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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Thriller Others


Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Thriller Others

Cid: The Third Case

Cid: The Third Case

42 mins 279 42 mins 279


23 MARCH 2002:



AT 7:30 PM:

With the world falling into ruin about us, we discuss theories and vain political questions and play with superficial reforms. Does this not indicate utter thought-lessness on our part? Some may agree that it does, but they will go on doing exactly as they have always done- and that is the sadness of existence. When we hear a truth and do not act upon it, it becomes a poison within our-selves, and that poison spreads, bringing psychological disturbances, unbalance and ill-health. Only when creative intelligence is awakened in the individual is there a possibility of a peaceful and happy life.

This particular place is South Panama, that's almost like a sea. To the center of the sea, a ship is returning faster back to the port.

"Brother. Our ship have returned back from North Madras port." A black-faced man, with his shaved head said to a 34-year old man, who is sitting in a chair, wearing cooling glasses.

"Have they sold the 1000 kilograms of Methampathemine to the city?" asked the man.

"Yes David bro" said the guy. As the boat is restoring back to the port, everyone becomes alert. While, David stabs and brutally murders a police officer, who tried to expose their activities to the police of South America.

02 APRIL 2002:


On 2 April 2002, in Nagercoil, a group of men enters into the house of a bungalow, taking some dangerous knives and swords in their hands. After killing the security brutally, one of the men taps the door saying, "Sir. Anyone there in the house? A small problem here!"

An old lady opens the door saying, "Who is that, at this time?" As she opened the door, those militant groups brutally hits in her head and kills her. Slowly, they enters inside the house and brutally finishes off the other family members, except the 17-year old young boy named, Adhithya.

To defend himself from the clutches of these brutes and to avenge his family's losses, Adhithya takes a gasoline, which he leaks off and lights a cigar into it, thus killing them all. While, Adhithya escapes the place, through the window and runs away from that place.



Years later, the same Kanyakumari have became a rich place with good biodiversity, respecting people and popular places. It have been developed with good roads, NH4 Highways, etc. But, still the problems of religious difference are prevalent, due to some political issues.

This place is dominated by two people: 1.) George Palaniappan and 2.) Rajendran.



"Guys. Come soon. We have to meet lawyer Viswanathan on time. Orelse, we could not seek his help for our case." A man, wearing ordinary dresses told to his men and rushed to meet him, in a house, that's surrounded by huge trees on the either side and a farm land on the right side. He is sitting in a chair, drinking coffee.

The man is of 65-years age, wearing steel-rimmed spectacles and reading some newspapers. As he sees them approaching him, he gets up and says, "Come sir. Take your seats. How is your works going on? Is there any problems? Is everything alright?"

As he is talking with them, his wife Annalakshmi tries to say something, but he stops her. After discussing the case with them, he turns to her and asked: "What Annam! Don't you know that I am talking about an important case with my client."

"I know Ji. But, this is quite important. Our son Akhil have came to meet us" said Annalakshmi, which infuriates him and he asked her: "Why? Is he remembering about us now only ah? For what reasons have he came itseems?"

Thinking for a while, Annam said to him: "Ji. He is to give his first salary itseems. That's why!"

"The salary is from the profession, which I didn't allow him to do. So, I didn't want his money. None of his money should come over here. That solve I can say you. He can come and go in this house. But, lost his rights in this house" said Viswanathan, after which Annam goes heartbroken.

Learning this from the security, Akhil leaves his house as usual from the entrance mall. He is pretty-cool, having thick moustache and looks like an army man, with his stylised haircuts. He takes his favorite RX 100 bike, starting the bike and goes to Agasthiyar falls, where he contacts Adhithya, now the ACP of Kanyakumari district under Crime Branch(CID).

The grown Adhithya is too intense. He looks terrific with his white facial looks, gloomy black eyes, thick beard and moustaches and as usual, he looks stylish in army-hair cut. He approaches Akhil to the natural spot in his police car and asked him, "What happened Akhil? Why are you so upset?"

"My father didn't allowed me to give my salary to him da" said Akhil to which, Adhithya said: "Usual right. We both joined IPS against his wishes. Hence, is anger with us. But for what, now you are upset da?"

"For Nimeshika da" said Akhil, after which Adhithya is unable to say any words to him and is struck.

"Nimeshika believes me and blindly trusted me. As a journalist, she would definitely analyze my current problems. Yet, I have not revealed about our important mission, to which we are going to work along with other police officers. I don't know how to say about my love with Nimeshika to the family" said Akhil.

Adhithya consoles him saying: "Don't worry da. Everything would become alright. Your father would understand us one day." Following a few hours of rest in the beach, Akhil contacts Nimeshika and asks her to come for the beach.

She agrees to come. In the City Honda car, she reaches the natural scenario surrounded place. Stopping the car, she comes out from it with her gorgeous facial expressions, a sort of smile to suit her mood and a handbag in her shoulders, she meets Adhithya and Akhil.

Through her eye expressions, she asked Adhithya to go out, to which he agrees and proceeds to do so.

Looking at Akhil, she asked him: "For how many times, should I say you da? Don't call me during the work! You know how tense have I became?"

"When I called you, if you have said I love you immediately, this problem would have been solved right?"

"For how many times, should I say I love you da? Ah!" Nimeshika whispered.

"Ah! For a weeks, you have to tell me, 'I love you.' Ok ah?"

"What if it is for a seconds da?" asked Adhithya, looking five meters away from the beach, to which Akhil gives a counter stating: "Buddy. What if I give you beatings with torn slippers da!"

After a while, Nimeshika asked to Akhil: "What Akhil! Have you met your father ah?"

After a moments of silence, he replies: "No Nimeshika. He is not ready to accept me, when I met him. Even is not ready to get my salary." She is shocked upon hearing this. Then asked him: "Why is he this anger to you and Adhithya da?"

Hearing this, Adhithya, who have been there with them, tells: "Just because, we have joined IPS against his wishes."

"I am unable to get, what you say!" Nimeshika whispered. Adhithya starts to tell her, what happened to Akhil and how he was raised up by his parents.


After the death of Adhithya's parents in the hands of anti-social elements, he escaped from them, having avenged his family's death. Left orphaned in the roads, he have to feed for himself in the streets.

Since, he can't join in an orphanage. For one years, Adhithya roamed around the places of Nagercoil and Tirunelveli. At that time, Viswanathan saw him and came to hear off his dark past, that have affected him to a great extent.

As a part of showing compassion and humanity, he asked him: "Will you come along with me to my home?"

Initially hesitant, he eventually agreed to go with him to the house. In the house, Adhi met Akhil, his mother Annalakshmi and further saw some photos of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, Subash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi.

"Are you surprised why have I kept them in my wall of fame?" asked Viswanathan, to which Adhithya had no answers.

"Since, they all are great freedom fighters. Our country celebrated them for their patriotic nature. Dear. Human life is full of battles. Fight the way and stand your ground. Since, everyone is a masterpiece."

At that time when Viswanathan was saying something, he sees his elder brother Rathnavel coming in a wheel chair. Seeing him, he said to Adhithya: "This is my elder brother Rathnavel. He served as a Major in Indian Army during 1999 Kargil wars. But, have lost his legs in the war and got honoured for his bravery. However, is still unmarried, due to his paralysis."

Adhithya and Akhil became close friends and they shared a special bonding. Years later, the two expressed their wishes to join IPS and Army respectively, much to the dismay of Viswanathan. Realizing that, his elder brother's training have inspired them, he disagrees to send them for IPS.


But, to his horror, both pursued their wishes. Initially, Viswanathan was angry. But, later got consoled. However, he became furious and anger with Akhil.

"Why was he anger with Akhil, but was relieved with you?" asked Nimeshika.

"Because, I have lied to him by saying that, I am going for Indian Army. But, unfortunately I became an IPS officer, just like Adhithya" said Akhil.

After five minutes of silence, Adhithya continues saying to her: "Due to some circumstances and fate, his life changed completely. Out of anger, Viswanathan ji told both of us as outcast. Except Akhil's maternal uncle Rathnavel and Mother Annalakshmi, none of his family members supported him, till date, including Viswanathan's best friend Dr. Rajasekharan, who panned us."

Akhil then thinks in his mind, "Dr. Rajasekhar have three children right: One- Ashwin, two- Meera and three- Dhivya. They would have grown up right?"

Meanwhile, an angry Annalakshmi confronts her husband Viswanathan asking him: "What mistakes have our son done? They have joined IPS against your wishes, only right. They have been leading a happy life. Why still more you are troubling them?"

Rathnavel too stared at him.

"I am happy that they joined IPS Annam. As a de-facto head of this house, you know what happened to my brother. I doesn't wish to see my son in such a tragic situation. I only know it's pain ma." Feeling remorseful, both Adhi and Akhil seeks his forgiveness. Viswanathan emotionally forgives them and learns that, "Akhil is in love with Nimeshika." He is really happier to learn this and agrees to arrange an engagement with her, after seeing the girl.


Meanwhile in Kanniyakumari Beach, Rajasekhar wearing black coat shoots and blue pants, comes along with his family. Ashwin comes along with his wife, Swetha. While, Rajasekhar's wife Radhika comes along with her two daughters into the sea, where they all enjoys. Meera is a girl, who loves to be funny and likes to enjoy her life. She is now working as a Gynecologist, having completed her studies in London.

While Dhivya is a dance student in Thailand. Ashwin is settled down as a Neurologist in a separate hospitals. Rajasekhar is also a most respected doctor, who have been honest and ethical to his lifestyle. He and Viswanathan are close friends.

"Radhika. My friend Viswanathan have called me for his son Akhil's engagement ceremony. Just now, sent a message through whatsapp." Rajasekhar said by seeing the whatsapp.

"Is it? You said that, he have outcast him?" asked Meera.

"He is his own son ma. How could he outcast him? He have inner affection to him right. It's actually a love marriage itseems. A girl named Nimeshika." Rajasekhar said.

They plans to go for Tirunelveli.

Meanwhile, JCP Ravindran calls Adhithya and Akhil to his office.

"Sir. You have called us for an urgent meeting" said Akhil.

"Yes Akhil. It's a very important meeting. That's why I have wished to see you two" said Ravindran.

"Tell us sir. What is the issues? Any problems?" asked Adhithya. After a while of silence, Ravindran replied: "Kanniyakumari."

"Sir?" asked Akhil.

"Kanniyakumari, Akhil. You both are transferred to this place, now" said Ravindran.

"Sir. Why this sudden transfer?" asked Adhithya.

"All for a reason only guys." Ravindran said and he takes them to his house. There, the guys sees his daughter's photo after which, Adhi asked him: "Sir. Is she your daughter? How did she died sir? It's unbelievable."

"Due to Pubg game and Drug addiction Adhithya." Ravindran said and continues to say: "Our India has widespread drug problems and lots of video game addicts. In the national household survey more than 40 000 men and boys (aged 12 to 60 years) were interviewed, while subsidiary studies looked at drug misuse among women and prison inmates and in rural populations and border areas. Among these people, my daughter too is there. She got addicted to these things and unfortunately died by committing suicide the last year." Ravindar said and seeing to his daughter's photo he said crying: "As a cop, I was perfect in my duties. But, as a father, I failed to do my duty. I am sorry ma. But, I won't let other children like you to suffer because of these things."

After wiping of his tears, the three sits in the chair.

"We are really sorry sir." Both apologized him, by holding his hands.

"It's okay guys. No problem." He said and showcased two people's photos.

Ravindran said them: "The first guy is MLA Rajendran. While the second is George Palaniappan."

"Sir. Recently, George Palaniappan got arrested for speaking bad about Hindu people and our Indian Central Government right sir?" Adhithya asked, to which Ravindran replied: "He was arrested, just to cover the people. But, got released the very next day. These two indulges in religious conversion, fake marriages, drug abuse and lots and lots of activities in Kanniyakumari. Additionally, they have some of their crime syndicate in North Madras too."

After drinking a drop of water, he continued saying: "We have to bring them out. So, you both have to go for Kanniyakumari. I heard that, you have another teammate from Hyderabad named: Aravinth."

"Yes sir. We will always hire him in undercover and he is not known to the public. Have he came here sir?"

"Yes guys. I am here only. Sir have brought me in already." Aravinth said coming there, giving them a shocking surprise. He is wearing thick khaki pants and white tee-shirt. Further, he dons the look of thick beard and moustaches.

Returning back to the house, Akhil reveals about his transfer to Kanniyakumari, which makes Viswanathan happy. He decides to keep the engagement in Kanniyakumari. However, the duo didn't unveil about their mission, just to keep the family happier.

The family shifts to Kanniyakumari, where Viswa owns a family land and they takes a home in that place. Rajasekhar feels happier upon learning that, Viswanathan have came to the place and agrees to conduct Akhil's wedding. Nimeshika's kind nature and her good character attracted everyone except Meera, who feels jealous of her.

"Where is your family ma?" asked Rajasekhar's wife to which, Nimeshika's eyes filled with tears.

"Aunty. She is an orphan and is working as a journalist along with her foster brother Danish Mohammad" said Adhithya, which shocked them. They apologized to her. With all family members, the engagement is fixed in a grand manner.

Everything was going fine and the family was happily arranging for the wedding preparations. Three days before however, Nimeshika goes missing. Before going out, she told to Akhil: "Akhil. I am going for an important case to the office. Will take some time. Until then, don't call me da."

He agreed to this. But, for one day, since she doesn't show up her face, Akhil got doubts about her whereabouts. With the help of Adhithya, they searches her in Kanniyakumari. Upon learning that Nimeshika is missing, Akhil's family becomes shocked. However, he asked them to be patient.

When Akhil have been sitting in the car, Adhithya said to him: "Hey Akhil. We are transferred here just now, may be for five days. And we didn't even start our work yet. Something is fishy about this da. Have those two people targetted us?"

As Akhil was seeing the photo of Nimeshika, he angrily replied him saying: "Just shut up and go away da. My worries is all about, Nimeshika. I wanted her to come back."

While seeing her photo and speaking, Akhil gets a call from Nimeshika. She is in a car, with her face been sweat and her eyes, having some sort of fearful expressions. She tries to tell something to him but, hangs the call immediately.

Tracing the call's location, Akhil comes to know that, "She have dialled him from the police station of Nagercoil." Both Adhithya and Akhil goes there and at that time, Akhi calls his uncle Rajasekhar: "Uncle. Where are you now?"

"I am in my clinic Akhil. What happened da?"

"I called my father. But, he doesn't respond. That's why. Did he called you?"

"He told me that, he is to go for an important case issue in Tirunelveli. Why da?"

"If he comes, ask him to call me uncle" said Akhil, to whcih he agrees.

Upon investigating the CCTV footage of Nagercoil, Akhil confirms that, "Nimeshika have been kidnapped by someone." To inform her foster brother, the guys goes to meet him. However, they are shocked to know that, he too have gone missing, the same day, when Nimeshika gone missing.

Shocked further, Akhil sits upset in his house, hearing the song "Tum hi ho", sung by Nimeshika. At that time, he asked Adhithya in phone call: "Adhi. Nothing would happen to Nimeshika right?"

Adhithya consoled him that, nothing would happen to her. As he have been hearing the song of "Tum hi ho" despite the low battery, winds starts to blow outside his house. The candle inside their house, that's kept for God stops.

The same time in the beach of Kanniyakumari, Nimeshika and Danish's dead body reached asides. Adhithya and the Kanniyakumari JCP are shocked to see this. Her hands is injected with drugs and she have some sorts of facial injuries.

While there are no marks of injury and assaults in Danish's dead body.

"Adhithya. Have you informed Akhil?" asked the JCP.

In tears, Adhithya emotionally asked him by holding his hands: "I will inform him sir."

Adhithya calls Akhil's family and informs about Nimeshika's death. All are shocked, including Rajasekhar's family. A dejected Viswanathan threw his phone and kneels down, with tears flowing from his eyes.

Seeing this Akhil asked to Annalakshmi: "Mother. What happened? Why have our father fell down?" As everyone is silent, he demands an answer from them.

A dejected Rajasekhar then tells struggling: "Akhil...Nimeshika...Nimeshika..." Since tears blocked his mouth, Akhil asks him: "Nimeshika...what happened uncle? What happened to her?"

"She is dead da Akhil. She have left us da." Annalakshmi and Meera said crying.

Hearing this shocking news from them, tears filled in Akhil's eyes. He kneeled down and closed his eyes, crying aloud. He reminds off the memorable days that, "he have spent with her." Viswanathan consoled him.

Akhil feels emotional and heartbroken to see Nimeshika in a pathetic condition. Shaving his head completely, Akhil cremates Nimeshika and Danish taking an oath to them: "Brother, Nimeshika. I very well know that, you both are innocent. You have exposed the Talibans bravely, in Afghanisthan. And Nimeshika too is a brave girl. I promise. I would prove you as innocents." He said to them by pledging his hands in the fire.

Akhil remains upset for two days. At that time, Adhithya comes and tells to him: "Akhil. For how many days da? We have to move forward da."

With tears in his eyes on one side and the anger raging on the other side, Akhil holds Adhithya's shirts and asked him: "All this is because of who da. Me and you yourself. If we haven't joined IPS, Nimeshika could have been alive da." He takes off his shirt.

In retribution, Adhithya angrily asked him: "Did I asked you to join IPS? You yourself only joined know da. First, blame yourself for this. Don't blame me." Hearing the verbal fights between the two, Rajasekhar and Viswanathan's family gathered around and asked, "What happened pa?"

"Hey. I am the reason for everything da. But, doesn't you the reason for me to join IPS. Touch your heart and say da. You idiot and rascal!" Akhil shouted at Adhithya, in anger.

Hearing these conflicts, Viswanthan confronts the guys about this and instigates Adhithya.

Left with no way, Akhil tells: "Dad. I actually told you another lie. I was actually selected for Indian Army posting in Kashmir, through NCC. After getting trained in Kashmir, I returned to our hometown after serving for an year in the borders. But, problems came through another way."


Akhil was travelling back to the hometown. At that time, he met Adhithya along with his teammate Aravinth and Vishnu, who is the head of an operation called ,"Mission Bharat." He stayed along with him in Hyderabad for some days, lying to his father and family that, he is on duty for few more years.

Vishnu was unanonymously murdered by an unknown gang in Hyderabad, that's working for a religious mafia leaders, whom the guys were dealing with. This created panick among the police department. The head DGP Raghava Reddy was struggling to deal with the issue.

Akhil went along with Aravinth and Adhithya to meet them. There, Raghav Reddy said: "Vishnu was the only brave officer, after you and Aravinth. But, he have been killed Adhithya. How could we proceed with this case now?"

"Sir. It's better to stop this mission. Without Vishnu, we can't proceed with this modus operandi "Mission Bharat" said Aravinth, to which Adhithya opposed.

Raghav Reddy then tells him, "No guys. If we give up this mission, it's like ruining the life of our future generations, including the college students. They would greatly be affected due to these mafia." Henceforth, Raghav Reddy approaches Akhil to request him to join the IPS force, which he politely refused stating the reasons of his father's hatred to the profession.

Adhithya convinced him saying, "See these photos da Akhil. Applying estimates of prevalence to population figures, the survey estimated that in India, whose population is just over a billion, 62.5 million people use alcohol, 8.75 million use cannabis, two million use opiates, and 0.6 million use sedatives or hypnotics. Seventeen per cent to 26% of these people can be classified as dependent users who need urgent treatment, says the report. About 25% of users of opiates and cannabis are likely to seek treatment, while about one in six people who drink alcohol are likely to do so. Do this for my sake da buddy. Please."


"After he have agreed to help us, Akhil resigned his posts and took up UPSC exams with with help, uncle. For another one and a half years, he was dedicated to this. After getting selected, he went for training in Hyderabad and completed it successfully. As per the requests of our JCP, he was retained as our IPS head. As he wanted to make this mission successful, he took the blame for himself by not unveiling my name to you. Keeping his pain i the heart on one side, we focussed on this mission in the other sides. Learning that, Tirunelveli is the mastermind in these activities we got transferred here. Unfortunately, the information proved false and the main head place for these crimes are North Chennai and Kanniyakumari. We henceforth, remained to investigate these cases here. Eventually several unfortunate events have happened now." Adhithya said shedding tears.

Akhil realizes his rudeness towards Adhithya and apologizes to him, which he grants and accepts. They both emotionally reconciles. Viswanathan realizes that, "His view point is wrong" and asks the guys to continue this mission.


Three days after the death of Nimeshika and Danish, the media spreads rumours about the two's relationship and claims them to be in illicit relationship, which angers Akhil.

He plucks the mike from one of the reporter in his office and asked him, "Will you talk like this senseless, when your sister goes like this, just for the sake of TRP? Ah? You bloody fools."

"Sir. Kindly mind your words. What we told is true only right. If they are like siblings, why should they go missing and die. Haa?" asked another reporter, to which Akhil challenges them saying, "Write da. Within one month I will prove that, my lover Nimeshika is innocent. If not so, I will resign this police job da, saying I am unfit for this police job. And if I don't prove this case, my name is not Akhil da."

Akhil holds the hands of Adhithya and goes along with him to Nimeshika's house, where he becomes emotional, upon recollecting his memorable times spent in the house. There, the two conducts some search for clues inside the house, for this case.

Upon searching the house, they comes across a file: "Drug Abuse in India and the Untold crimes- By Danish Mohammed."

Adhithya becomes shocked and tells this to Akhil: "Hey Akhil. See this da. Danish and Nimeshika have been dealing with this case before we started. For three years, they are in this investigation."

Akhil checks into the file. But, there's nothing in the file, except a pen drive, which they takes. Back in his house, Akhil opens his laptop and checks the pen drive.

It have a file, that consists of few photos.

Akhil sees few photos of Afro-Americans and some American Gangsters in the drive. Further, he sees the Narcotics Control Bureau's recent reports about increasing drug mafia in Mumbai and parts of India.

However, the ppt that's named as Religious group and the mafia shows just the intro of the crime and doesn't showcase the photos and mastermind behind these things.

To Akhil's luck, he sees a photo of an unknown guy, holding journalist ID card. He is standing along with Danish and Nimeshika, near Park Royal South.

Puzzled with this location, he calls Adhithya and asks him to check this location. However, he denies such location. Most being a failure, Meera sees the photo accidentally as she came to his house and tells, "Hey Akhil. Have Nimeshika gone for Canada?"

"What? Is this place Canada?" asked Akhil to which Meera replied, "Ada! What's this pa? Don't you know? This place is famous for chess games. It's located near to North Mall." Hearing this, Akhil feels elated and thanks her for giving this clue.

He meets Adhithya and Aravinth and tells them, "What's the link between Canada and this case da? It's really confusing me. Are we on the right track in solving this case?"

"Akhil. You remember the first meeting with Reddy sir?" asked Adhithya, to which he says yes. For that, Adhi tells, "Akhil. There our sir have told that: Drug Enforcement agencies have recently done raids against the mafias in Canada, USA, UK, Japan and Australia. That's why, our country was taken as a safe heaven."

"How could you say so da? Actually, that case is related to Mumbai mafia. We are dealing with Nimeshika's case." As Aravinth is telling this, Akhil stopped and asked him: "Hey come again. What did you say da?"

"Drug agency is doing raid in the said countries USA, UK, Japan, Canada and Australia." Akhil is relieved that he have found the clue and decides to go for Canada, which he tells to Adhithya and Aravinth.

"Hey. Are you senseless? Without knowing anyone there and without anyone's help, how can you solve this case da?"

"You two are there right? Among you two, Aravinth is enough for me to investigate this case" said Akhil, to which Adhithya eventually accepts. As he is an undercover cop, whom no one knows except their department.

Convincing Viswanathan that, "Akhil is going for a peaceful trip to USA in order to refresh himself up" he starts his journey to Canada, along with Aravinth.

After reaching Canada, Akhil is shocked to find Meera there and he panicks. However, he manages to evade her and goes along with Aravinth to meet the unknown man.

At first, he stays in a hotel room, where the duo contacts Adhithya.

"Tell da Akhil" said Adhithya.

"Did you inform Meera that, I am in Canada?" asked an angry Akhil.

"No da. I didn't inform about this. Has she really came there? It's unbelievable" said Adhithya, to which Aravinth tells: "Don't act smart da. Show this to Akhil's parents. Not to us."

Adhithya really doesn't know about this and tells them, "First hear this da. One of my Canada friend John Anderson's contact number have been sent to you. Kindly check into it and meet him da. He would help you in this case."

They takes the contact information and meets him in the city, where David tells: "Welcome to Canada guys. Well well! Myself, I am John David, Special officer of Crime Branch."

"Ok John. As Adhithya could have told you, I need to know about the unknown guy, who was there along with my girlfriend Nimeshika in Park Royal." Akhil said to which, he replied: "Unknown man? No. He didn't even sent me the photo of that man?"

"He finished the work half backed da. Senseless idiot." Aravinth sends the photo of that unknown man to David.

Seeing him, he at first fails to recognize him. However, he tells: "Ah yes yes. He is a journalist in a TV news channel of Canada. His name is William Steve."

"What's he doing in this place?"

"He is a master in playing chess. Everyday he used to come here during the break time." Walking inside David's house, Akhil shows a pen drive and uploading in a computer, he asked to David: "Have you ever seen these Afro-Americans in this place?"

David thinks a while and tells: "They are notorious drug dealers in Canada and South Panama, Akhil. Recently, as we raided here, they all went back to Panama and still haven't came out of the sea. I doesn't know the rest of informations."

"Shall I meet Steve?" asked the duo, to which David agrees and they goes to meet him. However, as they steps inside the house of Steve, Akhil finds him dead and sees a note that's left for him.

In the note, Akhil is warned with a statement: "ACP. Stop investigating this case. Orelse, you are to be in trouble. This is my first warning."

As he is seeing the note left for him, Aravinth is shot two times in his abdomen and chest. He falls down to the floor and a panick-striken Akhil rushed to him: "Aravinth. Hey..."

"Nothing would happen to you young man. Be bold" said David.

"Akhil. We are being targetted by someone da. I know very well that, someday or the other, I have to die. But doesn't expect that, my death would be sooner." Aravinth said, by holding his arms.

"Shut up da. I am there with you." He lifted him in his arms. But, sees his hands coming down. Aravinth have died in his arms.

A heartbroken Akhil starts to cry and laments for failing to save his friend. Then, he gets a call from an unknown person, which he attends.

"What Akhil! You took the note light heartedly. Now you have seen your beloved one's death in-front of your eyes. How are you feeling now? Going to stop this case or to continue this? Decide your fate. Because, starting this chase game is in your hands."

Akhil angrily shouts and tells, "I am waiting for you da. Will meet you soon."

David calls up the police and finished up the formalities of clearing the crime scene. Later on, David tells to Akhil: "Akhil sir. Aravinth's body is to be sent for India. Have you informed Adhithya?"

"Yes. I have informed him already. Ask him to see the formalities. And, what about the killer's identity?"

"He have dialled through internet call sir. And too, the calls have been showing multiples of locations. Henceforth, it was difficult for us to trace his location." David said, which he accepts. At the same time, David reveals about the security protection, that was given to them by their police department, considering the security of their life, to which he agrees.

With the help of the securities, Akhil goes to Steve's house to search for some clues about this case. There, he finds some of the books such as, "Drugs and it's influence in India" and "Religious mafia and India."

Further, he gets to see another pen drive in a secret room, which he sees in the computer. Upon viewing it, David and Akhil gets to know some shocking truths: "Talibans in Afghanisthan have planned to kill women and dominate the country", "Religious mafias of USA, UK and Australia have planned to make India a Muslim or Christian country, using the opposition parties as a bait, which is ready to sell the country for their own selfish deeds" and "The Drug influence is to be high in India, during 2023." When going through several photos, he comes across two Tamilian people: "one, having a tattoo and the other, having some God fearing facial expressions, with a chain in his neck."

Akhil takes their photo alone with him and decides to head back for Kanniyakumari. But, he gets a call from same unknown guy, who tells him: "What Akhil! I warned you not to investigate. Yet you are bolder only. I appreciate this. Hmm."

As they are speaking, David shouts like a fearful Zebra, trapped by a Roaring lion. A shocked Akhil turns to him and finds out his two security officers been shot fatally by some unknown snipers.

Realizing that someone is after them to target, Akhil escapes along with David. While going, he finds out the assassins and during the ensuing chase, one of the assassin gets hit by a car in the road.

When chasing the other henchman, Meera sees Akhil and follows him. The henchman plans to defend himself and fires bullets against David and Akhil. The latter gets shot in his left arm and left chest respectively.

Yet, Akhil successfully shoots the assassin in his right leg and left arm respectively. He gets arrested by the Canada police, as David reported him.

With drops of tears flowing from his eyes, Akhil falls across the road. A concerned and panicked Meera goes near to Akhil saying, "Akhil. Nothing happened for you...hey."

"I have lost Aravinth, lost Nimeshika and even lost my half of the life. My worries is that, will I prove Nimeshika's innocence, before my death." Akhil thinked about this in his mind.

"Nimeshika's last vision and the place, where I have met her is the only thing, that reminds me now." Akhil said to Meera. She takes him to the hospitals of Canada, where he is treated by the doctors and gets cured.

Meanwhile, Viswanathan and Rajasekhar becomes furious upon learning the events that have happened in Canada and they admonishes Adhithya for being careless. While, Meera and Akhil plans to return for Kanniyakumari.

Before going, Akhil thanks David for helping him in the case and ties a Rakhi, which he grants. Along with Meera, he returns to Kanniyakumari and seeks the scoldings of his father.

Dejected with Akhil's acts, Annalakshmi outcasts him despite the consoling words of Rajasekhar. To the goodness of his family, Akhil leaves along with Adhithya in tears.

Adhithya tells: "This case is not only linked with our country da Akhil. But, also links with USA, UK, South Panama and Canada. Something is fishy sir. We have to deal this case in-depth da."

"For these groups, they have to sell drugs. For that, they targets school and college students, especially the girls. Mere building of treatment centres and taking actions will not be enough, and millions of drug users in the community will have to be motivated, informed, and encouraged to come forward to seek treatment." Akhil said his suggestion to which, Adhithya is opposed.

He says, "No buddy. For this we first have to seek the permissions of our JCP sir. Let's seek permission from him" to which, Akhil agree. They are granted permissions with another special permission to shoot the drugs dealers on the spot, if they are seen selling them in schools and colleges.

"Akhil. I have arranged a special team for you two to Crack this issues. All the best" said the JCP, which he accept gladly.

"Guys. This is very sensitive problem, as I already told this to you two. I will take care, if some issues comes regarding this. Proceed." The JCP's words are accepted by the duo.

They forms a police team and discuss to bring out the drug dealers and college students to the light of public.


In Marthand Villa of Kanniyakumari, meanwhile those two people, whom Akhil captured in his phone meets MLA Rajendran, who is having talks with a guy, who outspoke in the public.

"You spoke too much about Eelam Tamil people itseems. It's just for politics. I have prepared you people for our political development. Not for people's development" said Rajendran, who is a 50-year old man, with cruel facial expressions and evil eye expressions.

As the guy spoke against him about this issue, Rajendran hits his nose and beats up severely. He tells him, "I shouldn't see you in the mike hall anymore. I should only decide about what you speak and what you have to address. I would kill you if, I see you again speaking in any political rallies."

The guy escapes from him, after seeking his blessings.

The same time, Akhil and the team saves a girl named Samyuktha from the hands of college students, who have tried to abuse her sexually after mixing LSD in her drinks.

They arrests the students under the Gundar act and Akhil tells to the media: "As Drug culture is fast spreading in India, girls should be aware and Vigilante against the problems, that are approaching them. Don't get involved easily with the new people."

The media people then asks about Nimeshika's murderer to which, he gives no reply and leaves the place. While with Adhithya, he gets a call from JCP Ravindran who tells, "Akhil. Did Kanniyakumari JCP told something important to you?"

"No sir. Why?"

"Narcotics Control Bureau officer ACP Rajveer Singh is coming to meet you and the team. Mr. Akhil. You have to capture the drug mafia at one attempt. Try." JCP said, to which he agreed to.

"Well guys. This is Rajveer Singh. ACP of Narcotics Divisions bureau" said Akhil. He introduces his teammates to Singh consisting of: Anwar, Imran, Rahul and Kalyan respectively.

"Well info team. Just before few days, our team also nabbed some important drug mafias in Mumbai. A total of 100 kingpins were reported to be there in the city. That's why called as "Cocaine Capital of India. This mission is to be renamed as DAA, from Operation Bharat." Akhil's team starts to take down the drug mafias in Kanniyakumari.

The team starts to investigate about the mafia and the mastermind behind these people randomly and one of Akhil's team Imran meets him and tells: "Sir. As per the International market value, 1500 crores worth drugs are the major sales in our country, including our district sir. So many proxies like politicians and police officers are involved in this sir. Mostly they transfer Cocaine, Methampathemine and Heroin sir. Mostly it's from South Panama and USA sir. But, 95% of drugs are powder made only sir."

With the help of an ex-drug dealer, Akhil traps 200 Kg of Cocaine, that have came from South Panama port, sent by Afro-Americans. The team encounters the dealers, who have used fake ID Card to sell these things in the market. The seizing place is in Kodaiyar.

The information of drug seizing reaches Rajendran, who becomes furious. He asked his henchman, "Who is the incharge of our drug dealings in Kodaiyar da?"

"Relgious leader George Palaniappan, brother" said the henchman after which he calls him.

"Yes leader sir. Tell me" said George Palaniappan.

"Who have came to the police department of Kanniyakumari as the new ACP now?"

"ACP Akhil and ACP Adhithya respectively bro. They hail from Tirunelveli."

"How is their character?"

"They won't obey our orders bro. Quite villainous people bro."

"Hey. They have to obey us. Investigate about their family. I will talk with them, you ask him to speak with me." George eventually agreed and Rajendran talks with Akhil, who pretends to return the drugs and diverts the media attention.

He however video calls Rajendran and tells, "Mr. Rajendran. I know well that you would get the drugs back, even if I give it to the Narcotics, using your influence. Hence, I am burning this drugs." Adhithya burns the drugs by lighting a cigar, which causes the drugs to explode...

"He have burned the drugs da. Now, what to answer for those Afro-Americans da. Idiot Adhithya-Akhil, dei. Where are you both da?"

The same time, Akhil is met by a college student named Yuva, who sees him as an inspiration and have spread awareness about drugs. He tells that he would help the police department by creating awareness about these things as a NSS part role.

"Sir. Even in our college, this problem is prevalent. I like to do. Please sir." He holds his hands and as per his words, Akhil agrees. College students are made aware of drugs and are injected with Anti-Drugs, to prevent them from using it.

The same time, Viswanathan reconciles with Akhil, realizing his mistakes and they decides to get him married to Meera, which he reluctantly accepts for his family's happiness. He gets married to him after the engagement, shortly and proceeds to investigate the case.


Ten days later, Adhithya again checks into the house of Nimeshika for getting some clues for this case.

Upon checking her house, he finds out her camera, which is kept inside her bureau. In that camera, he finds her words with evidences of some important things. Immediately he rushes and meets Akhil, giving the video.

"Akhil. Look into this video da." As he gets the video and looked it, he sees an injured Nimeshika sitting in an underground godown explaining: "This is the godown of Rajendran. He is doing drugs business with the help of several goons. For his own political gains, he have been brainwashing the youths and several people, along with George Palaniappan. As I and Danish would die anyhow, I am leaving this video with some sort of evidences to you..." She showcases his atrocities like killing, dominating the media and doing caste politics and involving in caste riots along with so many influential people.

Nimeshika's murder by George Palaniappan too is recorded in the same video. Akhil decides to hand the two people in front of the law.

Viswanathan's close friend Public Prosecutor Rangarajan supports Akhil and Adhithya for this case. For the side of Rajendran, Lawyer Bhaskaran appears.

"Mr. Akhil. This is not just an issue in our state. This is a social issue prevalent all over India. The God, which we worship is called to be a phantom by a group right. We can expose them to the public. Since, true Christians would support us only." Lawyer Ranga said, to which Adhithya tells: "Real Christians won't do so sir. We too face these same issues sir."

He asks to collect some evidence against this case, to which he agrees to do. With Adhithya, he goes to the Christian church, where people are being brainwashed to change their religion, in the name of showing Hindus in a bad light. Akhil decides to use this evidence to bring out Nimeshika's innocence, who have been filed under PCR act due to the influences of politicians.

They takes the video and posing as a guy, who wanted to convert their religion, Akhil gathers few evidences from the church. Afterwards, Lawyer Rangarajan presents the video to the court law of Kanniyakumari.

The court sees the people, who are converting to Christians and to favor for this, Lawyer Rangarajan said, "Your honour. You have saw the religious conversion of one particular guy only. Like these they convert to Christianity, but they live as a Hindu, they are called as Crypto-christians. They are not Hindus. They belong to Christianity. Lakhs and Lakhs of people are there like this in India, your honour. PCR act too won't work out for those, who have turned to Christians, as per Indian Political system. As per my kind request, I ask this IPC 304 case to be investigated along with their mysterious deaths and cancel the PCR case against Nimeshika." He puts this statement after showcasing her statements as a video through the camera, further showcasing the proofs that it's an original video.

The same time, Rajendran and George Palaniappan meets the party leader Ramachandran, who advises them to be careful saying: "Calls are coming for two days da. As you are angry with those police officers, you have filed PCR case against the dead Nimeshika. But, he have digged these things and collected evidence about religious conversion. Thus, he submitted this in the court of law. As per the law, if you have converted your religion, none should use the caste. Guys. If anyone accepts Christianity, it comes under BC category only."

"Sir. Don't take class for us. Tell, what should we do? Tell what are you expecting from us?" asked George Palaniappan.

"Are we catching Tigers with cage ah? We formed this group with lots of difficulties and hardwork. Here, no one would ever change and even if he changes, he would start thinking. Call those guys and settle the problems. Orelse there would be big problems for us. Think about it."

"Brother. Please understand our situation. When he was trying to investigate the murder case in Canada, I threatened him as an unanonymous caller. Even, I killed Aravinth. Despite that he have almost completed the case. Additionally, none of my plans to create Caste riots and other problems worked out. So, you think that he would compromise?"

Angry Rajendran asked him, to which the party leader tells: "George eh. Already the path, in which we are going is all in lots of troubles. They are chasing us, as we go to him. If this too comes out, the people, who invested us with crores would even dare to kill us. Without thinking, call those two guys and talk with them guys."

Respecting his words, the two calls Adhithya and Akhil, bringing them to the site, which the duo gladly accepts. Since, they too were expecting for this golden opportunity to meet them, face to face.

"Why did you asked me to come here sir? Respect too is high. Fear ah?" Akhil asked them

"No. You told fear right? It's not. I have asked you to come here for compromise actually. You know why have I called you here!" George Palaniappan said to them.

"Very well!" said Adhithya.

The duo pleads with the guys to halt the proving of the dead people's innocence saying that, "They won't come back anyways." He asks the guys to make them escape from this case and close this case, promising them for money.

The duo threatens the guys saying about their backside stories, etc.

"These guys won't even reform" said an angry Adhithya.

"Hey. I was very angry when heard that, you were the reason for my girlfriend's death. What are you seeing guys? You bloody prostitutes. What? !Are you seeing how could I know this? You all saw the only video of her confession. But, I didn't show the murder of Nimeshika."

"Akhil. You doesn't know about us completely." George threatened him.

"What I doesn't know about you all. You get drugs from outside countries and sell this to younger people, making them incapable to think and made them slaves. Such a high-class politician you are da. For votes and seat, you feed biriyani and food for the people and give them bribes...such a scoundrel you are" said Adhithya which angered George and he tells, "Kindly mind your words Adhithya. This is not at all fair."

"You have digged these many. But, see our other face too, soon." The two said to Akhil and Adhithya.

"What you need guys?" asked an angry George.

"We need to expose you to this world. Your atrocities to be showcased for the public. I will destruct your ideologies da. Would do it da." Both Akhil and Adhithya said.

The party leader advised them and leaves hoping to go by the fate. The same time, Akhil hears a good news in his family that, "Meera is pregnant with his child."

Then, the guys sees a hospital, where the drug addicts and game addicts are counseled and given psychological treatments. Seeing these people, Akhil said: "For their own political gains, people like George and Rajendran have spoiled our generation people by making them addicted for drinks. But, here they are ruining our future generations through these kinds of issues. So Pathetic to see this da. We have to expose them."

The opposition lawyer then meets Akhil and tells him: "I too doesn't wish to do this sir. But, as you think, George and Rajendran are not ordinary persons. Finish them off once and for all sir. This case would come to an end."

2:00 PM:

Accepting his words, Akhil and Adhithya decides to finish them off. Before they could go, the NSS student Yuva, who have met him comes to see him.

"Come Yuva. Why have you came to meet me at this time?" asked Akhil.

"Sir. I have came to show you an important footage regarding Nimeshika and Danish's murder sir." He shows the video to him and Adhithya asked him: "How did you take this video bravely?"

"Sir. I was returning back to my house that time, around 8:30 PM sir. At that time I saw these two running from the men of Rajendran and took the video of their murder, as I couldn't save them. I hoped this would be helpful to you sir. That's why gave this evidence to you sir." Yuva gives it and seeks an exit.

Seeing her brutal death in the video, Akhil gets angered and reaches to the underground godown of Kodaiyar forests, where Rajendran's men are preparing to export a drug.

There, Akhil brutally hijacks the two guys(whom he saw in a photo in Canada) with a sword. While, Adhithya kills the other henchman of George and Rajendran brutally.

That time, the two arrives to the place, as none attended the calls. Seeing the two guys, George and Rajendran tried to kill them, only to be subdued by Adhithya and Akhil respectively.

"If anyone raises questions, will you them as the people following casteism and terrorism? My girlfriend was doing her duty only know da. But, you all killed her and framed her up in humiliating way. Chi!!!" Akhil said his grievance.

Unseathing a nearby sword, he stands near to those two. "Hey. Please don't do anything out of anger da. Spare me."

"If you kill us, the whole Tamilnadu would start to burn. Since, our ideologies are still alive. You can't do anything da." George laughed and said to them.

"I can't kill you. But these drugs would kill you all da. Since, you would be burned along with these things. We would frame it as an accident and close the case, as you tried to do. So, our game is over." Akhil stabs Rajendran for multiple times, using mini-knife, having reminded off the deaths of Aravinth and Nimeshika. He struggled to breath.

"Whatever I did is a mistake and crime, I got a satisfaction that, I have lived the life to the fullest...ha ha ha ha!" Rajendran said and laughed.

George Palaniappan is hit brutally on the other hand by Adhithya, with the help of an Iron Rod.

A dying Geroge then whispers saying, "Like us, thousands would come da. What could you do that time? Will you kill them all?"

"If you are thousands, we are in crores da. Since, Good wins over evil" said Akhil.

The two are burnt alive in the ground. While, Akhil and Adhithya reaches back their home safe. Nimeshika and Danish are proved to be innocents and National heroes.

The Madras High Court sends a petition to Supreme Court requesting in a letter by stating: "After one converts his religion to Christian or Muslims, one should not use the name of Hindu. But, it's violated despite being present in the Indian Law system. Next, the drug culture is an widespread problem in India, that needs to be solved by the country. Henceforth, taking these two issues as a serious threat, I kindly request the Indian Government and State Government to strengthen our law system. For the selfish and political motives of the individuals like George Palaniappan and Rajendran, media people like Nimeshika and Danish are made victims and got avenged. For that, we are asking kind apology to them. Let their soul rest in peace."

The judge further requests to strengthen and strict the rules of PCR, which shouldn't be misused by anyone as a request to the Indian government.


Afterwards of the court session, the media people apologized to Akhil and Adhithya for their wrong statements against Nimeshika and appreciated them for their brave efforts in bringing out the people like Rajendran and George to justice.

The two guys meets Viswanathan, who emotionally hugs them. While, a pregnant Meera smiles at Akhil. With the family accompanied by Rajasekhar, Rathnavel, JCP's of Tirunelveli, Hyderabad and Kanniyakumari and Annalakshmi, they all goes to the place, where Danish and Nimeshika's cemetery have been there. They indulges in prayer...reciting to the state of peace for some time...


This story forms as my last part of the CID trilogies. This story deals in depth about the crime case on one side, family of IPS officers on the other sides and the sufferings undergone by them. Several true events formed as a base for me to script this craft. The story forms as a legacy for my successful script Investigation, which had been acclaimed critically by the editors...

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