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Pratima Pai

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Pratima Pai

Drama Others

Give Me Some Sunshine

Give Me Some Sunshine

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"Hey Seema, what happened?"

Seema gave her cousin an irritated look. "What do you mean by what happened?" she barked irritatedly.

But Chitra her cousin would not give up so easily. "Come on now. Just now you met a guy. Did sparks fly? Is he marriage material?" Seema was so annoyed with Chitra. She was probing her on a topic she detested. She gave her those killer looks. If only looks could kill, her cousin would be dead by now.But Chitra was the one who would not give up easily. She found various ways to probe Seema till she got satisfactory replies. "You are wearing the best dress in your wardrobe. To add to that you are those fair and lovely types, definitely, Arun would have approved of you," she said.

"Who is he to approve me?" Shilpa said irritated with her cousin now. "Mom wanted me to meet up with this guy as she thought it was a good alliance for me. So I met him. That's it."

"That's it. Is it?" "Did you like him?"

"What do you mean by that? Don't you think thirty minutes time is too short a time to make decisions of a life time?"

"So you want to meet him again?" Chitra asked.

"No, I don't think so. He was all the time talking about his career, his ambitions. He also said that he's planning to buy a house in the city for which he's planning to take a loan and if the marriage does materialize, then I should help him in repaying the loan."

"Good, at least the guy is honest enough," said Chitra.

"I don't know. I didn't get any positive vibes. He's all yours if you are interested," said an annoyed Seema.

"Oh no. He's not my type. I want to focus on my career for the next two years. Marriage and all is secondary for me" said Chaitra.

"Oh, so it's secondary for you and should be a priority for me, is it? After all I'm only an year older than you. If career is important for you, don't you think even I prioritize that. Now will you stop poking your nose in my affairs and let me be at peace."

Chitra glared at Seema. "Is that how you behave with your guests?" she asked.

Seema's mother entered into the room. "So are you girls done with your discussion," she asked.

"No aunty. See she's rejected this boy also. He has looks to die for." complained Chitra.

"My dear, she's the one who has to get married. I will stand by her decision. If she approves of the boy and agrees to get married, fine, we will get her married. Otherwise what's the point? With in a year she will divorce the boy and come back. It will be so much of emotional and financial drain. So let she decide wisely," said Seema's mother.

"What financial drain are you talking about aunty?" Chitra asked.

"Won't we spend on the marriage?" Seema's mother asked wisely glaring at Chitra from above her spectacles.

Chitra had thought her aunt will take her side and ask her daughter to rethink her decision but since that didn't happen, she said,"Ok, then, I take your leave. All the best, to you so that you meet the Prince of your dreams" and walked out 

"Thanks mom" Seema went and hugged her mother.

It was 7.30 PM, her dad came back from office. "Am I getting some good news?" he asked, while still removing his shoes at the door.

One look at his daughter's face and he knew what would be the reply. "Oh, you didn't like him is it?" he asked.

"It's not a question of like or dislike Dad. I feel our views don't match."

Her dad just didn't say anything further. He went to his room, freshened and came to the dining table to have his refreshing cup of tea. He saw his daughter, gave a weary smile and said, "Don't worry, we will find some one else for you."

"Dad I know you are tired, but please try and understand this. You don't have to get bogged down by societal pressure for my marriage. I will get married when I feel I have met the right guy. It's people's job to keep asking questions like- Are you not looking for an alliance for your daughter? When will she get married? Are you looking for a guy from India or abroad? The list of questions is endless, but sometimes at least learn to say MYOB in your mind when people ask you such questions."

"What's MYOB?" asked her father intrigued.

"Mind your own business," she said and they burst in to laughter. Her mom who came with a tray having three cups of tea, joined in the laughter.

" I mean it Dad. Seriously. If you can't tell people on face value to MYOB, then at least say it in your mind. It gives you a lot of relief plus the pleasure that you told the person to keep out of your personal matters. Marriage is such an important decision in life. I want my time and space. I can't be pushed in to marriage because people are asking you questions. Plus in the 21 century where all are considered to be equal, I don't think we should be bothered about such trivial issues. And if it's alright for a boy to remain unmarried, then what's the big deal if a girl takes the same decision. So let's adopt the funda of MYOB and be happy," she said.

"Oye, hello, what does it mean? You don't want to get married is it? asked her dad.

"Marriage, yes but when I want to," she said ,"so that I will have my sunshine and won't ask for another chance."

The world would be such a good place to live if everybody learned to Mind their own business.

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