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How To Love A Man

How To Love A Man

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Dedicated: Brandon Hillary.

He deserves peace

He might seem hard to love, maybe he smiles rarely. He might be different from the rest but I can never let him go.

He has seen the worst and his eyes have cried the most tears, yet he decided to stay. Don't leave him. I don't think others can love me the way he does, he has a way with words and when he looks at me, it is as if I'm his entire world.

No one will love me like him.

I won't lose him just because he's in a bad phase.

I might be on a different page with him but no one has ever made me feel the way like he did

He embraced me when everyone left while he was broken too. He needed a shoulder to cry on to held his broken pieces and he choose me. Guys like him are hard to find.

You'll sail away and take a centre Piece of him yet he will still love you as if you are the sky that holds up the stars.

He may be far from me but he will never get tired of mentioning my name.

I'll regret it all if I think of leaving him.

When you meet a guy who loves you when he's broken too and when you're sad, when everything seems to fall apart, when he loves your flaws with every beat of his heart, don't let him go.

I hope you never have to cry to sleep for losing someone who was always there for you.

I hope you never have to wake up one day and realize that you lost a treasure in the midst of your chaos. I hope you will never live with the regret of losing him.

No guy will ever see what he has seen in me. They will never know how to love a girl like he does quietly and placidly. With his shattered broken parts still giving her the best.

Never leave this type of guy no matter how hard it seems even if you leave, just know you will still be a part of him that he will forever be indebted to for the most beautiful moments of his life.

He will always love you and it will haunt you for breaking someone who saw you as the most beautiful girl on earth when the truth was that you were just an ordinary girl.

He does not need to be the richest person to go about with. He is in need. But he will work on it quietly. He will smile like he has everything but he has desires too. But when he's with you he puts you first.

Build a strong future with him. Protect him like a mother and stand by him through heaven and hell. Don't let your past mistakes disturb his inner peace.

Grow with him every day and find happiness even when things seem dry. Love him like no other. He has lost the feeling of love and care in the aspects of life but he still needs your love.

Be his guide and not his problem.

stand by him and never let him fall.

He's hard to handle but never let him go because he's a keeper and not abandon dust.

love him like there's no tomorrow.

And if you come across a person like this just remember real men are not perfect. Don't leave because the situation is idle no matter how hard it is, be with him. Assure him that he's the only man in the world you love and most importantly compliment him.

....................Above all heights I fell in love once in my life it wasn't infatuation nor love at first sight. It was that kind of love that kept me waiting for years to get. And when I got it I was truly blessed by all ties............

To the world he maybe just an ordinary person but to me, he is my entire world......

I asked myself many times why do I love him so much?

I still couldn't figure out

And then one day after our first break up I cried tremendously every single day just to have him.

it wasn't his fault. It was always mine.

but after every fight, he loved me like as if it was the first time we meet in life's highway.

So before I end my story I wanna tell the world everything is not love it's what happens after that.

I found my love after going through heaven and hell. He's no other than my heart ( Brandon Hillary) -He's my best friend, my boyfriend, my father like, my inspiration and guide, My home.

So if you come across someone who is opposite from you just remember opposite poles do attract. You both don't need to be perfect. You'll are just enough and that's what matters.

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