Drashti Badheka

Abstract Drama Romance


Drashti Badheka

Abstract Drama Romance



2 mins

My head was heavy, my eyelids deny to open. My neck was covered with a heavy bandage, but I wasn't hospitalized. I was at my home, feeling warm.

I tried hard to get up, set in a comfortable position. There was a plane white paper beside me.

I tried to open it but I was wholly covered with pipes inside my hands, I put out all pipes and took that paper.

It was written with italics with perfect handwriting.

"Don't get mad. Behave your best.

I promise I won't let anyone hurt you again.

Take care of Mumma.

Be happy.

Last goodbye Jaan."

Everything around me started rotating. He.................... He went away, leaving me here. How would I live without him. I stood up from bed, even the uneasiness in my body couldn't stop me to catch him up. He won't have gone till I didn't wake up, he should near by, irrespective of his speed. But I don't want to miss chance. I went out of the house, running and falling at a time. And without thinking a thing, went towards jungle.

I ran for almost 4 hours, fall thousands of time. But he wasn't there, anywhere. I was hoping to meet him, tell him not to leave me, but he didn't. Tears from my eyes were running fast as the thought of never seeing him again started coming in my mind. I hoped he would know what I was thinking and came back to me.

My body started paining hard, I was no longer able to stand. I fall on the surface, my wet eyes went close. All around me was green. Long trees covering the whole sky. I wasn't able to feel even a ray of light. Might my medicine was so on guard that it didn't allow me to think, I went to a very deep sleep. But that too left me feel like a deep hole that I now could never come back to life. Even if my breath didn't leave me, my heart have surely gone far away. There was no hope of him coming back and now no hope of my coming back.

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