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Yash Thakur

Fantasy Thriller Children


Yash Thakur

Fantasy Thriller Children

Curse of Cites ---(Ch-2)

Curse of Cites ---(Ch-2)

2 mins 331 2 mins 331

“Jason will you clean up the attic today?” his mom asked.

“Yes mum.” He replied back heading towards the attic.

The attic was a dusty small room with dozens of boxes of various sizes. After two hours of hard work the attic was cleaned. But something was unusual there. There was one box which was kept different from others. When he tried to open it, he couldn’t. So, he went to his mother.

“Mom. There is a box that is different from others. Why?” he asked.

“Let me see.” His mom said leaving towards the attic.

The two went up towards the attic then Jason guided his mother to that box. When his mother saw that box, she turned pale. When he moved forward to show that the box was not even opening, his mother suddenly gripped his arm.

The atmosphere turned cold. Despite being in such a warm room, he could feel the cold. He could also hear the crows cawing. No, he thought. There is not a single cow in London. Still he could hear.

“Go back to your room.” She said.


“Go!” she yelled.

He quietly went back to his room. He couldn’t concentrate on what he tried to do. Even if it was from playing games to doing poetry.

He could not sleep well at night. And then he heard something from outside the window. When he peeked outside, he was surprised.

Literally surprised…


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