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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats


Compassion leads to generosity

Compassion leads to generosity

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This week while the world seems to be going crazy...

I want to write about what is most important to us, to the world. The only thing that matters. The only thing that will fix what's going on with this world today.....

Love and Compassion.

So I will start this week's blog series with my Bishop Henry Fernandez sermon which just happens to be about...yes, you got it. Love and compassion.

Today's world seems to be a world. 

What can I get? 

What's in it for me? 

What about me? 

It seems like we've lost all of our love and compassion for our fellow man.

When your life is only about what you can get, what you can buy, what can God give me, you lose sight of what Jesus was trying to teach us, which was nothing is more important than love. So much so the bible spoke of love 538 times! That is a lot of repeating one thing...Love.

You think that you have to suffer to be a good Christian but God wants you to do well, he wants you to be a blessing to others but not at the price of your soul or your relationship with him.

We have driven ourselves to the brink of crazy to get more, do more that we have forgotten who we are, who we were meant to be.

The first thing you need to have is compassion, you need to ask God what he wants you to do. You need to open your heart to and listen.

I remember one night when I went to church. I was just divorced and I had a hundred dollars on me for groceries, this was the only money I had. When I heard a voice say give this to a friend of mine. At first I thought I was crazy, I had never had this happen to me and I thought, no this was my grocery money. I hear it again and again yet I am fighting, hoping this voice goes away. After the third time (yes, I am hard headed)

I say if I turn around and if she's the first person I see I will give it to her, I knew I didn't see her in church so this was me being cocky, like go ahead show me. Well, there she was and yes, I gave it to her. I did not know her struggles at that moment but God did. She was having her electric turned off in the morning and needed 97.00. 

This was a message for both of us because not only did it renew her faith as she was praying for this money but also the following day I got three new clients so it showed me what God can do when you listen I got grocery money plus all because I listened, I had faith and I put another persons needs before mine.

If you're only after stuff, if it's all about you, if God is not the center of it all, you will die unfulfilled. All the money in the world doesn't bring you happiness.(Believe me, I definitely know that one first hand)

You think, I"ll help when I am in a better place, when I am taken care's always when.

When I lose weight, when I get a better job, when I find the perfect person.

If you think your life is about finding the perfect person, then your life will be to someone who is married or who has been divorced.

Life is too short for when I....

it's about now. Doing and being the best you can be now.

When you're on your dying bed what will all the stuff matter?

What will working 80 hours a week get you?

What will all the wealth you ran after get you?

At the end, you'll realize it's all about him, it's always been about him.

Our passions are making us go after the wrong things in life, it's all about us even in the church.

You come to church asking for things, you want to be filled up, you want an encouraging message but what do you bring?

Do you praise him? Do you sing his praises?

Do you count your blessings even when things are not going well? What are you bringing?

Just because you go to church doesn't make you a Christian.

Just because you're busy in church doesn't make us Christian, it's just like sitting in a garage, doesn't make you a car.

What truly makes you a Christian is your compassion. 

We lost our passion, lost our compassion to help others, lost our compassion to tell others about our faith.

We are so busy with our own agenda that we can't help someone else, that we can be a blessing to others.

We have forgotten to

"Love your neighbor like yourself"

My Bishop finished off with a bible verse that told of a story of a man who had been robbed and beaten, left for dead. A Priest sees him and crosses the street, a Levite sees him and crosses the street but a Samaritan stops and takes care of him, even putting him upon his donkey while he walks.

Yes, even in the church we have people with no compassion, we all need to change our ways, be a blessing to others, listen to God's voice.

We need to be the light that others see and want to be like.

We need to love one another no matter what their political views are, what color their skin is, what their religious beliefs are, what their sexual preference is,

We need to start having compassion and love for one another. This is the only way we will grow, the only way this world will change.

So today my friends remember, it's not an all about me society, it's about love and compassion, it's about bringing something to the table. At the end of our life it's only about hearing his voice, say

"Well done, my child...well done"

"Be the change you want to see"


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