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Yash Thakur

Fantasy Thriller Children


Yash Thakur

Fantasy Thriller Children

Curse of cites ---(Ch-3)

Curse of cites ---(Ch-3)

2 mins 238 2 mins 238

                                     “WHEN THE THIRD BLOOD OF

                                      POETIC MIND WILL RISE,

                                       THE MOON WILL DIE

                                   THE WISE LIVES WILL BE ALIVE,

                                  AND HELP HIM WRITE THE BRIGHT

                                    HE WILL CHOOSE THE WISE,

                                   THAT WILL REJOIN THE CITES

                                     AFTER A MULTIPLE OF 5,

                                     THE RED SPOT WILL DIE

                                                              -DR. DO”

Usually Jason was not familiar with a letter that contains riddles. And that too delivered by a parrot. Wasn’t there someone named Dr. Do in a series? No, it was Dr. No. he thought.

He thought that it might be a prank letter from someone again. He kept that letter in a drawer which had other prank letters. Actually, he didn’t keep it, he threw it in the drawer.

The morning wasn’t as good as he had expected. It turned out that he woke up just half an hour before his school bus would come. But he was the only one in this world who learned time management. After all the work, he was still five minutes early at the bus stop. He kept thinking that he was missing something but he couldn’t remember. So, he left aside that thought and gazed upon the weather.

The sun was still rising and he could see it rising from between the pine trees that were planted on the opposite side of the road. The chill weather, the pine trees all seemed so perfect until he was disturbed.

“Jason!” Julius waved her hand from the school bus.

“Hi…” he said climbing up the bus.

“Where’s Malrus?” he asked.

“Don’t know.” She replied.

He looked back at the seats. He saw Brad sitting next to Elizabeth. His eyes clearly said ‘I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU CITES’. Jason looked away. Something was unusual today. He could feel that. He put aside that thought.

Then something surprising happened…


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