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Murder at Nine
© Diya Shah

Crime Drama +1

Once upon a time there lived four best friends named Anwar, Ram, John, and read more

9     106    5    948

I was so terrified to hear this, as I had spent these days with a read more

8     77    4    951

"That gentleman offered his life for us, the family of a man who ruined his family," read more

13     66    3    955

I woke up in the hospital with a severe pain in my head. As I tried to get up, I read more

7     41    2    958

The Murder of Albert Thompson
© Tanush Sharma

Children Stories Crime +1

There were many gasps of surprise and Inspector Jasper took the butler and the chef read more

4     21    1    962

She was sitting on the front yard steps, her head tilted up, trying to clot her read more

21     12.6K    281    963

What is the mystery behind the voices from the house? Let us find read more

10     780    45    974

Inspector Prakash Khurana posted to Mayur Vihar police station in New Delhi was in read more

12     20.0K    301    995

After the Nirbhaya case, we all expected to see women feeling safe. But the read more

2     18.8K    199    1009

A Maharashtrian family was leading a perfectly peaceful life, until the arrival of a read more

12     18.6K    192    1010

She thought that the days in captivity taught her to respect read more

8     16.3K    76    1037

She had long black hair that cascaded down to her waist and deep black eyes in which read more

13     17.4K    165    1064

Kojagori Laxmi puja—a puja celebrated on the twilight of the first full-moon day read more

17     17.7K    154    1067

Woman's World
© Akash Sharma

Action Crime +1

Yes, Women are running the place. But it's like a home now. They're as caring as a read more

14     17.8K    128    1071

The Brave Son
© Disha Mangal

Children Crime

Five hours later, there was police all around the campus of the college and there read more

3     600    53    1090

A girl goes in search of the person who threw acid on her face twelve years ago. read more

13     341    53    1091

A rookie commits a crime in an impulse. Whereas, it takes practice and talent to read more

7     282    50    1102

The Asylum
© Venkatesh R

Thriller Drama +1

He opened his eyes there was no one, he checked with his colleagues and went around read more

5     485    48    1107

© Kushal Sinha

Drama Crime

Justin had always known Father Lenz as a kind and benevolent man. However, like read more

12     379    47    1112

The current state of affairs in read more

5     342    45    1120

Elizabeth sat chewing the end of her read more

9     132    31    1161

The Undertaker: Chapter 5
© Aadar Atreya

Children Stories Crime +1

The policemen showed their guns and everyone shared a read more

6     343    29    1167

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might read more

19     269    27    1169

© Vineeta Singh

Children Stories Drama +1

This is a story about a winsome, cheerful boy named Bhola who finds a new dad in read more

7     153    24    1176

The Tantalizing Case
© Brita Roy

Children Stories Drama +1

One evening his father came home looking tired and read more

9     186    11    1216

Mr. Gilbert's soul is waiting for justice. Was his life worthy of only read more

5     154    10    1220

The silent nature calmed my nervous veins; the pleasant winds; along with the read more

12     481    8    1226

The Night
© Dharamraj Thakur

Thriller Drama +1

I have despaired. Sitting on the couch, thinking about what have I done. Could all read more

5     251    8    1230

An idyllic hill town. Rain and mist. An unconventional detective. What's there read more

20     259    6    1241

The story shows the interrogation of a read more

3     137    6    1242