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Bhagirathi Mohanty

Tragedy Action Classics


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Tragedy Action Classics

Flowers bloom

Flowers bloom

6 mins 116 6 mins 116

Flowers bloom


Mahima has forgotten when for the first time she has heard the musical bands . By the blessings of God she had cuddled the the thighs of Atari in an April mid day. 

     The land of Atari is neither hard nor fecund . It is God ' s nursery . It is vegetation . Also the people of Wagha produce wheat un like Atari villagers who produce flowers of various species . Most of the girls in the territory sell flowers of non - identical of sizes and shapes . They sing melodious songs of their locality diffident to the guns or draggers . Most of them put on Ghagra.

      Wagha is a place of visit where people all over India come together to see the border . The L.O. C. is wired up and in both sides ,soldiers are vigilant not to create cross border situation.

         Notwithstanding , the fact that exchange of bullets may take place at any time they reach there with fresh bowels of flowers and start calling for sell. 

    Mahima has the highest sell for her flowery face and coil sweet tone.As soon as her vessel becomes empty she comes back home. Her mother remains busy in the house hold work when her father is away in the field and returns in the evening. The twelve year old Mahima occasionally helps her father in sowing seeds of seasonal flowers . They transplant tulips and roses of different colours . In dull season's the sale goes down ; particularly in rainy seasons and in some specific days when border villages are vacated owing to bombardment like situations.  They stay in the camps and depend on the government supplieed cooked food . Both Hindus and Muslims put up there. Without caste distinction they eat together and help each other in their needs . These small camps are the examples of unified India , irrespective of caste, creed or clan.

      Most of the youngsters in the territory are in the military and occupy reverent posts . The misguided groups are part of the terrorist garrison and collect secret information to communicate to the opponent and anti nationals.

    The only brother of Mahima ,who was in the army , killed in the Pulwama blast.

        Majority of inhabitants of Atari were Muslims . Among them , Mahima had her most close friend, Fatima Bibi. She was of a well to do family. Her father retired from his job as a major . During surgical strike he took care of both the castes not to generate circumstances of communal riots.

       Fatima invites her in Id and Idulfitar . Fatima never shows her meanness of caste .

       In one occasion, Mahima 's father was sick of kidney disease. It required huge sums to replace a kidney. At this crucial time Fatima's father lended hand and it was bought of lakhs of rupees . Mahima proned before Iquabal for his timely help.Her family wooed a lot for this.

        Doctor advised her father for a long rest.

          During her father's long rest Mahima had to earn more money for her father's medicine and treatment. Along with her own produced flowers she bought vessels of flowers from others in 

retail price. She took them to Wagha . She sold them in cheaper price and returned home before 2P.M.

    In the mean time Fatima's Nikaah had been accomplished .

    At her arrival at Mahima's house she sobbed whole heartedly because of her mis fortune . she would have to marry the man who had made two Talaq . In our society a girl' s voice is suppressed when the question of marriage arises . After her marriage Mahima felt lonely . She did not find anyone to reciprocate her weal . Things don't happen at man's will. But time makes heal the deep sours . Life became used to here after. With flower container she arrived at Wagha border, goes from person to person to sell the flowers .

   The soldiers beyond wired barriers make fun of her . She replies them with smile . Nonetheless, she can sell flowers to them going through unlikeable channels. One of them was Rajak . She doesn't know why her eyes searches for him . since she met him More and more flowers bloomed in her garden. 

     Each and every soldier has shift duties so

 also has Rajak's.In his absence her movement loses the sprit. Her smile dies.Her expression is arrested .Her heart throbs . What happens to her? Does she actually love him ? Love!!! Love to an enemy ! A Pakistani or any other rival !! No, not at all . It is like cry in the wilderness. But love is blind. It disobeys law and territories. A loving heart never cared for sacrifice . Everyday she prepares a rose loop for him and officers him secretly under the threat of death . Very many times she has been caught by the soldiers and warned of several times not to continue the ill-practice.

     Rajak was very clever. He wanted to consign her weakness to him for the benefit of his country. He behaved with her as if he would die without her. As stated by him she helped the terrorists enter into her country. The espionage seized her . When they came to know that this happened due to her extreme love to him they excused her when she helped them catch the three extremists.  She repented for her mistake and rebuked Rajak to use her simplicity for the sake of his country. 

       He perceived his error and said , " In the name of Allah I swear I would like to die for you and for my love .l would not deploy you for a common cause."


      Drops of tears rolled down his face.  

     Mahima was swamped at his realisation.They carried on with their love 

   Once Rajak raised the feasibility of marriage due to the country and caste barrier 

   He argued," It is a difficult procedure .l will appeal to the army -n-chief showing the circumstances and beg his permission But I suspect as Pakistan and India are staunch rivals. You also do the same"

   One day Mahima and Rajak garlanded rose loops as a symbol of marriage. They also tried on the procedure .

     After this event their love depeepened 

   In the mean while,   encounter between the two oppenent forces started.It continued .

    It tweeted up . Mahima's rose loop faded away as Rajak was not protecting the frontier. She was dying for the news of her Rajak. Later, she came around that Rajak had not been there to receive her rose Kink.He passed away in the tweet.

     So many proposals of marriage reached her door but she disapointedly returned them when she spoke to them that she was a widow as her husband had died in the randazvous. Hence forth flowers in her garden bloom mildly 

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