, I gave him my fake number like always) if you don't know about them you need to, they are the best for crazies and ones you don't want to have your real number until you weed out if they are going to be sticking around.

Anyway, back to the dickhead here. He texts me and says let's exchange a few pictures and he even adds 'No, I'm not asking for nudes lol"

I responded "That's good because you weren't getting any"

So I send him 3 pictures of me no half-naked, boobs out pics (I don't do them anyway) 

Just nice classy pics, of me in a dress, at a wedding, and with a friend. He sends me back like 6 pictures. 2 of them are him in a tub with some bubbles covering his package. He's basically naked Why? Why? Why?????

Look if we were dating and he sends this great, I think that's sexy but dude I don't even know you!! This is our very first text why??? 

Please help me try to figure out why men (boys in their minds) do this? Do you think this turns us on? I actually replied "Not impressed!"

And I went on to say "I'm not looking for a hookup"

In which he replied "Neither am I"

Really then why would you send me a picture with your junk out?? Why??

So, I'm not a brain surgeon but I am thinking it must be about the odds. Right? Think about it, these pea brains must be thinking if I send my junk to 100 women at least one will respond? The odds are in his favor, maybe one woman will say "Omg! I have to have you right now with your dirty bathroom selfie, small dick, and saggy balls, please send me your address, I'll be right over" 

Really? Is this what they are thinking? Are there women out there that appreciate this? I need to know the answer to these questions! Because someone needs to stop this. Please get the message out there. Do not send us dick pics unless we ask for them!!

Why is this such a hard concept? Why can't they get this and since when are there that many pervs out here?

So today my friends, share this with your guy friends, let them know that if they send us a dick pic we will be showing our friends and laughing at them. And if you send them to me, I will be writing a blog about your dirty bathroom, tiny, sagging ball self. So please stop sending us dick pics, we don't want them and we are definitely not impressed.

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