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New Inspirations

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Figment of Imagination

Figment of Imagination

16 mins 80 16 mins 80

“I,Krista Kurtis, have regained all the faith, trust and peace in myself and I promise never to look back

again , I am completely a new person now and release all my anger , pain ,stress and remorse to this fire,

I wish him a happy life and forgive him…..” Krista had no fear now, she unfolded the letter in her hand

and crumbled it and threw it in the fire, she was relieved…….

It was a bright Sunday morning, Krista was in her elegant bridal dress with her veil on she walked hand

in hand with her brother across the aisle, the big day had arrived , she was to marry the man of her

dream Henry. Henry and Krista were high school sweet hearts. Henry was Alan, Krista’s brother’s best

Friend. He moved to San francisco for his higher education but little did he know that he had to return

back to Texas to marry Krista.Henry was just perfect for Krista.He was ambitious , had a great career,

was professional and could keep Krista happy what else is required for a marriage?

But something was different, there was no smile on Henry’s face,he and Krista were engaged for 3 years

now and decided to get married. He had a great career ahead, a great law firm had offered him a

handsom salary in San Francisco ,Krista had her bakery shop flourishing in Texas.She had well planned about

the wedding,everything was sequentially happening that were jotted in the list , the engagement , the 5

year plan , the wedding , the career ….everything ,but there was a miss….something about Henry made

Krista doubtful as she look in to his eyes. Krista loved him so much so that she could read his mind and

heart … something was bothering Henry…But what was it?

When the time came for the vows to be taken…Henry was unable to open his mouth , what was

stopping him?Krista looked in to his eyes with questions, “I can’t do this …I am sorry Krista!”

There was silence all around and a moment later Henry left the place , the wedding was called off.

Various questions raised and muttering of the guests started.Why did he do this ?Krista could not move,

the man she had been dreaming to marry , spend the rest of her life was now walking past the aisle,

leaving her in pain, distress and remorse.

She was dumbstruck standing on the aisle. She was terrified , petrified and not know what was

happening around her she just could not help her tears roll down her cheeks. The dreams were all

shattered.She had smelled something cooking up between Henry and Selena, she had heard rumours

about them , she had known Henry was cheating on her , but she could not accept the reality, her heart

broke when Henry spoke those words,she could not believe her ears,did Henry really broke up with me

and called off the wedding, thousand questions assembled around her head and all looked for an

answer , she could not withstand it.

Two years passed by and Krista was still that unhappy girl whose wedding was called off , whose fiancé

broke the marriage , he had sent back the ring to Krista few days later his marriage with Selena.

As a whole Krista was totally devastated and could not think of rebouncing to a new life. Though she was

regular in her routine, going to the bakery , baking cakes, pasteries and cookies for the shop , these were

once her passion and now was a routine, she had forgotten to smile , she had always preplanned

everything and now she was grumpy,irritated and rude.

“Oh sorry! Do you have few napkins maam , I just spilled the coffee over your counter!”The voice made Krista spring back from her flashback thoughts , she was still thinking about Henry.A handsome, young and adorable man was standing across the counter asking for something.Krista stammered,”how, can ..

can I help you Sir..”.He smiled, “Napkins please , I spilled my coffee on your counter…”

“Oh! Nevermind we will clean that up, Mr…….”Claira spoke excitedly from over the counter, “Dexter,

Robert Dexter..””Oh Hi Mr Dexter, I am Claira, I work here and she is Krista , she is the owner of the

bakery..” Claira introduced in a chirpy voice. She was Krista’s best friend and had been with her through

all the tough and happy times..

“Nice to see you both, and by the way the cookies were really great I enjoyed them…” told Mr Dexter,

when his phone buzzed, “I need to take this.. bye ..” he hurried across the exit and past the main road

and vanished. “Don’t you find him handsome Krista?” nudged Claira.Krista was in no mood for talks ,

“Has the order for the Morgan’s processed? They have a party tonight”asked she.”All set and ready to

be shipped Ma’am..”announced Claira.Mr. Miller , Morgan’s manager arrived to pick the order and

invited both the ladies for the party and needless to say Krista rejected to go to the party.

“It had been two years Krista, how long would you mourn over your called off wedding?” an irritated Claira asked.She was worried about her best friend , who had forgotten to smile remained mentally upset after she was cheated by her ex fiancé .

It was a Sunday morning again,the bakery was closed.Krista was at home trying to plan for a new party

cakes and pastries.This was a big order for her , if it would have been 2 years back, her happiness would have known no bound , rather she would have been excited about big orders at the bakery.When the door bell rang, Claira had dropped by to check on Krista , it had been her Sunday

morning chores plus she had tried ringing Krista several times but she did not answer, “I was kind of

worried about you Krista.Look you have to stop being grumpy, you need to start your life afresh,go out ,

see someone…”exploded Claira.She was really tensed, she loved her best friend more than a sister.Krista

was quite she did not utter a word, if it would have been 2 years ago she would have fought with

Claira, but things have all changed since.Claira did not heed to her silence, “You need to change and go

out with me , we are going to the museum today and I am not listening to anything, do you understand?”She was adamant and Krista gave up. Claira had different plans for her best friend. They

went to the museum , had lunch at her favorite restaurant, went for a walk by the beach. Claira was

enjoying definitely and wanted Krista to enjoy, she blabbered nonstop and Krista spoke few words,smiling at times. Claira was positively trying to lift up the spirit of her best friend , when Krista bumped

upon someone who was in hurry or was it the other way round

.“Hey let me give you a hand here…”Krista

knelt down with a smile and started to help the man picking up his documents who was apologising "I am sorry , I did not see you coming” continued

Krista. Robert looked up to Krista and smiled.”Thanks I am in a hurry would catch you up

later….”He hurried away."Are you okay?what are you doing upon the sand...."she heard Claira'voice ,Krista just smiled.The second meeting sparked something for both Krista and Robert. Next morning Robert showed up at the

bakery, he was there to get some cookies,he was quite friendly and asked Krista if she owned the bakery, “Yes,Well Mr. Dexter you

seem new to the town, where are you from?”asked Krista ”Oh , well I am from California, I am here accompanying few of my fellow mates for volunteering camps”he said.”I see… “Krista smiled “I will be volunteering the free

blood donation camp and the other medical camps.”said Robert,”So you are a…..” ,”Doctor”replied

Robert to Krista's exclaiming question. He smiled at her before taking a leave.It was an adorable smile …..and their gaze at one another did not move a bit.

Claira seemed feel this entertaining and started talking to her customers."Why does she seems upset always" asked Robert, ”Well that’s a long story , but to cut it short, she is devastated by a broken wedding , her ex fiancé cheated on her and left her on the wedding day,”exclaimed Claira, “since then it had been difficult for

her , she had not been able to overcome the grief, its been more than 2 years now!””Well is there anything I can help her with , may be?”asked Robert,”I am not sure though…” said a confused Claira at

his question. “Well perhaps I might be… why not take her to our volunteering camps? A little work for

the society might distract her from this remorseful past..” suggested Robert.

It was difficult to convince Krista but when the question of volunteering in the camps came into question,she gave in,she thought may be it would help her heal the remorse & grief and help her rebounce may be.

The first day of the camp went with the blood donations in the high schools, Krista was really trying hard

to dedicate her mind towards the social work but luck would have it , they went to the same high school

where Krista and Henry studied. Past came flashing by and ached Krista’s hearts, she was trying to throw

away all the past that had been haunting her till now, “what had been her fault….”she had been

thinking.She just wanted a life with Henry..a perfect life.She could not stop

thinking about Henry.”Hey! we are done, coffee?”Krista shifted to reality on Robert’s words.They walked

past the street to the coffee shop, Robert ordered coffee for both.After a long time she came to this coffee shop and that brightened some memorable pasts

lot of them happy memories ..she smiled carelessly but this caught the eyes of Robert"Hey..what is it?why are you smiling?" He asked.Krista looked at Robert at his sudden question.Her eyes met the gaze of Robert...He was handsome,brown eyes,clean shaved guy..any girl could easily fall for him , Krista didnot notice how handsome he was until now....But what was this,first time in 2 years she had been smiling,enjoying the moment with a guy.Henry was handsome but was always arrogant and had never bothered about her little thoughts or gestures.There was only he,his success,his job everything except Krista when they spoke.

"Robert is different", she thought,"he is caring"..... which she understood from the care he had shown in the camp with the volunteers..."Are you okay?"Krista's thoughts were interrupted by Robert's question,she had not known but few drops of tears had wet her eyes already.....She looked at Robert,he was staring at Krista anxiously..."Nothing...just few memories..."she spoke with a low voice."You dont seem okay to me..if there is anything I can can let me know"

Krista just nodded and both raised to leave.They walked slowly through the street toward Krista's Bakery,it was getting dark,when Robert remembered a childhood incident which he related to Krista and they both had a great laugh.Krista giggled ,for the first time in 2 year she had laughed."Did anyone said this to you?"Robert asked Krista...."What..?"there was still the smile on her face..."You look beautiful when you smile..."gazing at her Robert said.Krista's eyes met his.There was a sudden change of feeling,Krista had not felt this in long.They looked at each other without interruption,it seemed the world beyond them had stopped...." Oh..yeah..okay..this is it...we have reached your bakery.."Robert coughed to ease the situation."Yes...thank you Robert,it was really great helping you today...."Krista thanked briefly and dashed towards the bakery with swift paces...probably she wanted to over look the situation that was just created.Next morning was Sunday and Day 2 for the voluntary camp, Krista seemed to be over active,she was ready for the camp.When Robert came by to pick her up.Krista was immmersed in the tasks given to her,she never needed a nudge for any task.She was seriously concerned about the job she was assigned.At lunch time Robert asked if she could join him for lunch.....They went to the nearby restaurant to order some food.Krista was silent.....Robert tried convincing her to talk but she just spoke a few words....nothing more.But she was speaking atleast something..Days went by every weekend this was a task for her to help Robert with his voluntary camp.Meanwhile Robert would drop by their bakery every morning for a coffee and cookies.Krista was always ready with his favourite choice of coffee....She started to talk a bit more with Robert.It seemed to had eased her communication.Robert was caring,sober and gentle and made Krista speak to him more.But nevertheless she was not able to open up her pain.The volunteering camp was really working for her,she dedicate her weekends for the health check ups of the older people and homes,few orphanage,she was taught how to provide first medical help to people,Robert taught.He would take great care in teaching Krista.She also loved spending her weekends with the little kids at the orphanage,the older people and other volunteers....and above all she like staying close to Robert...she was starting to like him.She would often see the older couples in the old age homes and imagine she also wanted a life with Henry similar to this.

One Saturday evening they didnot had much to accomplish,Robert asked Krista out for dinner.Krista's happiness knew no bound,"Was he really asking her out for a date!!"thought she.She would share this with Claira..She tried buzzing her but the phone went busy.She didn't care,got ready when the doorbell rang.She nervously opened the door,Robert was outside...he came to pick her.They spent a beautiful evening talking,eating,appreciating the food and drinks.

While walking down the streets,she felt an itch...She could not struggle to catch up with the pace.Her legs were numb she wanted to cry out loud but she couldnot.When suddenly Robert looked at her...Krista seemed to be in a shock...and was almost fainting...."Henry....."Next moment she found herself in a cosy couch.The room was unknown to her,she woke up holding her heavy head when she spotted Robert holding a mug of steamy hot chocolate came up to her."You are still weak Krista,you need rest,have this hot chocolate,you will feel good."he said."I need to call Claira and I need to go back home"she said in a low voice."Your phone's dead and I donot have her number...but I promise to drop you home tomorrow morning...what happened to you Krista,why did you freak out?"Krista stopped sipping the hot chocolate and looked at Robert with pale face,thinking whether she can trust this man "You can trust me and let me know what happened"Robert said with the usual care in his voice."I saw Henry...down the street...he is in here....Oh,I never thought I would ever see him again."Krista whimpered.Robert held her tender hands to calm her,for the first time in 2 years Krista felt a caring touch.She felt like telling everything to Robert...but can she trust him?She looked in to his eyes...there was some kind of honesty in it....Slowly Krista opened up ...she released all her burdens that she had kept in her heart for 2 years."So you saw him last evening...?"Robert asked.Last evening!!!!Krista was quizzical.Robert smiled looking at the clock,it was 2 AM.

Next morning Krista dragged herself off the bed,her head was heavy,throat sored and she had temperature."You look pale and you need rest".Robert entered the room.He walked towards Krista and checked the temperature."And you have fever too..."His voice was quite concerning.

"Just little stress I believe..."muttered Krista

Robert gave her medicines and advised her to stay back,but Krista wanted to get back home."If I stay at home for a day I will be me...I will feel better at home."

So ultimately Robert had to drop her back to her home.Robert rang her quite a few time to check on her.She had not been able to contact Claira,but she was so weak that she dragged herself to the bed.

Since she had seen Henry the remorse,pain and grief had accumulated in her heart,but after sharing them all with Robert last night she was relieved.Robert had advised to find her niche and pursue it once again that will help her to overcome the stress she was going through.

"Love can never be lost it can be found again.

Love is not just a feeling; it’s a state of being. You don’t have to seek out another person to feel love; you can create it yourself and spread it to others by volunteering, sharing a smile, or helping a friend through a hard time. Love doesn’t have to be found solely in romantic relationships...."he had explained Krista.Krista liked the way he explained,she liked his approach towards love.How happy a woman could be with such a man who is caring,loving,understands you and listens to you....After many years Krista thought of writing her journel.She used to write them when she was in high school,after meeting Henry it was all about him..and she didnot pay heed to her writing.Today she had nothing to do,she was not baking,Claira would take care at the bakery,she would be at home the entire day and she had lot of time at hand.

She started to write all about her past experiences,the voluntary camps she attended,the people she met...about the orphanage,old age homes,she found it to be most amazing with so many people to talk to,understand and they would share so many experiences of their lives.She wrote about her first date with Robert and she wrote about how Robert was caring towards her last night.......What was she writing?There had been no page in her journel that had no reference to Robert...she had started to like him,his company,has she started to feel for him?She wrote a letter to Henry telling him that she had forgiven him and that because he did leave her at the aisle that she was able to find a person like Robert in her life..

Next morning Krista went to the bakery.She was happy and seemed to be lively."Are you out of your minds?"shouted Claira as soon as Krista walked inside,"I had been calling you since Saturday evening....I even tried checking in to you but the door was locked,I was really worried..where have you been?are you okay?"utter Claira breathelessly.Krista smiled and said,"Yes I am now."But that won't answer Claira's question, she kept on pressing Krista hard enough so that she could tell her everything,moreover she noticed change in Krista."You have been dating someone and you never let us know!"exclaimed she.Krista just smiled...

Days went by and both Krista and Robert's friendship took a new turn,they came close to eachother so much so that Krista could not give enought time to bakery.She had avoided Claira's question about,who the guy was,how was he..etc.

Claira could not understand the change in her friend and so decided to follow her that night.

And that was when she realised everything....

She found Krista walked past the street in to the old Chapman mansion and after a while came out of it ,boarded a cab and went away,Claira was worried about her so she followed Krista closely.Krista went into a restaurant..she seemed to be speaking to someone....who was invisible.....

At the table Krista sat and ordered food for two,she giggle ,laughed...every one around looked at her.Claira went inside and frowned at Krista.

"What are you doing here Krista?who are you talking to?"she screamed.

Krista seemed quizzical,"Don't you see I am here with Robert?"I think you both met before....."Krista there is no one are halucinating...come up with me now."

"Will you just shut up..what do you one's here...have you lost your mind?"Krista shouted at Claira nd asked her to leave.They both had never spoken to each other like that...when Claira was about to leave a woman came over to her,possibly a waitress,"She comes here every Saturday and speaks to someone as of it was a spirit have dinner and leaves."Krista had no clue about what she saw and heard,she had seen the changes in her friend for few months and Krista had always avoided her.She went to Krista's apartment...she needs to break throught..she knew a passage which led to the backdoor,luckily the door was opened.When she entered the room,it felt as if it was messy,no one had cleaned it since ages,cobwebs had accumulated in the corners ,the rooms were dark with heavy curtains,no light...she was looking for something that can give her a clue of what was happening....then she found them...on the bed lay Krista's journel and few drugs...It was fairly clear,meeting a guy named Robert,volunteer camps,orphanage,old age home,dating were all Krista's figment of imaginations.She was in here all the time.

In the hospital bed Krista was still talking to the invisible person....She was deeply in love with Robert..."Is there no way to treat this disorder Doctor...."Krista's dad had asked the doctor the same question several times....but it was care,emotions that can cure mental disorders not just pills...

Ten years later.....The letter that Krista had written for Henry was burning in the fire and she was content that she was able to forgive Henry as he gave her a chance to love Robert....

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