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Bharath Kumar

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Bharath Kumar

Abstract Drama Inspirational

Enlightening Journey

Enlightening Journey

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Many aspire to work in a multinational company. The prospect of earning a huge amount of salary at the end of the month renders goosebumps. Mohan had been working in a reputed multinational company. He had the luxury of living in an expensive room, courtesy of the salary he was drawing at the end of each month. He could afford pretty much any item owing to the money paid by his company. Many believe earning a high salary is equivalent to leading a happy life. But only those who earn the money know if they have mental peace in life or not. On a tensed Friday evening, Mohan was tapping away at the keyboard furiously. A barrage of works had assaulted his mind, which was begging for mercy, but to no avail. His exhausted brain was desperately trying to knit the words to prepare a document that was to be submitted in twenty minutes. The work which he had been doing rendered anxiety and stress for free. His weary eyes lacked the determination to work anymore. His fading mind didn't know how to function with zero mental peace. Eventually, he completed the day's work. He heaved a sigh of relief, looking forward to the long weekend that lay ahead of him.

Mohan packed his bags, all set to make a journey back to his home. The thought of meeting his parents and sitting on a swinging chair donning the hats of solitude to write his imagined stories brought a smile to his face. His facial muscles were stretched after a long time making the smile difficult. His work had indeed sucked his smile that he used to wear with pride. He left his expensive room and hurried to the train station. He wanted to escape from this hostile place that continued to harass his mind ruthlessly. A huge train came chugging down the tracks, grabbing everyone's attention with its shrieking whistle. Mohan hopped into a compartment without looking back. He occupied the window seat in one berth. His foot vibrated as the train wheels clattered along the tracks. His vision soaked the beautiful nature through the window to kindle his emotions. The moving trees and plants bid him adieu. The flying birds stirred his happy hormones to take him into his imaginary world. An old man was sitting opposite him. His bald head perspired despite the wind whizzing through the window.

Sleeping on the floor with mental peace is a hundred times better than sprawling on an expensive bed with no mental peace. Living every moment with a smile and satisfaction is wealthier than bathing with money in dissatisfaction. The dose of solitude had allowed Mohan to introspect about his life. Everyday meetings, inexorable deadlines, anxiety-inducing work offered no peace at all. He realized he was just a slave in the chaotic life the world preferred. What is the use of living a life full of stress and anxiety? Can money ever be a substitute for unconditional love? Unbidden, drops of tears peeked through the corner of his eyes. So many in the world have traded their mental health for money. I am a software engineer earning a high salary? I am living in a sumptuous building leading a posh lifestyle? I am working abroad making tons of money? Are we pretending mental happiness through these cliched statements? There are people on the streets who always have a smile on their face despite not earning sufficient income. There are many people out there who have just forgotten what a smile is, thanks to the ceaseless work that had kept them busy all day long. Are we going to munch on money on our deathbed? Is social status going to take us to heaven? Why are we living such a pretentious life just to grab some eyeballs? Involuntarily, questions kept pouring out to overwhelm him. I would rather live a simple and peaceful life writing stories than an anxious and meaningless life. He indeed got enlightened in the middle of the train journey. His solitude had executed its plan to perfection.

A couple had been involved in a heated argument opposite to his berth. Mohan rolled his eyes towards them. 

"I regret having married you," she said.

"Then why did you marry me?" her husband asked with a crease forming on his forehead.

"I thought your money would keep me happy," she replied.

Mohan curved a smile, listening to their argument. Why do people have this misconception that if they marry a rich guy, they are going to live a happy life? Why do we decide without proper thinking? Temporary bliss comes and goes. It doesn't serve its purpose in the long run. People are so obsessed with the quantity they don't even realize the importance of quality, which is a hallmark of a peaceful life. Suddenly, clouds took over the sky, snubbing out the sunlight. Drizzles peppered the train as if cleaning them for free. The silent breeze sneaked through the window to rub the passenger's skin. The bald man darted his gaze at Mohan. He had been carefully observing the different emotions that took control of Mohan in the past hour. He had been repressing the urge to ask a question.

"Are you enlightened?" he asked finally.

His words took aback Mohan. He nodded his head in affirmation. The panting train came to a halt at the Delhi railway station. Passengers hurriedly squeezed through the door, just like a barrage of emotions coming out. Mohan stepped his foot on the floor, with his eyes enjoying the beautiful rainbow decorating the sky. The prospect of spending the next three days in his house excited him. He hired a taxi before reaching home. His mother Radhe was standing in the middle of the garden watering plants. His father Raman was sitting at a wooden table with a mirror in his hand; he used a razor to trim the white beard that made him look old. 

"Hello, my dear parents!" Mohan said.

He perhaps meddled with their work, but it amounted to nothing as joy took over their serious face.

"Hey, Mohan! What a surprise?" Raman said.

Radhe dropped the container she carried and sprinted towards her son.

"How are you, my son?" she caressed his hair carefully, investigating the changes in his looks.

"I am excited to be back, Mom"

He had to do all the household chores amidst abundant office work when he was in his luxurious room, but now his parents weren't allowing him to even pick a plate. If there is someone who can provide you with that spiritually profound love, it is only your parents. He spent some time with his parents before moving onto the terrace. The place he had spent all his childhood writing poetry and stories. The place that made him realize that the best friend you can ever have in your life is solitude. He caressed the plants that were arranged in the line. There lay a swing chair in the shade, beckoning him to sit over it. He blew a flying kiss before plopping onto the chair. The office chair had only induced anxiety, but this swinging chair had always taken him to a blissful imaginary world gripping his attention. A peaceful dream on a blissful chair felt better than a meaningless party dominated by beers. He squinted, looking at the peeking sun, who was ready to warm his skin. When my mind can churn out peace and joy here, why am I in a place that only conspires to inject illness? This is where I belong. He took a deep breath to share his decision with his parents. He bounded down the steps to reach the hall where his parents were seated.

"I have taken a bold decision," he broke the silence that had engulfed the room.

"What is that, Mohan?" Raman asked in surprise.

"I am quitting my job," he said.

"What happened? Did anyone trouble you?" Radhe asked.

"I am not enjoying my job, Mom. It is filling my pant pockets but is not filling the pocket of mental peace," he said. "What's the use of money without peace?"

"You are correct. We will always support you in all your endeavors," Raman said.

Mohan praised his parents for understanding his mindset so quickly, without questioning. He ran towards a hut erected on an isolated spot behind his house. A cow and a calf had been busy feeding on the grass.

"I am back, Mickey!" he looked exulted. 

The domestic animals nodded their heads, acknowledging his presence. His happiness knew no bounds. He climbed up the stairs to reach the terrace. He swept his gaze around, consuming the knowledge poured over by the nature to come up with a poem.

Overhanging sunlight triggers my soul

Not the AC room, which makes me look a fool

Solitude keeps me going

Not the overnight parties devoid of meaning

I would rather spend peaceful time with nature,

Than to worry about my stature

Your mind is your friend when you enjoy the process

It is your worst enemy when you are caught by the stress

Why live a meaningless life with disdain?

When you can live a meaningful life with your brain

Jump into the bottle of adversity

And come out with a seed of opportunity

Mohan had quit his engineering profession to pursue his career as a writer. There were initial hiccups, which is inevitable in all professions. But his determination, coupled with passion, helped him to reach greater heights as a writer. His book "Enlightened Journey" became a bestseller, shattering all the records. He felt proud of the decision he made on his train journey back to his home. The decision invited risks asked a plethora of questions, but in the end, was worth it. It is better to live your passion than to suffer from job-inducing anxiety. It is not the job that induces anxiety it is your disinterest that induces anxiety. So, chase your interests to live a memorable life free from regrets.

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