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Willy Waters was my love. And another man, Karg Jenner. And me. And a triangle. Of read more

7     5.5K    139    879

A Journey Through the Evolution of 5000 Year Old Traditions in 500 pages

© Bhoomi Agrawal

Crime Tragedy +1

The disgusting and horrific memory of a read more

2     32.8K    339    895

1120 AD, Avanti, State of read more

7     22.4K    295    899

NRI Investment Banker arrested for Rape and double Murder –Express read more

5     21.7K    294    900

The only down side of dreaming is that those dreams usually don’t clarify the read more

10     18.7K    159    911

Erasing #MeToo
© Urvashi Pahwa

Crime Inspirational +1

This world is a bad place, but someone has to set it read more

18     16.8K    144    912

Test tube babies are normal these days, I heard. Haven't you?" She asked with a read more

5     18.6K    125    917

Sub-Inspector Patil added his input - All of them had one thing in common. They were read more

14     17.4K    114    918

I can only dream of her and think of imaginary romantic moments between us but I had read more

10     17.1K    107    922

The Tune Of Death
© Neel Deb

Crime Thriller

Then I saw a shadow of a man slowly walking away from the front door with the same read more

3     18.1K    100    925

She held the cat around her neck in the left hand with the knife in her right hand; read more

9     19.8K    267    938

Shoot the animals with a camera and not the read more

13     18.4K    176    959

Suddenly, Smith lunged forward and tried to punch John in the read more

2     16.3K    152    966

Pragya thanked God for saving her life from certain read more

10     1.0K    63    1013

Piku swerved and hit him hard on his read more

6     181    9    1052

That day there were few people sitting on the café shop and out side was full of read more

19     227    8    1054

A Journey Through the Evolution of 5000 Year Old Traditions in 500 pages

He was isolated in the prison, a special cell was allocated for him. He was not read more

6     108    8    1055

Mr.John Smith was the biggest dealer of rare paintings made by renowned artists. He read more

8     278    2    1062

A mystery story involving kidnapping, murder and read more

14     18.9K    322    1153

The world is categorized as good and bad; the conflict between these two states is a read more

4     20.3K    269    1164

Ragini was going through the photographs of some prospective bridegrooms. She looked read more

15     20.2K    240    1173

© Kapil Bhawnani

Crime Horror +1

Each night I passed the hall, I saw him sitting in the same position: one leg read more

5     17.7K    154    1191

If I had a dagger, I would have surely lodged it into his heart for breaking mine read more

4     16.5K    113    1223

You need to be ready; they will beat you but not kill you. Further, just like you, read more

3     293    41    1253

Three Triangles
© Tapas Das

Crime Thriller

Mr. Banerjee while putting back the case papers, in the midst of the crowd, saw a read more

14     371    23    1264

The Perfect Crime
© Kushal Sinha

Horror Thriller +1

Darkness and silence surrounded the cemetery as I stood in the vicinity of a read more

6     318    0    1292

Face To Face
© Kushal Sinha

Thriller Crime

This is a tale of two men on the opposite sides of the legal spectrum, who find read more

11     138    0    1292

The Accidental Chance
© Ekta Roy

Abstract Crime +1

It was as if fear crept in from a secret back read more

2     9.0K    147    1305

© Ridha Tiwari

Drama Crime

The extent one can go to save one's read more

7     461    7    1336

There are two lessons that I learnt from this interaction with Shirpa. First, that read more

29     219    3    1351