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Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Crime Action Others


Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Crime Action Others



23 mins 320 23 mins 320

Note: This story is based on 2008 Noida Double Murder Case, partially. The part of science fiction plot was loosely inspired from the British film Iboy. But, the main source of inspiration was the theory of Communication Systems, which I adapted from the Physics Book. No part of this story is meant for hurting anyone by any means.


Near to the private hospitals of Mumbai, ACP Sai Adhithya is under treatment as per the orders of his senior police officer DSP Aravinth Reddy IPS.

After receiving a ray of his past memories, Sai Adhithya suddenly wakes up calling the name of his love interest, "Ishika....Ishika..."

Seeing his recovery, doctors come in to console and control him. However, he pushes them off to the other sides and instead flees away from the hospital within few hours.

Shocked by this, Aravinth calls most influential man named Rajendra Singh and tells him, "Sir. Sai Adhithya have escaped from the hospital. I don't know what's going to happen. Be safe."

He hangs off the call. Rajendra Reddy is the relative of Andhra Chief Minister Rathnavel Reddy. The duo meets and plans to do something, before things take a drastic turn.


Nisha is a neurological aspirant. She is preparing a report about "Memory transfer" to humans. The memory transfer method have became success with the rabbits. She is planning to transfer this to human beings, which she announces in the lab session.

Her assistant Sarah explains this memory transfer by saying: "This is a method of memory transfer. Human Brain consists of millions of neurons. They get transmitted in various ways and does different functions. We are transmitting the memories of humans through Signal method via. through electrical form."

Nisha tells that the side effects would be: "Death is possible if something goes wrong...Additionally, it takes time for the memories of other person to sustain in the person, to whom it was passed on."

At that time, her love interest Akhil calls her and she tells him, "Huh elca gone missing da."


"That rabbit have gone missing...the one on which I am trying memory transfer. I don't know how to find it out da Akhil...I am unable to understand anything." Nisha said.

"For this itself, you are panicking ah? One of our police officer from CID Department have gone away from his treatment. Do you know how much our department is tensed?"

"Who is he da Akhil?"

"ASP Sai Adhithya IPS, Nisha."


Sai Adhithya is going towards Hyderabad in his favorite KTM Duke 360. While driving towards the place, he thinks saying: "One of the complicated case have made my life to enter into roads. That case have made me to lose my sanity, lose my beloved love and finally my main objective. Why am I like this? What happened to me? Who am I?"


Sai Adhithya was working as the ASP of Vijayawada under the CID Department. He was assisted by his close friend Rajveer and for both of them, Aravinth Reddy is everything and they does as per his words. Because, they are his trusted aid.

Sai Adhithya is in a constant clash with a local gangster Soori and his younger brother Yogendra. He is preparing a secret plan to eliminate them both. With the help of Aravinth Reddy and having encounter order in the hands, Sai Adhithya brutally encountered Soori's younger brother Yogendra to death. While Soori escaped from the place by leaving a threat to Adhithya.


Ten days later, Sai Adhithya and Rajveer goes to Prakasham Barrage after being granted a two days weekend holiday by Aravinth Reddy.

"Adhithya. Only during these weekend holidays, we are able to enjoy these natural scenarios." Rajveer said.

"Yes Rajveer. You are right."

"In this scenario, if a girl comes with a gorgeous face look means how could it be da?" Rajveer asked with a grin smile.

"It would be such a wonderful show da Rajveer." While they are conversing each other, Adhithya notices a huge crowd amidst the place near the barrage.

They goes there to see what wonder have happened in the place. Adhithya meets Ishika, who wears black suits and blue jeans pants. She is telling Stalking as a crime to a college boy, who tried to follow a girl in the name of love.

Ishika and Adhithya become good friends after meeting each other in the barrage. Her beauty and gorgeous look attracts Adhithya a lot. He decides to keep an eye on her. Adhithya starts to understand her good nature slowly by observing all of her activities.

He comes to know that she is working as a surgeon in a hospitals near Vijayawada. Slowly both of them falls in love with each other and he starts to live together in Ishika's house. However, happiness is not lasting long for Adhithya.


Three days later, near to PVP Square of Vijayawada, 13 year old girl named Dahini is found dead in her house. She is a student of Disha School in Vijayawada. Since she is the daughter of a dentist couple Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Nupur, the death attains public attention. The family is highly influential and rich, having connections with Central Government. In addition, Niranjana is the close relative of the current Chief Minister Raghav Reddy of Andhra Pradesh.


Rajesh and Nupur practiced together at their clinic in Sector 27 of Kondapalli. They also saw patients at the Fortis Hospital, where Rajesh headed the dental department. In addition, Rajesh taught at the ITS dental college in Bhavani Island. Anita and Praful Durrani, another dentist couple are close family friends and they all lived in the same city. The couple shared the Noida clinic with the family: Rajesh and Anita worked at the clinic in the mornings (9am–12pm), while Praful and Nupur worked there in the evenings (5pm–7pm). The family also shared a clinic in Besant Road of Vijayawada.

Yam Prasad Banjade, better known as Hemraj, was the family's live-in domestic help and cook. He belonged to Dharapani village in the Arghakhanchi district of Nepal.


Around 5:30 PM, a police meeting is held by DGP Harish Naidu with DSP Aravinth Reddy, who got accompanied by ASP Sai Adhithya, ASP Rajveer respectively.

Harish scolds Aravinth for being careless in handling this case and warns them to finish this case as soon as possible to avoid the public attention.

Aravinth Reddy asks Adhithya to investigate the case and finish it off as soon as possible, to which he agrees.

Accompanied by Rajveer, Adhithya meets Dahini's father Rajesh to interrogate him.

"Sir. How did your daughter died? Weren't there any securities in your house?" Adhithya asked him.

"Sir. Hemraj used to be there in the house for taking care of my daughter. But, we didn't even find him in the scene the last night on 16 May 2020." Nupur said to him.

"May I know what happened the last night clearly?" Rajveer asked them.

They agrees and opens up what happened the last night.


On 16 May 2020, the family's housemaid Bharati Mandal (35) rang their doorbell around 6 am. She had been employed six days earlier. Every day, Hemraj would open the door for her, as Nupur and Rajesh were late risers, but this time, nobody opened the door even after she rang a second time. She later stated that she tried pushing the outermost gate, but it did not open.

After Bharati rang the doorbell a third time, Nupur opened the innermost wooden door. Speaking through the mesh of the middle grill door, she told Bharati that this door was locked from outside. She asked Bharati about the whereabouts of Hemraj. When Bharati said that she had no idea, Nupur remarked that Hemraj must have gone outside to fetch milk and must have locked the door from outside. She asked Bharati to wait outside until Hemraj returned. Bharati did not want to wait and asked Nupur to throw the keys. Nupur asked her to go downstairs so that she could throw the keys to her from the balcony.

Nupur then called Hemraj's mobile phone, but the call was abruptly cut. When she tried calling him again, the phone appeared to have been switched off. When Bharati reached downstairs, Nupur asked her to go back and check if the door was just latched, not locked. Bharati insisted that Nupur throw the keys anyway, so that she wouldn't have to take the stairs again, in case the door was locked. Nupur then threw the keys down to Bharati.

According to the family of Rajesh, by this time, Rajesh also woke up. He entered the living room and saw a near-empty Scotch whisky bottle on the dining table, which surprised him. He asked Nupur who had kept the bottle there, and then alarmed, asked her to check Dahini's room. Dahini's room had a self-locking door, and it would generally be locked. It could be opened only from inside or from outside with a key. But the couple found it unlocked on that morning. When they entered the room, they saw Dahini's dead body lying on her bed. Rajesh started screaming, while Nupur remained silent (due to shock, according to her).

Meanwhile, Bharati returned to the outermost gate: she pushed it, and it opened without the key. She found that the middle door was latched, but not locked. She opened the latch and walked in. When she entered the apartment, she saw Rajesh and Nupur crying. Nupur asked her to come inside Dahini's room. Bharati stood at the entrance of the room, as Nupur walked inside. Dahini's body lay on her bed; it was covered with a flannel blanket. Nupur pulled the blanket, and Bharati saw that Dahini's throat was slit. Both the parents blamed Hemraj for Dahini's murder in front of the maid. Bharati walked out of the apartment to inform the neighbours. She returned to the house and asked the Talwars if they wanted her to do the daily household chores. When they said "No", she moved on to work in other households.

Both Rajesh and Nupur called their family and friends. Puneesh Rai Tandon, a neighbour who lived one floor below the Talwars, asked the Jalvayu Vihar security guard Virendra Singh to inform the police. By the time the police arrived, there were 15 people in the living room and 5-6 people in the Talwars' bedroom; only Dahinii's room was vacant. The crime scene had been "completely trampled upon". The story of a murder in an affluent neighbourhood also attracted many mediapersons, who gathered around the house by 8 am.


"So, you both suspect Hemraj to be involved in this murder. Am I right?" Sai Adhithya asked him.

"He have gone missing, at that time. I doubt him only sir." Nupur said.

Rajesh also blames Hemraj behind the murder of his daughter. Further, he asks him to pursue Hemraj instead of wasting their time by instigating them. He further offered Rajveer ₹ 25,000 to rush to Hemraj's village in Nepal.

Rajveer suspects that Hemraj entered Dahini's room in an inebriated state after consuming Scotch Whisky and tried to sexually assault her. When he resisted, he killed her with a kukri.

Dahini's body is sent for post-mortmem around 8: 30 AM, the next day. After the post-mortem, her body is brought back around 1:00 PM and sent for cremation. When being accused for being fast in cremating the body, the family told that, "The body is decomposing faster and police also told, no more examination is needed with the body."


On the morning of 26 May, the visitors to the Rajesh's house noticed some bloodstains on the terrace door handle. Rajesh's former colleagues Rajiv Kumar Varshney and Rohit Kochhar later told the police that they saw bloodstains on the terrace door, its lock and the staircase leading to the terrace. While visiting the Talwars' house, Varshney had taken the stairs to the terrace by mistake. However, several other witnesses testified that they had not noticed any bloodstains on the staircase in the morning. These witnesses included several police officers, Umesh Sharma, Puneesh Rai Tandon, Bharati Mandal and Vikas Sethi. Thus, the bloodstains might have been left by the group that tried taking Dahini's mattress to the Talwars' terrace.


After been informed about the decomposed body, Rajesh went upstairs to identify the body. He told the police that he couldn't be sure that the body was that of Hemraj, due to the injuries and the decomposition. Later, a friend of Hemraj identified the body as his.

Rajesh and Nupur later resumed their journey to Haridwar and returned the same day. At Haridwar, Rajesh entered the time of Dahini's death as 2 am in the priest's records. An autopsy of Hemraj's body was conducted at night by Dr. Naresh Raj.

27 MAY 2020, HARIDWAR: 

Situation takes a drastic turn when Rajesh and his wife Nupur gets killed in an accident when they left for Haridwar to immerse Dahini's ashes in Ganges River. Taking the situation to the advantage, the then opposition party leader Rathnavel Reddy makes this into politics and manages to get the government dismissed. He gains position by becoming the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.


Five days later, a dejected and angry Adhithya returns back to Ishika's home and starts to threw some materials out of anger and frustration.

Seeing his anger, Ishika goes near to him and hugs. After getting his anger controlled, Ishika asked him: "What happened Adhithya? Why are you angered?"

"They suspended me and Rajveer for Ten days Ishika." Rajveer said, after coming to the house.

"Why? What happened?" She asked him.

"We were unable to complete this case. In addition, Police department are anger against us that, media gained their TRP with this case. Aravinth sir was helpless and eventually suspended us for 10 days to avoid political pressures." Rajveer said.

"No Rajveer. There is something mysterious and I think some political issues are there in this case." Adhithya said.

Ishika however stops him and tells him to relax for some days along with her and Rajveer. He eventually agrees and goes along with them for Goa with licensary gun for self-defence.

GOA, 5:30 AM: 

Adhithya, Ishika and Rajveer reaches Goa and they enjoys the trip to the core. Only DSP Aravinth Reddy knew that they have gone for Goa. Ishika and Adhithya spend some memorable time together in the bridge.

Unfortunately, Soori and his men have came to Goa in order to kill Adhithya and Rajveer as a means of revenge for Yogendra's death. Spotting them, Adhithya and Rajveer goes into hiding near to a bushes along with Ishika.

Adhithya outsmarts Soori's henchman and kills them, along with Rajveer. However, Soori kills Rajveer by shooting him in the chest and stomach respectively.

"Rajveer..." Ishika and Adhithya rushes to see him...

"Adhithya. You go da. Go with Ishika. I will handle this..." He said to him. Reluctantly, Adhithya escapes with Ishika.

Rajveer tries his best to stop Soori and his men. However, he gets killed by them. Adhithya reaches to the other side of the sea through the ship, along with Ishika.

Adhithya calls Aravinth Reddy and informs him about Rajveer's death and Soori's hunt against him. The latter asks Adhithya to be careful and requests him to stay away from them.

NEXT DAY, 7:30 AM: 

However the next day, Soori finds out Adhithya and Ishika. Seeing him with the henchman, he starts to shoot Soori's henchman and escapes from the place along with Ishika.

But, sadly Ishika is shot by Soori two times.

"Ishika...Ishika...Look at me!" Adhithya cried hugging her body...

"Hey...what did she do to you da?" Adhithya asked them in anger. He is hit in the head by Soori and his henchman and is left for dead.

Before going unconscious he chants the name of Ishika. Hearing the news of the attack against Adhithya, Aravinth Reddy sends his police team for the rescue. Rajveer and Ishika gets cremated in the tight securities. While, Adhithya was sent for treatment in the hospitals of Mumbai, to avoid Soori's intervention.

The police team kills Soori and his henchman in retribution.

PRESENT, 9:30 AM- 

Adhithya goes to Aravinth Reddy's house and confronts him. Since, the only information about their trip is known to himself and Soori should have learnt from him.

To the shock of Adhithya, Aravinth Reddy points gun towards him and tries to kill him. He runs from the place, after getting hit with a whisky bottle by an angry Adhithya.

Adhithya chases him and eventually, Aravinth lands in Nisha's car.

"Hey. Who are you?" Nisha asked him.

"Go ma...go away from here..." Aravinth Reddy begged her.

"No Adhithya...if you kill me, then you would face the consequences..." Aravinth Reddy said.

"I don't have time sir. I have already lost two of my beloved people...tell me, what's the link between you and this murder? Who told you to do so?"

"I won't tell you da. You are going to lose everything like that case...You know? The case that you and Rajveer dealt with got transferred to CBI..."

Adhithya becomes shocked. Anger to the core, he kills Aravinth Reddy brutally in Nisha's car.

Nisha informs about this to Akhil. He is now investigating the case of Dahini-Hemraj Murder case as the case is now given to his senior CBI officer Ravindran. He have asked him to handle the case.

Akhil is chasing Sunil, one of the close accomplish of Rajesh. Since, he suspects him to be involved in this murder case...however, he gets killed by an unanonymous car.

DGP meanwhile, arrives to the CM's house and warns him to be careful. Because, Adhithya and Akhil are against their track to investigate the murder case in a full-pledged manner.


In DKP apartment, Akhil plays piano to relax himself and while doing so, he sees Nisha, crying.

"Hey baby. Why are you crying ma?" asked Akhil.

"I feel feared when thinking about that ASP Adhithya, Akhil. He have killed his senior police officer in front of my eyes, you know?"

"He is in the frustration of his girlfriend Ishika's death. Additonally, that DSP have been responsible for that...that's why he killed him Nisha...he is not that worse Nisha...officers like us have to face personal challenges like this while instigating a case..." Akhil said to her...

"Are you dealing with these kind of people? I don't have anyone except you da. I can't bear if anything happens to you..." She said to him emotionally...Akhil consoles her and tells, "Baby. I don't know what would happen to me. This is my job, however. This is only for few days..after I complete this case, we will go to abroad...I will take two months leave...Feb 14 is our marriage."


Meanwhile, the media tells that, "Still Dahini's family murderer haven't been found and it's a mystery about the murderer."

The Chief Mknister at the same time, orders the Police Department to encounter Adhithya, if they finds him out at any place at any time. Because, he is a suspended officer and have further, killed Aravinth Reddy.


"What's happening in this case sir? Prime Minister is pressurizing me a lot about this case. I don't know what you guys are doing in this case da. Prime Minister is accusing me. Do something please..." A minister said to CBI officer Ravindran through the call.

"Ok...Ok sir..." Ravindran said.

"Hey. Where is Akhil da?" Ravindran asked to someone in the place...


Near to Mangalagiri around 5:30 PM, Akhil and Adhithya meanwhile conducts a search against a local thug named Jamaal. Since, he was a close friend to Hemraj hoping that, they might get some informations about him.

He informs this to Ravindran. But, fails to reveal the name of Jamaal after seeing Adhithya on the spot.

"Have you came for Jamaal?"


"No. I am seeing him for the first time only."

"Do you know Sunil?"

"I don't know. Before I could investigate this case in further, I and Rajveer got suspended. Things went more complicated when my lover also got killed."

"Who killed this guy then?" Akhil asked him.

"I don't know..."

"Then it's a trap, Adhithya. Move..." Akhil pushs him asides and shoots a henchman, who tried to kill Adhithya and Akhil respectively.

In the ensuing shootout, Akhil and Adhithya manages to kill some henchman dead. However, Jamaal shoots Akhil and leaves him for dead. While, Adhithya gets shot by another henchman, whom he then killed despite the fatal injuries.

"Sir. Akhil's condition is crtical. He only knew the full details of this murder case sir." Ravindar said to the Minister.

"I don't know what will you do. If we didn't finish this case, then Prime Minister would kill me. Do something and solve this case."

"Ok sir" said Ravindar.


Around 8:30 PM, Akhil and Adhithya are admitted in the BKM hospitals of Mogalarajapuram.

Akhil is told dead in the hospitals. Hijacked and puzzled with this complicated situation, Ravindar meets a dejected Nisha in the hospitals.

"Please calm down Nisha. I need to talk with you. Nisha, please listen to me." She turns back towards him.

"Akhil told that, you are working with the memory transplant subjects. I have seen your science meet through TV. Can it be done to humans? Is it possible?"

"I asked you only Nisha. Can you do it on humans?"

"I didn't used that, till now. But that's the criteria."

"I am getting pressures from Delhi. I need Akhil's memory now...he has some confidential informations about this case...I need to know what's that! It's very important. Is it possible to keep Akhil's memory in this guy's brain?" He asked her, by showing his accompish.

"We can try. But, he would die sir."

"Can we keep that in Adhithya's body?"

"He will die sir."

"It's okay Nisha. He is now a suspended cop...and too, he have equal talent of investigating this case...Akhil is dead...Don't worry about him. We don't have time, Nisha. Do something, kindly." Ravindar said.


Through electrical signals, Akhil's memories are passed through Adhithya's brain after injecting an anesthesia in Adhithya's left arm.

After a few hours, Nisha arrives and tells to Ravindar, "Sir. The Operation is over."

"Ok. Let this be as such. What will happen next?"

"All the strong memories are stored in the medico campus. Adhithya's memories would get deleted. Slowly, Akhil's memories would start to occupy his brain. But, it will take some time."

"Oh! Slowly, Adhithya would forget his old memories right?"

"Yes sir."



Few days later, Adhithya wakes up from the hospitals after reminding about Ishika. However, he starts to get pains and again faints down, after an injection is given by Nisha.

But, a very few minutes aftermath he goes from the hospital and finds out the house of Akhil accidentally...

Through Nisha, he comes to know that Akhil's memories got transferred to his brain.

"Then, what about my friend Rajveer and Ishika? Will they be there in my mind?"

"No. You would forget..."

Angered he slaps and accuses Nisha saying, "How dare! For your selfish purpose, you used me as a bait ah?"

Adhithya tries to leave there to learn about the Dahini Murder case in further. But, Nisha stops him and injects a medicine to stop him.

But before the injection, he tells: "Before forgetting everything, I will kill those who were responsible for these incidents...I will kill them all..."

Ravindar is happy to know that, Akhil's memories are occupying in Adhithya's mind. But becomes furious after learning that, he have immediately gone outside...

Actually, Adhithya is in the huntdown to catch Jamaal. He overpowers him and ties him up in a chair. After this, Akhil's memories starts to intervene in between. As a result of this, he calls Ravindar to the place, who comes there along with Nisha.

Now as Akhil, Adhithya reveals the confidential informations to Ravindar, which he had collected based on Dahini's murder case in a chronological order:


The murders on the night of 15–16 May 2020 were preceded by the following events:

Before 9 pm (15 May) 

• On 15 May 2008, Nupur worked at her Hauz Khas clinic during 9 am–1 pm. She picked up Dahini from school at 1:30 pm and returned to their Jalvayu Vihar apartment. Nupur's sister-in-law Vandana Talwar (wife of Rajesh's brother Dinesh) joined them for lunch. Then Nupur and Vandana left, while Dhahini stayed at home. Nupur worked at the Fortis Hospital from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm. She returned to the apartment around 7.30 pm.

• Rajesh taught at the ITS Dental College from 8:45 am to 3:30 pm and then attended patients at the Hauz Khas clinic until 8:30 pm.

9 pm – 10 pm 

• Rajesh and his driver Umesh Sharma returned to Jalvayu Vihar around 9:30 pm.

• Sharma dropped Rajesh in front of the apartment building and drove away to park the car at the house of Nupur's parents, which was a walking distance away (the Talwars did not have a garage).

• Sharma returned to the Talwar residence around 9:40 pm to hand over the car keys and Rajesh's bag to Hemraj, who had cooked the dinner for the family.

• Sharma saw Nupur and Dahini near the dining table, and Rajesh coming out of his bedroom. He was the last known outsider to see Dahini and Hemraj alive.

10 pm – 11 pm 

• According to the Talwars, after the dinner, they went to Dahini's room, and gave her a Sony DSC-W130 digital camera.

• The camera had arrived earlier that day via courier and had been received by Hemraj. Rajesh originally planned to give it to Dahini on her birthday (24 May), but Nupur persuaded Rajesh to give it to Dahini that day as an early birthday surprise.

• Dahini clicked several photographs of herself and her parents, the last one at 10:10 pm.

• Subsequently, Dahini's parents retired to their room, while Dahini remained in her room.

11 pm – 12 am 

• According to the parents, around 11 pm, Rajesh asked Nupur to switch on the internet router, which was in Dahini's room. When Nupur came to Dahini's room, the teenager was reading Chetan Bhagat's The 3 Mistakes of My Life. Nupur switched on the router and returned to her own room.

• Around this time, Rajesh answered a call from the US on the landline phone (kept in the couple's room). This indicates that the ringer was not silent.

• Rajesh then surfed some stock market and dentistry websites, and sent an e-mail.  He visited an e-mail site at 11:41:53 pm, which is when the desktop and the laptop show the last internet usage.

After 12 am (16 May) 

• Around midnight, Dahini's friend tried calling her on her mobile as well as the Talwar residence's landline. The calls were not answered. Around 12:30 am, he sent her an SMS message: This message was not received by Dahini's phone.

• The Internet router was used for the last time at 12:08 am. The exact sequence of events between midnight and 6:00 am could not be determined by the investigators with certainty (see conjecture below). According to their post-mortem reports, Dahini and Hemraj were killed between 12:00 am and 1:00 am.


The 1300 sq. ft. apartment had 3 bedrooms(including servants' room), a drawing-dining room and a servants' quarters, where Hemraj slept. Rajesh and Nupur slept in the master bedroom, while Dahini slept in an adjacent room. Hemraj's room had a separate entry from outside the apartment; it also opened into the apartment from inside.

The entrance to the Talwars' apartment at Jalvayu Vihar had three doors: the outermost grill gate, a middle grill door located in the passageway, and the innermost wooden door. Hemraj's room had two doors - one door opened inside the apartment, and the other door was located between the two grill doors.


At present, Adhithya(as Akhil) further revealing him: "Sir. The current Chief Minister is involved in the murders of Dahini, Hemraj, Rajesh and Nubur. Since he wanted to regain the position, he grouped along with DSP Aravinth Reddy, DGP and his relative to murder them. Using Hemraj, they killed Dhahini. Afterwards Hemraj was killed to avoid guilt charges. Then, passed by Dahini's parents...CM gained victory to take his positions sir."

Ravindar informs this to the Central Government, who all orders for the arrest of CM and his family. CM however, learns this news from his few supporters. Hence, he escapes from the place along with his henchman.

However, Adhithya(with Akhil's memories) pursues him and they in return, are followed by Ravindar and Police forces. Angered that he is exposed, Reddy(CM) beats up Adhithya severely along with his henchman near to the cave of Kanaka Durga Temple, where they have hidden.

One of Ravindar's henchman hits in Adhtihya's head, which makes Adhithya's memories to come back. At that time, Nisha tells to him: "Adhithya. Don't leave him. He was the one, who killed your friend Rajveer and love interest Ishika."

"You only killed them ah?"

"Yes da. I am the villain." Reddy said.

Adhithya kills all of Reddy's henchman and finally, overpowers him down. Then, reminding about his beloved love's death along with Akhil's death on the other side, he shoots down the CM brutally to death.

Ravindar clears up the scene and informs to the Prime Minister that: "CM was killed as an act of self-defence."

Police Department, CID and CBI are praised by the media and public repsectively for their hard work in solving this murder case. Media openly apologizes for their bad act.


After few months, Adhithya(now completely changed as Akhil after the transfer of his memories) and Nisha goes to USA on vacation, where Adhithya proposes to Nisha as Akhil. Since, he promised her to marry on February 14.

They both share an emotional hug...

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