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Sumit Kumar arora

Horror Tragedy Fantasy


Sumit Kumar arora

Horror Tragedy Fantasy

Fury of the ghost

Fury of the ghost

13 mins 246 13 mins 246

Sameer and his wife Monika were happy. They were going to spend some days in a small town named Anantapur. Anantapur was Sameer's hometown. The company at which Sameer worked had sent him to work as a supervisor in a project being carried out by the company. Fortunately, the site of the project was a village in Anantapur. He took advantage and took his wife Monika with him. He planned for Monika to stay in the paternal home and he would visit her when finding the time. Sameer was driving the car. He was particularly happy as he was going to his home after years. He was born in a middle-class family in the town of Anantapur. His father was a principal of a school in the town. After completing his college education, he had to leave the town for an unknown reason and had to spend a year in his uncle's home in Mumbai. Here in Mumbai he found out a suitable job and began his career. Since then he had been living in Mumbai. After a long journey by car, they reached Anantapur. 

When Sameer entered a particular street, the memories of his first love began to come into his mind. And these memories filled his heart with a sense of guilt.

After passing that street, he turned the car to the street which led to the school where he had completed his school education. He had a lot of memories of his school time. After driving for about five minutes, they reached the paternal home where Sameer was born. It was an old and deserted home built by his grandpa. 

Opening the main gate they entered the home. The house had been made clean by the watchman. The watchman was a far relative of Sameer and was an honest person. He had a key to the house. 

Since Sameer was going to his hometown after a long period, he had a plan to meet his old friends of school time, relatives, and neighbors. They spent their day meeting friends, neighbors, and relatives. 

At night when they were going to sleep, they heard a strange sound coming from the drawing-room. They felt that someone is in the drawing-room. Sameer checked and found no one in the drawing-room. The window was open. He thought that it must be a cat which got out through the window. He closed the window and return to the bedroom to sleep. 

    At midnight, Sameer's sleep broken all of a sudden, and in the dim light of the night lamp, he saw something dark in the corner. He immediately raised on his elbows and switched on the torch he had with him and in the light of the torch, he found nothing in the corner. After this, he couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. 

    The next day they watched a matinee show in the only theatre in town. At night he set off for the site which was around fifty km away from Anantapur. 

She was feeling alone without Sameer. That night when she was enjoying a novel, she heard some noises in the kitchen. She thought that it must be a cat or a mouse in the kitchen. She went to the kitchen to see. She didn't find anyone in the kitchen. But the sound was still coming. She looked around carefully but failed to find anyone in the kitchen. All of a sudden, she heard the shuffling of feet just behind her and she felt that someone is standing just behind her. A shiver ran down her spine and she immediately turned back and found nothing behind her. After this, she immediately walked out of the kitchen. She was feeling unease.  

     She thought for a while what it could be and concluded that it must be nothing but her illusion. She felt thirst and she had to go to the kitchen to take water. This time, she found nothing unusual in the kitchen. Then she went to sleep in the bedroom.

    After midnight, her sleep was broken due to a bad dream. She felt cold and unease and when she opened her eyes, she found something human-shaped and black in the dim light of the night lamp. She couldn't help but let out a shriek in fear. After a moment or two, she somehow managed to switch on the light. To her utter strange, she found no one in the room. She had a habit of keeping a thick stick in her bedroom to be used if the case arises. She fetched the stick and searched all the house. She found no one. She couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. The next day was Sunday and she was in the house when the watchman of the area came to meet her. 

     He said to her, "Madam, I am a far relative of Sameer. He has given me keys to the house to take care of the house. If you are in trouble or if you need something, please call me on my phone number." He gave his phone number to her. 


 But Monica did not give attention to his talking. She was a young and confident woman. She can take care of herself.

In the evening, when she was sauntering around the house, one of the neighbors came to her. The neighbor was an old lady. She said to Monica, "are you feeling well and comfortable in the house." 

Monica replied, "yes I am feeling comfortable. It is a good house to live in."

The old lady looked at him and said, "have you feel something abnormal in the house?"

Monica looked at her with a question in her eyes. 

That old lady hesitated for a moment and then said, "I don't want to scare you but I feel that something ghostly is going on in the house. I and some others have many times felt that someone is in the house but when checked found no one in it. One or two times I heard the sound of weeping in the drawing-room. When I peeped into through the window, found no one in the room."

Hearing this, Monika felt unease for what happened in the last night came into her mind. But she believes that there is nothing like a ghost or specter exist in the world. All that happened in the night was just an illusion caused by her being alone and being in a new place.

She replied, ' I don't believe in the ghosts."

That night, her sweet sleep was broken by the sound of falling crockery in the kitchen. She rushed to the kitchen. In the kitchen the scene was horrific.

 The crockery was still thrown by someone invisible to her. Water taps were running and water was overflowing the sink. Seeing this scene, she began to scream with fear and ran away from the scene to the out of the house. When she reached the door and began to open it, someone from behind held her hands firmly and prevent her from opening the door and running out. She felt an extreme chill in her hands. She was pulled back and threw on the bed. She turned and looked at the thing who threw her. She saw nobody was present there. She was trembling with fear and chill. There was a steep fall in the temperature of the room. She could not do anything more than trembling with fear and cold. 

And within a few moments, she began to get mesmerized by an unknown power. All of a sudden, a human-shaped silhouette appeared before her. Monica was transfixed. The shape began to move towards her spreading its limbs. Seeing it coming towards her, Monica sprang to her feet and tried to run away but she was chased and caught in the midway and the silhouette lifted her from behind and threw her back on the bed. 

Now the silhouette moved forward to Monica. Monica wanted to save herself from this horrific silhouette, she wanted to cry for help, she wanted to run but she found herself disabled to do so. She felt paralyzed. She could not do anything except feel helpless. All of a sudden the room filled with bright white light and the silhouette turned into a charming woman of her age who was staring at Monica with anger.

Monica gathered all her courage and asked fearfully, "who are you, and why are you giving me trouble?"

That woman looked straight into her eyes and leaned to her and said in a shrill voice, "I am Reena whom Sameer cheated, whose life Sameer destroyed."

Hearing her husband's name from the mouth of that ghost woman, Monica got surprised and cried with surprise and fear, "Sameer! What are you saying! How do you know Sameer?"

    Reena said to her, "So you want to know. All right, listen to me. Sameer who is now your husband once was in my life. Those days, he and I were in college. We were in a love relation. I trusted him and devoted myself to him. But he took advantage of my devotion, trust, and love. He promised to marry me after getting a good job after completing college. I was beery happy and was dreaming of living life with him. One day I found that I got pregnant. When I told him about my pregnancy. He got feared and began to force me for abortion but I refused and asked him for marriage. And one day he left the city without telling me and began to live in another city. When my parents found that I am pregnant, they got furious at me. I kept on waiting for Sameer but he didn't come. Gradually people came to know about it and my family had to suffer the disreputation. My father could not bear it and fall ill. My family broke all relations with me. One day I have to left the home and took shelter on a far relative. One day when I was going to the hospital, I was hit by a car near the house where Sameer's family lived in. I died in this accident. Since then, I had been wandering around this house waiting for Sameer but he didn't come. And when he came, he did not come alone for me, he came with you."

Monica hearing the story got sympathized with Reena. Monica said to her, "I sympathize with you but I have no fault in the matter. If I had known about what he had done to you, I would not have married him. Please take pity on me and leave me."

Reena laughed cruelly and said, "Why should I take pity on you? You snatched Sameer from me. You are guilty of love him, marrying him. I will not leave you alive." Saying so she spread her arms to her. Monica took courage and turned aside and took flight as fast as she could. She darted to the door and began to open the door. But before she could open the door, Reena reached to her and stopped her from opening the door by gripping her hands. Monica began to scream with fear. 

Reena looked into her eyes and said, "be ready to come with me." Saying so Renna began to turn into a black silhouette. Within a few moments her eyes, nose, lips, hairs, limbs, and all her body turned into a human-shaped silhouette. Monica was screaming and shouting for help. Before the silhouette could do anything to Monica, the door was open with a bang. And partly because of the bang and partly because of fear of the silhouette, Monica got unconscious. She didn't know what happened next.

The silhouette, being disturbed by the bang turned her attention to the source of the bang. It found the watchman standing at the door holding a small statue of a deity in his hands and chanting some holy words. The wandering soul of Reena having evil intentions could not stand before the statue of Deity. It disappeared at once from the scene. 

 When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a hospital. She found a woman sitting in a chair near her. She asked that woman, "who are you? How and when did she get to the hospital?"

The woman replied, "I am the wife of the watchman and he admitted you to the hospital."

Saying so the woman went to call her husband. Monica began to think about what happened to her in the night and what would happen to her if nobody had come to rescue her.

When the watchman came in, she gave him thanks for rescuing her and admitted her to the hospital. 

       When she asked the watchman how did he come to know that she was in trouble.


 He told her, "seeing a threat on you, I decided to keep an eye on the house. At night when I was passing the house, I heard noises coming from the house. I got alert and rushed to take help from one of my friends who fortunately lived near the house. When I came back I heard your screams from the house. I and my friend immediately broke the door open and found you about to be engulfed by a silhouette. The silhouette couldn't stand before the statue of the deity and took flight. We found you unconscious and brought you to the hospital." 


       After being discharged from the hospital, she decided to stay in an inn and wait for Sameer to come. She told Sameer on her cell phone all that happened to her. She urged him to come to her as soon as possible. He was shocked hearing all this. He immediately left for her. 

       When Sameer reached the city, they decided to leave to the city for Mumbai immediately. They immediately set off for Mumbai. Monica was still afraid of Reena. Their car was running on the road leaving far behind the city. When their car was passing a dense forest, they saw a person was walking on the road having his back towards them. Sameer blew the horn. But that person did not move aside. As the car came nearer to that person, Sameer again blew the horn, and the person turned to them. As soon as Sameer saw the face of that person, a scream came out of his mouth. When Monica saw the face, she got so frightened that she couldn't even open her mouth to scream. She got unconscious immediately. Sameer got nervous and lost control over the car and the car fall into a dell. In this accident, both Sameer and Monica got injured. That person was Reena who was chasing them. 


 When injured Sameer was trying to get out of the turned-over car, Reena reached on the spot and began to gaze at him. 

Sameer said to that person with a painful and trembling voice, "Reena, you!" 


Reena said to Sameer, "yes I am. I am pleased that you at least have recognized me. I still love you despite not being alive and what you did. You left me to die. I had waited for you but you began to love another girl. I can take your life if I wish but I can not do so because I still love you. But I shall not leave the girl alive whom you love." Saying so she turned into a silhouette within a few moments and moved toward Monica who was writhing with pain. She grasped Monica and within a few moments, Monica succumbed to her.

    After an hour, a passing-by villager informed the police and ambulances of the accident. Police found the dead body of Monica from the spot. Sameer was seriously injured. He was sent to the hospital.


 Two days later, at around midnight, all of a sudden the stray dogs in the street began to weep so loudly in front of the house as to disturb the sleep of neighbors. The neighbors had to come out to fright away the dogs. When they were frightening away the dogs, all of a sudden the house caught fire, and within minutes the entire house was engulfed in the flames. The house had burnt down before arriving of a firefighter. 


After being discharged from the hospital, Sameer reached the ruins of the house to see it. He was sad over the death of Monika and the loss of his paternal property. When he entered the ruin he found Reena standing on a corner. Seeing him she got happy and moved to him with a smile on her face. He screamed with fear and began to run away from the ruined house. People around him tried to stop him but he did not stop. The next day people found his dead body floating in a small river near the city.

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