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Jagori Sarkar



Jagori Sarkar


Crooked Hearts - 2

Crooked Hearts - 2

4 mins 204 4 mins 204

               Chapter 2

Jaba was silently liking Chirag. She had tried to speak to him and may be formally talked with him too. She would often catch him staring at her and would look back. When he would be working she saw all looking at him and then he would sneak a glance at her. Many times she had even seen him helping her even though not directly. She knew in her heart that probably he liked her too.


During this time Jaba and Malini’s friendship too was at its peak after Malini broke up with Kunal. Jaba was not happy with this situation since she hated to see Malini unhappy. However, they enjoyed a lot together going to movies, dinners, parties. They were always together. Jaba was somehow feeling different these days. She often went to Chirag’s department with different reasons to see him.


Many times in college canteen, or may be in the way to college, office she would silently spot him. Malini would talk with him but he kind of directly dint much speak with her. She knew he was observing her even though he dint say anything.


Love is a silent killer it gives immense pleasure in the beginning but when it comes to an end or you meet a competition things become a little different. People can be driven crazy in love, they can cry, hurt or even kill for it. Jaba’s jealousy probably turned her love into an obsession.


That day when Jaba returned from college and was taking her books from her room to go to the Library and read she heard Rupali talking to someone over the phone.


“ Ya.. ya ya.. you don’t know he is very sweet. I was sitting in the OPD he came to help me. Chirag sir is really helpful .. ya I really am going there.. to talk with him regarding the patient.”


Jaba was wondering why would Rupali actually talk to someone about him over the phone. These people really don’t have any work but to talk about their seniors! Somehow, Jaba was not liking it. So, she actually ignored it , but she knew that Rupali was having her posting in Chirag’s department.


She felt like going and checking out what was going on. Then she thought why would she be so much bothered to hear about all this? She again ignored it.


Human mind is the most complex of all the body parts of a human being. We often think we will not try to think of the people that we like but unfortunately somewhere something just keeps reminding us of that person. No matter what we do its difficult to ignore them.


Well, most importantly if that reminding factor is a part of your own room or rather one of your roommates. Talking of roommates lets introduce to Kajal Sinha, Punam Singh and Meena Rai.


Hostel life is a definite part of student life especially in South Indian colleges. They too had a huge campus with boys and girls hostels. There were separate hostels for BDS and MBBS students while some contained both category of them. All together it was like a mini India with people of different cultures and backgrounds living together.


Their room too contained 2 bengali, 1 punjabi girl and one tamilian girl. Well, Kajal and Jaba were more than best friends. They were like sisters almost. Though kajal was an MBBS student she was always with Jaba. They were friends match made in heaven. Malini was a little jealous of their friendship.


Now coming to the Punjabi girl that is Punam who was again Rupali’s best friend. Often when people have a crush on someone they prefer not to keep hearing about them may be for the fear that their feelings may be hurt. However, Jaba started obsessing about Chirag. She loved this feeling which she had for him and did not want anyone else to talk anything about him infront of her.


Rupali would often come to their room and talk softly to Punam about many things. However, every time Rupali would talk Jaba would feel she would talk about Chirag. Jaba told about this feeling to Kajal.


“ I don’t think she talks about Chirag and even if she does how does that matter? You like Chirag then why don’t you talk with him and discuss about this?"


“No.. I .. cant .. I don’t know how to approach him. I don’t want to feel like this but every time every where I feel people are taking his name. Am I hallucinating?”


Feelings are hard to describe especially for introvert people. We often see so many lovers around us. Every time one person takes a move and approaches the other. Many times it is one sided since the other person cannot refuse or hurt the one who approached first or probably because they thought they were being loved so much by the other .There is just one more possibility when they mutually feel that they love each other.


However, sometimes when two people stay close to each other they both may not be able to communicate though in their hearts they wanted to be together. One of them may be stronger to control their feeling but the other may be devastated.

To be continued.. 




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