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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Regina S

Horror Tragedy Crime


Regina S

Horror Tragedy Crime

Her Shattered Dreams (A thriller story)

Her Shattered Dreams (A thriller story)

6 mins

Chapter 3

“I didn't find anything strange so I gave the room to you, in fact you were the 1st person to stay in the room since the incident” said the owner of the hotel... Why was she murdered? Questioned Jeeva. “I am not really sure about it sir, I think it might be for money and Jewels” he replied. “Ok, can you call the mechanic and check if our car is ready” asked Jeeva . He waited a few minutes, the mechanic came and handed over the key to Jeeva... “What was wrong with the car?” he Questioned, “it’s in tip top condition sir I don’t know why it didn't start” replied the mechanic. Jeeva was skeptical, “let me check” he said, “do expect a call from me if it doesn't start” he walked out paying his bill.

Jeeva and Ridhi walked to their car. They got in and Jeeva tried to start the car but all in vain, he called the mechanic. The mechanic came, took key from Jeeva and started the engine without much struggle. He side eyed Jeeva, turned off the engine and gave key to him. Jeeva tried to start the engine again it didn't work. Jeeva looked up at the hotel and stared at it for a few seconds; he handed over the key to the mechanic and asked him to drive it a few meters. The mechanic did what Jeeva asked of him. Jeeva and Ridhi walked towards their car,he took the key from the mechanic and tried starting the car engine and it finally listened to him. they paid the mechanic and left the place.

That’s strange.. How did the car start working now? asked a baffled Ridhi. “I’m just happy it started” replied Jeeva. After 2 hours of journey, they reached their destination. It was a small village in the outskirts of Bangalore called “Shivakote”. Jeeva stopped the car in front of a house. Ridhi, with a face full of smiles got down from the car. A group of girls came rushing out of the house and hugged Ridhi. Once jeeva was done parking the car, he greeted the girls and they all went into the house chattering happily.

“This is not fair we expected you last night” said Manasa, Ridhi's closest friend. “Sorry Manasa we were supposed to reach last night but our car broke down so we had to stay in a hotel… we are here now aren’t we? better late than never” she said while giving her friend a tight hug. “yeah and I did inform Siddharth about it, did he not tell you? where is he?” questioned Jeeva. “Siddharth and his family are in my aunt's place, it's just 5 minutes away from here” replied Manasa. “Cool then I’ll go meet him” said Jeeva looking at Ridhi who nodded in agreement. Manasa asked her younger brother to take Jeeva to her aunt's house.

Jeeva met Siddharth who was getting ready for his engagement with Manasa. Siddharth hugged him“I really missed you at the party last night” he said patting him on the shoulder. “You know I was stuck. No worries we can party tonight too” replied Jeeva with a wink.

At Siddharth and Manasa's engagement….

Manasa is Ridhi's best friend and Siddharth is Jeeva’s best buddy from childhood. They were introduced to each other through Jeeva and Ridhi, fell in love and today they are getting engaged in Manasa's village as per tradition.

The Love birds exchanged rings. It was a fun filled festivity, songs, dance and happiness. After the engagement ceremony, Jeeva and Ridhi with all other friends went out to enjoy the beauty of the village. It was almost 8pm…Jeeva, Siddharth and all the boys went to Manasa's aunt house and girls stayed in Manasa's house.

Guys started boozing, everyone were pulling Siddharth's leg and laughing out loud, but Jeeva walked away sipping his beer and lost in his thoughts. Siddharth went to Jeeva and asked "Is something bothering you? You’re just out in space bud". “Yes siddhu, I am thinking about the hotel in which we stayed”. “Why? What's up with the hotel?” Questioned Siddharth again... Jeeva summarized the whole experience in the hotel. “Sounds strange…. how many hours from here?” Questioned Siddharth. “2 hours” replied Jeeva gulping down the beer... “Come on let's go, I wanna check if it happens again” said Siddharth and Jeeva agreed.

Jeeva and Siddharth got ready for their quick trip. They got into the latter’s car with jeeva behind the wheel and started the journey. As they neared the hotel, the car stopped abruptly in the exact spot as it did during the first trip. The car refused to start. Jeeva got down and asked Siddharth to start the engine and to their astonishment it worked. Siddharth was puzzled .They decided to go to the hotel and gather more details about the murder.

As they stepped inside the hotel jeeva heard the voice again "Raju, I know you will come back for me" “siddhu I heard that voice again!!” he said with his eyes popping out of his head. “what?!.. do you hear it again?” siddharth asked jeeva for which he shook his head and signaled no. “wait.. let's try to get some deets first” said Siddharth... The owner of the hotel was surprised to see Jeeva again... “Sir, have you forgotten something?” He asked gently... Jeeva said “no I have come to collect few details about the murder in Room no 107”.“It happened 27 years ago sir…. I have no information about it” he replied sharply, irked with how inquisitive jeeva was regarding the incident. “I think you guys are trying to create a scene here…please don't waste my time. Right after you vacated I gave the room to someone else. They are still in the room and have nothing to complain about” he added.

Jeeva explained the whole scene about the car and voice that only he could hear after which Owner of the hotel said “I will check the old entry reports of the hotel but it will take some time”. Jeeva and Siddharth agreed to wait. They waited at the lobby for close to 90 minutes. Finally the hotelier came down the stairs with an old log book and a newspaper. He opened the book and pointed his finger at the register “The room was booked in the name of Raju on May 27th 1994” he then pointed at a column in the newspaper and said “murder happened on the same day’ . The minute Jeeva heard the name he was shocked. The hotelier handed over the newspaper to Jeeva and said “you can find more details about the murder here” and silently walked away giving them the cold shoulder.

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