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Top Manga Artist

Drama Fantasy Others

Dream Chase! (Chapter 3)

Dream Chase! (Chapter 3)

3 mins

Previously in Dream Chase!

"Will you become an Idol?" 

My mind went blank literally blank, and the person who was calling me was obviously Karin, I said, " Karin I am tired let's talk about this at school" and just before I kept the phone I realized that it was a boy's voice so I didn't keep it, I asked, " Who are you?" He said, "Not someone you know, XXXX XXXXXXXX(Her name, I have not revealed it yet)" I gasped, I said, "How do you know my name?!" The person said, " Karin" I said, "You know Karin?!" He said, " Yup" 

"Meet me tomorrow at 12 pm at Dino land and then we can discuss the offer I gave you," I said, "Waoh waoh waoh when did I say I will accept your offer? I hate idols" The person said, " Oh you don't? Okay then, I take it as you hate Karin as well then?" I said, "No, I hate idols but not Karin!" The person said," Then if you hate idols I will not force you to come-" I said," Like you can" when I heard a familiar voice again, the voice said, " She is not always like this! She is very sweet and cheerful!" and then another familiar voice said, " Exactly!"

I realized what was happening here, I said," Karin and Shirley you're both there aren't you..." I heard some nervous laughing" Aaand... now I was sure they were there

The wonderful world of flashback

Shirley's POV 

While we were chasing XXXX ( her first name) Karin or should I be calling her Karen, hmm. Karin or Karen, Karin or Karen ( goes on for another 5 mins) Uggh! whatever! I'll just call her \what XXXX calls " Karin", and now where was I? Yah! I was telling how we were chasing XXXX when Karin stopped in front of the street she said, " Wait, let her go home" I was surprised I said, "You don't want to see her with open hair and without glasses?!" She shook her head 

She said, "Shirley, hypothetically speaking w

\hat do you think will happen if I asked XXXX to become an idol?" I thought, " Come on who is she kidding she obviously isn't speaking hypothetically she wants XXXX to become an idol" Well I said what I think would happen which is... " She would bluntly reject the offer" Karin sighed and said, " That will definitely happen, won't it?" I nodded she said, " You could at least pretend that there is a chance that she would say yes!" 

I got irritated I said, " Why should I?! I know XXXX better than anyone! I know she won't accept your offer! So I don't have to! " She said, " Hey! I have known her since I was born! Our parents are close so since XXXX is a few months older than me she was there when I was born!" I said, " So what! I am currently XXXX best friend!" we quarreled for another 2 mins when a really handsome boy about our age about somewhat 1-2 years older came out of nowhere and said, " Karen... where is the girl you said was good enough to be produced by me?

I thought, " Wait is he talking about XXXX?!" 

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