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Keep an eye on your maid

Keep an eye on your maid

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"Keep an eye on your maid/servant"...

Hold on...

Don't get me wrong. There's a story behind this advice.

Here you go!

A few days back,I was standing inside kitchen where my maid was cooking food. She was wearing saree and a stole to cover her face due to COVID-19. I was chopping salad next to her.

We were talking about some useless things,it was actually a funny conversation.

After sometime,she got a call and got busy in that and I was busy chopping Salad.

Suddenly,I saw a piece of cloth which was getting attracted by gas flame.

And before it caught fire I just took it back and shouted at her.

"Aunt,what are you doing?

Are you mad?

Put your phone down and focus in this work or else you will lose your life.

And she got scared seeing that she was about to burn on fire."

That's the reason why I said that "keep an eye on your maid" for her not to check if she is stealing something from your home.

That's ok if you are not following her in drawing room but care for her when she is in kitchen. She deserves some care,she is a human,a mother,a wife and then,your maid.

Take care of everyone arounds you..

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