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Vatsal Parekh

Drama Thriller


Vatsal Parekh

Drama Thriller

Her Revenge

Her Revenge

10 mins 181 10 mins 181

It was the first thought that came to her as she woke up. He was gone. And, soon, this bedroom, the house in whose eastern corner it sat, and the tiny garden outside with its gnarled old red hibiscus and the half-grown mango tree they had planted together, all those would be gone as well. It was the strangest feeling ever.

He was gone, gone forever. Gone from this world, from her life. Exactly 6 year ago her father asked her, “Pankhudi, if I die, what you will do?” She was small, just laughed and said, “I will do what you never let me to do. Which you always say is grown up matters.” And today she doesn’t know what to do. She don’t even want to admit that...she just don’t even want to know that...that her father has died. Mr.Dhillon who was Pankuhdi’s both parents since she was 4. Her mother had died in a bomb attack. After that her father has been an inspiration for her. Her father was a detective, an investigator who strived for justice. She was proud of him.

It was Sunday morning, it was a day her father devoted his entire day to her. They had planned a candle light brunch and then a game of squash. They woke up early and got vegetables and fruits from their kitchen garden washed them up singing the tune of her favourite English song 'lovestory' by Taylor swift. She tried on her new dish-a butterscotch cake father’s favourite. She garnished it with chocolates which she had made the other day, they set up the table together it were her best moments and they were the last ones as she will never be able to have any more. As soon as the four storey cake was cut the door bell rung. At that moment, she didn’t know why that bell made her stomach do a somersault and fear engulfed her. Mr.Dhillon stood up and walked towards the door. She just had a feeling that it should have been better if she would have gone, and her fears proved right.

As soon as the gate opened, there came a sound of a gunshot. She froze, something wrong was going on, she realised. She shot off in the direction of the sound and saw there a person with guns in his hands who was rather pleased with himself. She picked up a glass vase which was standing there with her favourite flowers; she took it and smashed it on the person's head. He started to shout with agony, he reached her hair and started to pull her towards him. In her other hand she was having a lemon she squeezed it on his eyes, this time he cried and ran away in agony.

Next she saw her father lying down on the floor with pooping eyes and blood everywhere. She had to do something, she called on the ambulance and then ran to the neighbours but they had gone somewhere out. She was baffled. Next came the ambulance with two white dressed men with a stretcher, came and picked Mr.Dhillon who was soaked in blood. They reached the hospital after what seemed hours to Pankhudi, but fate was against her and it was told by the doctor that Mr.Dhillon had already died long before he came to the hospital. She was dead frozen. Until tomorrow, there was a strong lead of her father ahead her and today she was there all alone in this wild and opportunist world which could swallow anyone. She was an orphan neither she had any relatives whom she could stay with, nor did she had any godfather or godmother. Left all alone in this cruel care of society.

But life had to go on as it never ends. She made herself and her father a cup of coffee and called as she used to do daily, “Father your coffee is ready.“ But no one came. He was gone, gone forever. She was hopeless now. She was so depressed that she had even refused to go to her father’s funeral which was organised by their neighbours who were very kind to her. But how long could she remain hopless. She cried all day and at the end of the day she thought I have two options either to make my father a martyr or to fill my life with grieves and she choose the first one.

In the saddest period of life, she had forgotten what she had seen when she was fighting with the person with the gun. She had seen a rather typical sign on an armband which he was wearing. She once knew that it’s a key to something. She searched books and encyclopaedia and internet but she could find nothing. Exhausted by her search she slept soundly.

She was walking in the dim light of her father’s room. She had just entered it. She walked straight towards the cupboard and in it there was a blue box. On it was written ’Findings' with green ink. Her eyes began to open and she stood up straight in bed. It was a dream. But she was sure it was her father’s message. She got up and went to her father’s room. Switched on the light and opened the cupboard. She searched here and there but couldn’t find the box. She was frustrated and in her frustration she banged the cupboard, at that time a small drawer opened at the back of the cupboard. She opened it and carefully picked up the box laying there. Blue in colour and in green ink it was written there ‘Findings'. She opened it and in it she found the same sign she had seen on the armband. It was written ‘The project I am working on, Precious union‘. At that moment she remembered her father murmuring Precious union in his sleep and when she asked him, he said, “It’s just a group of wrong doers,“ she had just got the point. The precious union was a group of wrong doers whom her father was after and those people had murdered her father just because he was after them or he had got to know too much about them.

Inside there was another box she picked it and opened it but she couldn’t, she had to find the key to it. She thought and searched in all the possible nooks and crannies of the house but she couldn’t. Then she tried to remember if her father had mention about it. One of her statement strucked her. He used to say her a lot of times “My key is my strength”. She then went to the cupboard in which his father kept his dumbles. She searched there. At last, she saw a slit in one of the dumble and in it she found the key. The key to the unknown, the key to the unexplored, the key to the unimaginable, the key to her father, the key to the dark box.

She took the key and opened the box. It contained several pictures, a map which was folded many times and a paper on which her father had tried decoding some codes. She took turns and looked at them carefully trying to figure out what inferences she could take out from it. Some of the pictures were as if taken from a hidden place during a meeting. One of the images was a small hut. The map showed the design of the big setup but she didn’t understand why the entrance was labelled as hut last she took the paper on which something was written in coded language which her father had decoded. It was written. "Next meeting on 1st May 9 am at hut", the date on that day was 30th April so it was the next day. And now she seemed to understand the word hut. It was the entrance for the headquarters of precious union. She knew it was dangerous but she wanted to revenge. It was now a do or die game for her.

Next day at 7 am she got up. She prepared herself with breakfast and while eating she took a look at the map and studied it. It was a little hard to understand but she made it. She could now see it very clearly as his father had decoded all the words on the map. There was a hut in Brownie town and it was the entrance to a big underground building. The Precious union did smuggling and today they were to ship their goods to Korea. She had to stop them and report to the police.

Her next move was to take her scooty and ride off to Brownie town. She was there in a few minutes ride. She had reached to the eastern outskirts of the Brownie town where there were four huts out of those one seemed a bit unnatural and at a distance from others and looking as if it was not used for living. At once she knew it was the hut she was hunting for. It was 9:50 in her watch she decided to wait for a while. She sat under a tree nearby and took out a book from her bag pack and started to act as if she was reading. Five minutes later people began to come. There were four young men and an old man who was looking like a very important person. They all went in and closed the straw door of the hut. Pankhudi waited for a minute or so then she got up ready to execute her plan. Firstly, she slowly tried to open the gate and it opened easily. She glowed her torch around the insides of the hut and she saw no one. She then glowed the torch at the bottom and there she could see a hole and stairs leading downstairs. She switched off her torch and went downstairs. She moved in the shadows after a long way down , she reached a passage way which had many rooms but no one was there. At last the passage took a turn and it opened into a hall where the five people were discussing something. She switched on her camera on video mode and recorded their whole conversation in which they were discussing about the enhanced security of Korea and now how would they be sending the goods now. She had completed the first part of her plan, she kept the camera in safely.

Next she proceeded to the next part of her plan - to give them punishment for murdering her father. She took her father’s favourite hockey stick and baseball bat and went before the people. "Hello Precious union, you all know me? I guess yes," she said.

“Who are you?” asked one of them.”

"I am Mr.Dhillon’s daughter. Now you know me? And to inform you I have got a first class video as an evidence for you doing smuggling , " she told.

They didn’t reply and one of them raced towards her with a strong fist. She in return hit him with a hockey stick and he fell unconscious, another one came and he too showed the same results. The third one came to her with a rope, she tried to beat him up but missed. He tied her and the other one began to squeeze her neck making her suffocate but she didn’t lose hope. She bit both of them and beat them up with all her might. At that moment there came a voice from behind, ”Pankhudi beware.“ She turned around there , she saw her father stopping the old person to shoot her. "Father” she thought she was imagining but no she wasn’t. In her father's and the man's struggle, the man shot a gun at her father and he was badly hurt. Pankhudi couldn’t bear it any more, she smashed the bat at the man’s head and the man fell down. She was the winner. She then took her father to the top and locked the hut. She then phoned the ambulance and the police. She made her father go in the ambulance and as the inspector came she took her downstairs and told her the whole story with the video she had recorded. The inspector arrested them.

Then she went to the hospital where she went to her father. There she got to know that her father had never died. He was hurt but had healed. He was then captivated and the doctor was forced to say that Mr.Dhillon was dead. In the funeral also, the union had sent a wax model of Mr.Dhillon that is why no one recognised. But when that day he heard his daughter's voice, he knew she was there to save him, to take HER REVENGE.

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