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Abhishu sharma

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Abhishu sharma

Drama Inspirational

Honest Conversation on phone

Honest Conversation on phone

6 mins

Grand Son: "hello grandpa"

Me: "Hadn't you gone to school today?"

Grand Son: "No, Today is Sunday Dadu, Sundays are holidays. "

Me: "Then come here . Should I come to take you?"

Grand Son: " NO. Mumma is not at home, she has to work on Sundays also . "

Me: "Then tell her on the phone or shall I call her?"

Grand Son: "No, I don't want to come. "

Me:"Okay, What are you doing?"

Grand Son:"Remember the copy which you gave me. Iam writing in it. "

Me:"Which copy, my love?"

Grand Son:"That scrapbook which has on every page we have to write the name of the person we love very much. "

Me:"Oh!, yes,Are you done?"

Grand Son: "Just wrote three names. On the first page your name, then mummy, name on the second page and then ajji's name on the third. That's it".

I thought, what about her father and what about grandma? She loves her so much. She would feel very bad. But this is a matter of heart . The list of the names directly comes from her heart. Nobody had told or taught her this . Then I said

" Staple along the pictures of the persons on their respective pages in the copy. "

Grand son:" You have your latest picture?"

As a matter of fact, Yesterday only, I treated myself by clicking some selfies of mine. They were not good at all . Now my pictures do not come out that good as compared to when they came in my youth days. No idea what happened to the cameras nowadays.

Me:" Yes , I have it. "

I answered then I advised her

" Write their date of birth also. "

Grand Son:" How come they remember their date of birth?"

Me: "Like everybody does. "

Grand Son:" No, what I'm saying is when they were born , they must be very small, and kids do not know about their birth dates. "

Me:" When they become older,their parents tell them about it"

Grand Son: "When were you born daadu?"

Me: "23 March 1933. "

Grand Son: "Ohh, that much before? It means you must be very old?"

Me: "Yes, " I answered

I was a bit shooked. Hhe was calling me an old man and more than that ' a being from ancient times' like I am an old discovery of the new archaeological department.

Grand Son :"Then how do you know about the events of the new era?"

Me: " From you my love. You are from this new era. I came to know everything from you. "

Grand Son:" That's why you are my friend?" he said with so much pride

" Yes, that's why. "

I did not tell him that everytime I see him, he fills me with a new and much more energetic life. He keeps me alive. Maybe these types of talks are slightly thicker, and philosophical for him . I think philosophical knowledge should be taught according to age and in appropriate words.

Then after that I told him to write about these world's luckiest chosen persons qualities he loves, the things about them he dislikes, the reasons why he likes these persons"

I told him so because these little things will become a source of happiness for him in the future. When he will have his own children then these memories of him will be the reason for his mental growth and expansion.

Then he asked me,

" What will be your date of death?"

" That My love I don't know at all. Death is such an event which can happen any time. It can be even right now or may be too late. That you can write in the future also".

" Which one of you would be the first one to go, you or grandma?"

" Maybe me. But nothing can be said . "

" Why you?"

" Because normally males are the one who dies first. "


" Because they are older in age. "

" But I'm younger than Anisha"

I laughed. Anisha is his cousin. Two years younger to him and nowadays there is deep friendship growing between them.

" So, will you marry Anisha ,my little groom?" I asked

"Yes," he said in such a manner as if this decision had already been made in the past only and I should have been aware of it.

" But right now you are very young, my love. Marriages happen when one becomes a grown up man, maybe in the future some other girl would become the princess of your heart . "

"Ohh," he didn't complain about it. He never complains and always listens to the appropriate statements.

" Okay, then why do people die daadu?"

This is one of those rarest of the rare questions which nobody has been able to answer .

Another such question is what does the chemical Cyanide' tastes like, is it sweet or sour?, because after putting it on the tongue, a person dies in the zillionth part of a second . Out of curiosity,Just to answer this question, Once a person out of eternal stupidity ,tried it , but only could write the alphabet "S" before taking the last breath, means it could be sweet or sour as both the words starts with alphabet "s".

So coming back to my grandson's question. Firstly, I cannot teach him something which I have never experienced personally and after experiencing it I won't be there to tell him about it. Many people in this world have tried to answer it, either through the path of scientific, emotional or philosophical form but no one has got it correctly.

Secondly I don't have that conviction power to say things which I have never experienced before with full conviction. Because that is termed as 'opinions', not truth or even close to truth . Neither I personally have any opinions ,nor I follow anybody's opinions. But the irony here is that 'this is also an opinion. '

However , at this particular moment, the question was to answer my grandson's question and I did not have any satisfactory answer to it , but I can't afford to disappoint him. So I held the hands of logic and chronology,

and I answered ,

" Because people fall sick. "

Grand Son: " I also fell sick last month. ButI did not die and

still alive. "

Me: " No, not like that. A very serious and dangerous disease becomes the reason for people's death. "

Grand Son: " It means one should not fall sick. "

Me: "Yes,"

Grand Son: "Then , you please never fall sick. "

Me: " Why?"

Grand Son: " Offo! Because I love you so much daadu"

Me: " You and I will never fall sick. Deal?"

Grand Son: "Deal, Alright, then we will meet next Sunday, I also will take your picture . Also tell grandma to not fall sick otherwise who will feed us the world's yummiest, tastiest dishes. "

Me: " Okay, I will surely pass on your message to your grandma. "

Grand Son: "Okay ,bye. "

Now I have to be alive till next week so that the power of Hope and promises from generation to generation are alive and keep on brightening and sparkle in his heart.

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