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Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Action Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Action Thriller

Chase Chapter 1

Chase Chapter 1

32 mins 157 32 mins 157

DECEMBER 12, 2018:


In Vellore Orphanage House, a girl named Aishwarya has been called by her trust head, "Aishwarya...Aishwarya…"

The 10-year old girl, with blue eyes, white-bubble face, in an ordinary dress goes and sees her. She says, "Madam."

"Come here," said the head.

"Today, don't play for so many hours and sleep soon ma," said the Orphanage house head.

"Why madam?" asked Aishwarya.

"Tomorrow at 10:00 AM, an important person is going to meet you," said the head.

"Me ah? Who?" asked Aishwarya.

"You would see him, tomorrow. Go and sleep" said the Orphanage head.

"Except mom and dad, who would come and see me sister?" asked Aishwarya, to one of her friends.

"Except them, Paternal uncle, Grandma, Grandpa, maternal uncle, uncle, aunt would come" said the friend. Additionally, she tells her: "When going to meet them, wear a good cloth ma."


Around 10:15 PM near to Kanchipuram at a tollgate, a lorry, carrying 300 kilogram of Cocaine from Mumbai have been seized by Mumbai Special Task force officer ACP Biswas, who tracked them and finally, captured the container in the tollgate. His hands are injured, in the process of capturing them. Biswas gets treated for his injury. He have been assigned by Tamilnadu Home Minister for a temporary period in Kanchipuram to catch Shanmugarajan's gang.

The same time, some of the things, that were taken from the lorry, are kept in the underground camp, where the officers are staying. Biswas's associate Inspector Yogesh tells to a police officer, "Cross-check once and clear the container."

"Ha. Okay" said the officer.

When Biswas was crying out in pain for his injuries, Yogesh tells him, "Sir. Sir. We have to crack one tile sir. 100% pure Cocaine. Conceal tile sir."

"How many kilos?" asked Biswas.

"Almost a ton sir. 300 kilogram is coming. It's worth would be a maximum of 1500 crore, sir. No doubt sir. We just has take-over" said Inspector Yogesh.

Biswas then arranges a meeting with his associates and tells them: "Boys. Before the next morning, I don't know how many of our officer's posting would be affected, because of this drug bust. So, until I get a word from DGP Randeep of Mumbai or NCB head and Kancheepuram IG Hari Krishnan, no one should go out for one week. And that includes your family, as well."

"Yes sir." They agreed to his terms and conditions.

"Let Yogesh's phone alone be active."

"Yes sir."

"Answer your phone, only if I call you" said Biswas, to which Yogesh agrees.



"Inba. I don't know anything da. I gave signal to our people, when vehicle had crossed the gate Inba. I didn't do any mistakes, Inba. I don't know how the police have arrived there, Inba" said Anuvishnu, the lorry driver, who drove the vehicle, carrying the drugs. The entire place is dark, with a very few lights turned on.

While their henchman have been extracting drugs, with their knives, sitting beneath the tables. The driver have been surrounded with few henchman, the chief organizer Ram and chief henchman George.

"I told you already that, if this drug is seized, we would lose 1,500 crores. Now, what can we do? I want that drugs now" said Inba, after drugging himself, with the help of a SIM card, from which he consumed the drug.

An angry Inba goes near Anuvishnu to stab him with a sharp German-made knife. On one side, Anuvishnu is begging, the other side, someone calls George through phones and asked him, "Is Inba there?"

"Inba. Someone have called us."

"Who is speaking?" asked Inba.

"What? Are you thinking about that cocaine?" asked the strange caller, sitting in his bed,

"Who are you?" asked Inba.

"I know, where is that 300 Kilogram cocaine. You are Shanmugaraj's brother, right? I have to speak with your brother. Get ready for that" said the strange man, who looks around 45-year old man, having a dark face, with thick blue eyes and he is wearing a pajama shirt.

"Brother won't talk. Tell me the deal" said Inba.

Anuvishnu begs to spare him and runs nearby the henchman, who all mercilessly surrounds him down.

"I will tell you the location of cocaine. I will take care of the police. They won't come. But, I need 20 kilogram of that 300 kilo drug" said the strange man.

"20 kilogram ah? You know the International Market worth for that?" asked an angry Inba.

"I don't know how much cost does this 20 kilogram comprises off! However, I know the International money worth of 300 kilogram, very well. Look. I can't do this alone. Forest department, IG officer, DGP, I have to see all of them. Should take risk for this. I have to settle a many for this. I can talk more than 20 kilo for this work."

"Brother, brother. Please tell him brother. Tell da" said Anuvishnu, to one of the gang member, Sudhish.

"When he passed the vehicle, he gave me the signal." Sudhish tells to George.

"Ha. He gave signal, ah?" asked George and he stabs Anuvishnu for two times, brutally. He is thrown asides, by George.

"We can neither show compassion nor redemption da. Because, we are doing drug business. It's like a big ocean. We don't know who would operate and order us. Even we don't know who is the head. If anyone of us is caught by any means, we have to die. There's no other option." Ram says to all the henchman.

"You take as much as kilo, you wish. But, I wanted to know the bastard, who seized my drugs! They all should die, this night itself. Another police should think to step inside Shanmugaraj's gang. The whole department should think about it." While hearing this itself, the strange caller hangs the call, smiling.

While, Inba is checking something, George informs Inba, "Inba. None of our henchman are answering the call. Our brother's phone is switched off."

"Even after these many hours, if they haven't come, I suspect something is wrong" said Inba. While, Ram smokes a cigarette, thinking about the same. One of the henchman, takes the dead body of Anuvishnu asides.

10:45 PM-

The strange caller is none other than Narcotics Control Division's Zonal Director Raj Joseph. He calls his friend Inspector Pandiyan through his phone.

"Pandiyan. Have everyone came for the IG Guest house ah?"

The guy, who looks rustic and terrific though he have wore a decent white shirt and black pants. He replied him, "No sir. Not yet. All are coming, one by one only sir.

"You believe in becoming rich, through overnight ah?" asked Raj.

"I understand sir" said Pandiyan.

"This is such kind of a night. If you do it perfect means, you can be settled. If anything goes wrong or missing means, they would finish us along with our entire family. Take care." Raj said, to which Pandiyan agrees to.


Around 11:55 PM, when Sudhish have been discussing about new consignment, that's arriving from the South Panama with his henchman, he receives a call.

"One minute da." He said to his henchman, when he tries to convey something to him.

"Hey. What's your problem di? Can't you understand once?" He said to his wife, looking around the place and tells, "Why are you pestering me by calling me frequently?"

The same time, Raj Joseph calls Inba and tells him, "ACP Biswas, from Mumbai Narcotics Division, His boys are four. Inspector Yogesh, Sub-Inspector Ranveer Singh, Inspector Kumar and Inspector Sarvesh." When he is telling their names, Inba writes it in a paper.

Then, Inba tells: "I will kill these five people, before the morning. Send their total details to me. Hello! Hello. Are you there in the line, Joseph Raj?"

"You shouldn't kill five men. Some informer is there in your gang."

"No chance for that" said Inba.

"He is there. A guy from Mumbai Police Department, as per my guess. He is giving information for the past two years to Biswas." Raj Joseph tells while, Inba thinks about it.

"Why are you torturing me like this? Ah?" Sudhish shouts at his wife, at the same time, to his wife and reaches to a nearby wall, where he closes his mouth in fear and tells, "Sir, sir, sir, sir. 300 kilogram sir, their total cocaine."

"Did you get any information about Shanmugaraj?" asked Biswas.

"Sir. Here, what am I taking and what you are talking sir! As I gave information to you, they have unnecessarily killed one of the henchman sir. I terribly fear. I fear, whether I would be caught sir." Sudhish tells to Biswas, who is going in a car and hears everything from him.

"Irfan. Just listen" said ACP Biswas.

"Sir. I can't manage further sir. I have decided to surrender in a nearby police station."

"You fool! Is this new for you? As an undercover officer, this is 25th month for you. Have you seen Shanmugam's face, till date ah?" asked Biswas, to which Irfan blinks.

"Do anyone know how he looks? They doesn't know right? We have seized 300 kilo. Anyhow, he has to come out. One last chance, Irfan. For your two years service, think how much of police officers could have died" said Biswas.

While a tensed and fearful Irfan tells him, "Sir…Sir, please sir. Listen what am I coming to tell you, a minute."

"Irfan. Just listen. If we catch Shanmugam only, we can know who are all been involved in these drug trafficking business activities" said Biswas.

"Did you know, who was that undercover officer?" asked Inba, to the Narcotics officer Joseph Raj.

"It's not possible to find him out immediately. I have to track him down, I have to cut so many of our people. It's not an easy progress. The same time, I can't take a risk. What are you telling?" Raj Joseph asked Inba, drinking a glass of water by taking it from fridge.

"What you are telling is correct only. Show me that black sheep. I will take it out" said Inba. Inba goes inside his drug room and observes his henchman in and around the room. Then, he sees Irfan and goes near to him.

DECEMBER 13, 2018

12:15 AM:

The latter is not speaking with Biswas and is just listening what he says. He asks him to update everything. As Inba tapped Irfan's shoulders from back, he becomes alert and tells Biswas, "I will catch you again, di" and hangs the call.

"Sudhish(Nickname, which he adapted to survive in the gang). A wolf of Mumbai Police Department is there in our gang. You suspect anyone from this gang?" asked Inba.

"No chance for that, Inba" said Irfan.

"He is there. Eating here, he is showing loyalty to the department." Inba said, in anger by smoking a cigarette.

"Okay. What can we do now?" asked Irfan, by smoking a cigarette.

"Call all of our henchman and gang from Chennai City and Kanchipuram. I know about that five police officers, now. Within today's night, we have to replace their heads in the police station." Inba said, to which Irfan agrees assuring him, "Okay. I will take care of everything." He leaves from the place. Inba smokes his cigarette, to control his anger.

Irfan gathers everyone in the place. Meanwhile, Raj Joseph's spy investigates about the lorry, which carried the cocaine to the operator of the toll gate and learns that, it have crossed the gate around 10:30 PM.


1:00 AM-

The same time, a new Inspector of Police named Shekhar joins the office, along with his bags. He walks inside the office and sees a lots of files in the entrance. The files are gathered in three to five tables, which he observes, while going inside.

"Who are you man?" One of the constable named Doss asked him, as he was in the ordinary uniform.

"Greetings sir. My name is Shekhar. Inspector of Police. From Trichy district. I have to meet SP Krishnan sir. I have got transferred and came here. Which station and what details?" said Shekhar.

"Sir. Is that you? He have been telling this to me, sir. You have came at this night time?" asked the Constable.

"I didn't expect this much distance Constable sir. I should join the duty, tomorrow itself too" said Shekhar.

As they are conversing, Shekhar notices a girl coming inside and slapping a man, who have been sitting in a nearby chair.

"Hey. Who are you ma? Hitting a man, inside the station itself?" asked Doss.

"Hey. Is she your younger sister ah, da?" asked Doss.

"He have correctly found out da" said one of the guys and the two laughs.

"Hey. If you laugh like this, I would cut your teeth" said Sekhar.

"I am seeing you as a student and doesn't wish to beat you" said Doss.

Sekhar asked Doss, "What case is this, Constable sir?"

"Drunk and drive case sir. Additionally, they have put their phone in loudspeaker and danced in the middle of roads. As complaint came here, I have made them sit here" said Doss.

The girl requests Inspector Sekhar to take the two guys back to the college, to which he refuses and tells, "Is this your school? Go and sit near that chair ma. Let's speak about this, after the SP comes." She and other guy sits in other nearby chair.

Since, higher officials have gone for an important meeting and it could take time for their return, Inspector Sekhar sits in his allotted chair. While, one of the guys tells to the girl, "Anjali. I am sorry di."


The informer tells Raj Joseph, "Sir. Everything was fine in the toll gate. But, some mistake have happened, when it departed from the tollgate."


Meanwhile, Biswas arrives to IG Hari Krishnan's house in order to celebrate his retirement party and meets Inspector Ravi and asked, "What bandage is this sir?"

"A small accident in morning. Duty or off?" asked Biswas.

"No duty sir. Off only sir. I was coming from the station. When coming in the mid of the highway roads, I saw our station constable, shouting at some unknown man, who was standing with his car. Upon investigating him, he didn't even reply anything. Even he didn't show any ID card. He looked tensed. He was having thick beard and sported a rustic look, sir. He is not even speaking, by seeing the face sir. Hence, I decided to interrogate him and send him the next morning. I made him sit in a jeep." The Inspector said to him.

Biswas looked the jeep for a while and asked the Inspector, "Have he been handcuffed la?"

"Yes sir. He have been cuffed" said the Inspector.

 Meanwhile, DGP Harikrishnan lights a cigarette. By smoking he asked Biswas, "300 kilogram means, what is it's worth in the market man?"

"Sir. Nearly 1500 crores perhaps."

"Any information about that gang?" asked Hari Krishnan.

"Shanmugaraj and his younger brother Inbasekar a.k.a, Inba, sir. Among them, there is two more people: One is Ram and the other is George. In this entire gang, none knew how Shanmugaraj looks. He always resides in Kanchipuram Port, living in a Shipyard sir. His brother controls the total network, as per Shanmugam's instructions. They have connections with Mumbai gang sir. They choose local cities like: Coimbatore, Kanchipuram, Trichy and changes it into a hub to bring the drug consignment into the society sir. This is their ultimate plan. They have connections, not only with Mumbai sir. But also with, South America, Nigerian and Indonesian mafia leaders sir! For past two years, many of our officers, who took straight action against the gang were murdered brutally. We're unable to do anything, even after knowing that they have done this. Some wolf and snakes are there in our own department, helping them sir. They are extremely dangerous sir" said ACP Biswas.

"We have not only seized drugs sir. But, also some explosives from them sir. You won't believe sir. They even had a M-16 gun, a Russian-made gun" said Biswas.

This shocked Hari Krishna. Further, Biswas tells, "The caught people are the one. who worked for transports and supplies. We doesn't know anything, in addition sir."

"Did you sent these details to the Narcotics Control Bureau?" asked Hari Krishna.

"No sir. However, they have sent me a report regarding Mumbai sir."

"What was that?" asked Hari Krishna.

"The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has red-flagged Mumbai as the cocaine capital of India saying that other metropolitan cities are not lagging behind with the drug mafia spreading its tentacles in India, Canada and Australia. As much as 2499 kilograms of cocaine seized in the past two years in Sri Lanka, Port Elizabeth and Panana had India as its destination. The international market for this lethal drug is ₹5 crore per kilogram. As one of the biggest manufacturers of potassium permanganate, a precursor chemical, there is a growing suspicion that the processing of cocaine may be shifted by drug cartel from South America to India. This is primarily due to the US Drug Enforcement Agency, the UK's National Crime Agency, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Australian drug enforcement agencies pressure on the South American coca-producing countries, sir.

According to top NCB officials, backtrack drug investigations have now confirmed that no less than 300kg of cocaine (worth ₹1500 crore in the international market) landed in Mumbai in December 2018 through a syndicate with links in India, Australia and Canada. The same syndicate was involved in the smuggling of 200kg of methamphetamine from Canada to Australia sir. With all the drug enforcement agencies pooling their intelligence and resources on this network (not disclosed as it is an ongoing operation), as much as 20kg of cocaine was seized in India, 29kg of methamphetamine was recovered in the US, 55kg of cocaine and 200kg of methamphetamine was seized in Australia. The backtrack investigations of 55kg of cocaine concealed in a plasma cutting machine seized in Australia in June 2019 led the NCB to uncover the syndicate bases in India. Investigations revealed that the drug syndicate had floated fake companies for the drug to be smuggled and then concealed at Rudrapur in Uttarakhand. Working on this intelligence, the NCB conducted raids in Rudrapur, Ghaziabad, UP, Punjab and Delhi to cumulatively seize 20kg of cocaine with a number of arrests in these states including Indonesian and Nigerian nationals. NCB investigations into the smuggling of 300kg of cocaine in Mumbai led to the arrests of mastermind Harpal Singh aka Amrinder Chenna aka Laadhi and his associate Sandeep Deol, who arranged all the paperwork and logistics while in India during the landing of the drug. The other members of this syndicate have been identified with the accused both in India and Canada." ACP Biswas reported this to Hari Krishnan.

"Like Mumbai, these gangs are trying to turn our city as a hub for Cocaine?" asked Hari Krishna.

"Yes sir. They are trying to turn it as, "Cocaine Capital of India." Additionally, if we submit about Shanmugaraja's gang, he would be added among the 100 most wanted Drug kingpins of India sir. To start their hunt."

"That's okay. Who is that informer?" asked Hari Krishna.

"My boy sir. Irfan Mohammad" said ACP Biswas.

"Ask him to be safe, man. No one knew, where is the drug spot right?" asked IG Hari Krishna.

"Me, you and my boys" said Biswas.

"Is Superindent office safe right?" asked Hari Krishna.

"Sir. In Kanchipuram city, this is the safe place. Our SP office is now getting renewed. Henceforth, I have made a secret base, under the building sir. Until, we show in the records, we have kept the seized items there only sir. No one under the Law and Order knew, there is a place like this. So, it's completely safe sir." Biswas said.

While speaking, Hari Krishna asked the officers to go out and have a drink. After Biswas too ordered the same, they proceeds by giving respect to the officers. Meantime, Pandian mixed 5 ml of drugs through an injection in the wine bottles, as per the instructions of Joseph Raj. Because, the officers would become unconscious and would take 7 to 6 hours to recover back.

"This is very serious issue man. Political supports would be there for these gangs in Mumbai" said IG.

"Sir. Home Minister have been supporting us. right !" said ACP Biswas.

"We can't believe politicians, blindly. They may change their opinion, anytime. If political reasons come and we withdrew this case, there is no need to get shocked or surprised. Ask your men to be safe. Nothing should leak out" said IG Hari.

"Sir. If this drug comes, what would happen to our society. Think a little about it" said Biswas.

DGP tells, "I told suppose if this circumstances comes." Biswas is asked for a drink, which he refuses. Since, he is under medication. He accompanies IG Hari Krishna, when they are drinking.

"Sir." The officers gathers around and salutes him.

Hari Krishna tells to the officers, "I am going to get retired within one week man. Next posting, would be given to that Yuvarajan, I think. A good time for us man. Enjoy by drinking to the fullest today."

At that time, Biswas gets informed by Irfan that, "Inba have formed a gang meeting."

Inba meanwhile tells to his boys, "This list have five police officers da. Those who brings these police officer's head would get life time settlement da. The whole team is in that IG Guest house only da. After their death, all police officers must fear to touch us. Go and catch them da."

The police officers share the glass and starts to drink the alcohol. While, Chicken Biriyani is cooked by a caterer group in the same place. While, Biswas smokes a cigar to sustain the cold temperature.


Around 2:00 AM, police officers, who drunk the alcohol falls down in the swimming pool, nearby chair and the floors, due to the reaction of the drugs, mixed by Pandian. While, Inba plans to search for and bring Shanmugam, after discussing with Ram and George.

Irfan is informed about the location of drugs by Inba and he goes in his bike. Biswas learns from Irfan that, "Inba is heading towards the place of drugs, as a wolf in their department have informed about the location."

He is shocked and runs from the place. However, he sees his teammate falling down unconscious. No one is left. All faints down. Then one of the caterer rushed and tells him, "Sir. Our IG have been fainted, inside the bathroom."

"Sir. Sir. What happened sir? Blood from your ear sir. Someone have mixed the drugs in our whisky bottles sir. It's a trap sir. What shall we do now sir?"

IG asked him, "Many have been fainted ah man?" in panic.

"Sir. Many have fainted. Shall I inform to NCB or CBCID sir?"

"No man. No. None should know this. Let the drugs be as such. No police men should die. If press or media learns about this, our total department's reputation would be spoiled. Do something man. Do something. Retiremenr have came. I should retire, with respect. Do something." He says. While, Biswas panic and tells, "Anyone there outside? Sir sir…"

Then, he requests the caterers, not to drink the beer and asks them to threw it asides.

"What shall we do sir?" asked a caterer.

"Whose van is that?" asked Biswas.

"That's mine only sir. Driver have went out. He would come by morning only sir" said a caterer.

As none of the caterer knows to drive the van, Biswas searches around someone in the place and finally, recalls about a man, who have been handcuffed. Henceforth, Biswas goes near to the jeep and asked him, "Hey. Do you know to drive the van? You only man. Hey. Will you drive van?" As he didn't give any reply, a tensed Biswas asked him, "Are you deaf ah da? Didn't you hear what am I saying to you?" He goes near him and asked, "Hey. Do you know how to drive a vehicle or not?"

"Mm" said the bearded guy. Henceforth, Biswas removes his handcuff.

"Come outside" said Biswas. As he said, the guy steps his leg outside. He is having a thick beard around the neck, moustache in his mouth and have a bunch of cigarettes in his pocket. He is wearing a white shirts and black pants, having a blue eyes.

Seeing his face, Biswas steps his leg back and asked him, "Are you ACP Rishwanth IPS right?"

"Yes. Under Crime-branch. Now, half-duty" said Rishwanth.

Since, there is no time to speak, Biswas forced him to take the van, to which he refused and tells him, "I won't."

"Rishwanth. No time to argue man. Officers are unconscious. We have to do something. Please." Biswas begged him.

"No Mr. Biswas. I am not ready to take them. It's enough for me to suffer as a cop. Search some other guy for driving the car. See my shirts. Without even recognizing me as a cop, your man have hold it and made it dirty."

He gets a call from orphanage trust, while talking. The orphanage mam Nalini asked Riswanth, "What Riswanth sir? Have you reached Kanchipuram?"

"I am hisfriend, ACP Biswas speaking madam. Who are you for him?" asked Biswas.

"I am Nalini. His child Aishwarya's orphanage caretaker."

"Where was he these many days? He wasn't there in Mumbai?" asked Biswas.

"He was staying in Bangalore for some days, under Cyber branch. Now, only he have came to Kanchipuram" said Nalini.

"He should have ID as a police officer, right mam?" asked Biswas.

"I don't know about it sir. Tell, what's your problem at first?" asked Biswas.

"He have to drive a van, for 74 kilometers from ECR. In our police department, he is the only one, to know driving mam. Other officers have been unconscious. Please tell him mam."

"Why should he do it sir? Already, because of your police department, he have suffered mentally. He won't do it" said Nalini.

"Mam. Mam. Please hear what I am telling you." Biswas said.

"Sir. Sir. Sir…Please hear this patiently. For the past ten years, he didn't even see his child. So many years later, he is going to see her in our Vellore Ashram. For the first time, he is going to see her. In between these, why are you pulling him again into your problems sir?" asked Nalini.

"Mam. In every human's life, there would be some reasons for their sufferings and story. But, the situation here is very serious. It's related to so many police officer's life. Only, Riswanth could solve this issues. I know, how smart he is. That's why I am requesting you to make him accept this. Please ask him to take the van."

"Hmm. Speak" said Biswas.

"Hello mam" said Riswanth.

"Riswanth. Ask what that police officer is telling and help him da" said Nalini.

"Madam. I can't do so mam. The darkness that surrounded in my life for five years, is now only wandering and began afresh. Don't force me to go into the dark profession, which I am wishing to forget in my personal life mam. I will call you, after taking my car." Riswanth tells her, his situation.

Biswas now behaves harsh with him asking, "Will you take the van or not da?"

"I can't Biswas. Search for some other man. I am sorry." Biswas hits him and tells, "I know where is your daughter residing. One phone call is enough. I would shift her to some other Ashram. You would take 10 years to see her. Are you seeing it? Or Taking the van?"

"Like me, you are also a police officer right. That's why, you are speaking like this" said Riswanth.

"Why? Are you only human ah? You only have a family ah? I accept da. Some way or the other, your life as a IPS officer got personally affected. Didn't I have a family? Human Life is full of battles. We have to overcome all those obstacles. Will you drive this van or not? So that, you may meet your daughter."

Thinking for a while, Riswanth eventually agrees telling: "I accept this. For the sake of seeing my daughter. Not for the respect to your words." The same time, Aishwarya thinks, who is going to meet her and awaits for 10:00 AM. While, Adhithya checks the van by driving it nearby and reaches back."

"What happened?" Biswas asked him.

"Biswas. It would reach 70 kilometers. Van is in right condition" said Riswanth. Then, he goes inside the guest house and looks around the officers, who have fallen unconscious. He realized that, they have been sedated.

After eating Chicken Biriyani, he gets ready. While Biswas informs to doctor who asked him, "How is the condition of those police officers, Biswas?"

"Sir. They are bleeding through ears, vomiting blood. Even their pulse rate and heartbeat is faster than the normal functioning sir."

"Ok Biswas. In alcohol, if sedative drugs mix along with some chemicals, reactions would be like this only. Biswas. Within 5 hours, if we start the treatment, we can be able to save them. Or else, it would be very difficult." Doctor said.

"Doctor. I can't come through the highway for Kanchipuram. And, no one should know about this. Send me the location. I would come there" said Biswas.

The unconscious police officers are taken inside the van by Rishwanth, the caterer Kamalesh and another old caterer. Meanwhile, Biswas contacts SP office of Kanchipuram, where Constable Doss answers his call, after setting the music, asked by the college students, who are sitting there.

"Hello" said Doss. Since he is unable to hear, the constable asked the students, "Hey. How to off this da?"

"Switch that first button, sir" said Anjali. After turning off, Constable speaks to Biswas, "Tell me sir."

"Doss. How many of you are there in the SP office?" asked Biswas.

"I, a new Inspector and three PC are there in the duty, sir" said Doss.

Seeing this, Rishwanth then gets Biswas phone and asked the constable, "Except you five and the accused people in the Lockup, is anyone there in the office?"

"Sir. Except few college students for drunk and drive case, all have gone sir" said Doss.

"Ok. Alert the other stations also. And listen carefully. Close all the doors in the office" said Biswas.

"Sir. For what?" asked Doss.

"Hey. Don't raise questions and do what we say now. Alert everyone okay" said an angry Riswanth and hangs the call.

Biswas shows the location, to which they have to reach and tells, they can't reach Kanchipuram through highways, which Riswanth tells: "I guessed that, already. Any alternative route?"

Rishwanth threatened the caterers to guide them. Or else, he would file false charges against them, with Biswas. Taking the van, they starts after Biswas enters into the van. Meanwhile, constables all plans to flee from the office to their house, because they can't sustain the henchman, who comes to attack them. While, a tired Inspector Sekhar sleeps inside the office. The same time, Kamalesh fears as both officers keep their gun ready with them.


When going towards Raja Muthiah Road, Kamalesh asked

 Riswanth to turn towards Poonamallee High road. While, Inspector Pandiyan informs to Raj Joseph by closing his mouth, "Sir. Without any link, police officers are been taken in a van. One more officer is helping them sir. His name is Rishwanth, I think."

"You're there only, right. Can't you do anything?" asked Raj.

"I can't do anything sir. Biswas and that officer is there in the van. That officer is only driving the van" said Pandiyan.

"Ok. Wait. I will handle everything" said Raj Joseph.


Around 3:00 AM, Biswas calls his police station through phone.

"Someone is calling in the telephone for several times." One of the man said.

"Hey. All have took their vehicles and went out da" said another guy.

"Better shall we also escape ah, da?" asked the guys.

"Hey. Shut up and Sit quiet da." Anjali said.

"Go man" said the guy and he tries to go away from the place.

Anjali asked everyone to be quiet. While, they hears some prisoners telling, "Hey man. Come upstairs. I won't do anything. Come and take this out pa." As he is going, Inspector Sekhar, who woke up upon hearing the sounds, asked him, "Hey. Where are you going?"

"You're not supposed to go there and all. Come here" said Sekhar. He learns from them that, all have gone during the duty time. The college friends tells that, "College ID, Driving license and their details are with SP. Without his arrival, no one of them could go outside." At that time, he hears a telephone call and attends it.

"Hello" said Inspector Sekhar.

"Doss. Did you alert all the police stations ah?" asked Biswas. The time is around 3:15 AM now. Clouds are so dark and cold winds blow faster around the place.

"I am ACP Biswas, under Special Task force." Biswas said.

"Sir." He said and taps his leg in the floor. Angered, Biswas looks down.

"What happened, Biswas?" asked Riswanth.

"Some idiot is answering the call da." Biswas said to him.

"Put the phone in loudspeaker" said Riswanth. He puts in loudspeaker.

"Sir. No one is there in the station, including the head constable Doss. They have all gone out" said Sekhar.

"What? No one is there in the station ah? What's this man? Who are you speaking man?" asked Riswanth.

"Sir. I am newly appointed Inspector Sekhar sir. I didn't join in duty yet sir" said Sekhar.

"Sekhar. How much age are you?" asked Biswas

"48 years old sir" said Sekhar.

"Ok. Sekhar. You have joined the duty. Did you understand?" asked Biswas.

"Didn't understand sir" said Sekhar.

"Sekhar. From today, you are going to work in SP office. There only duty. Ok ah?" asked Riswanth, while driving the van in the roads.

"I understand sir" said Sekhar.

"One emergency situation. I am coming there only. No one should come inside the office. I would come in one hour. Before that, no one should enter into the office. If any issues, kindly call me. Close all the doors. Quick, quick" ordered Biswas.

"Okay sir" said Sekhar. He closes all the doors, from the entrance gate and to all the doors.

Meanwhile, Pandiyan gets phone number of George from Joseph Raj. George sends his henchman to the route, as told by Pandiyan. Sekhar informs Biswas that, "He have locked the door, with the help of the students."

Sekhar and the students tiredly sits in the chair. George orders his henchman to attack the van. Afterwards, Sekhar is ordered by Riswanth and Biswas to turn off all the lights in the station. Meanwhile, Aishwarya calls Riswanth, with the help of her friend through a booth. He tells, "Hello."

"Hello. I am Aishwarya speaking. Are you only coming to see me? Who are you for me?" asked Aishwarya. As he is speaking with her, Rishwanth suddenly sees a tree hitting the van glass. They manages to curb the tree attacks anyhow and drives faster.

"Someone is attacking us Biswas. We have to go faster" said Riswanth.

After thwarting the attacks and killing down the attackers by burning them alive, Riswanth reaches towards Poonamalle-Kanchipuram roads around 4:10 AM.

They stops in a nearby road and Rishwanth tries to call the girl. However, there is no response. The security answered and gets scolded by him. He tells that, "She have gone sad and difficult to get her for him."

Rishwanth yearns to see his daughter and sits emotional. The security agrees to send the photo through Whatsapp. Since, Kamalesh demands to know what's happening, the two reveals the situation.

"Are you drunk?" asked Riswanth.

"You alone would drink. But, if we drink, it's wrong ah?" asked Kamalesh and gets into the lorry. Meanwhile, Inba and his gang with Ram reaches the SP office. Feared, Sekhar informs to Biswas. He asks Sekhar to manage the situation.

At that time, Biswas and Riswanth sees into the name of culprits, who were caught. Then, he asks not to open the cell and asks him to know the name of the prisoners. When all five tells, one didn't tell his name and remains quiet.

He tells this to Biswas, who puts the phone in loudspeaker.

"The main lion have been caught inside the cage, Biswas" said Rishwanth.

"Sir. Be alert. Stay away from the cell. If that guy comes out, he won't spare you" said Biswas, after which he becomes alert. At that time, Shanmugam, in white-bold face and thick moustache, he forces Inspector to give the key. However, Sekhar manages to escape from them, with College student's help.

At that time, being alert, Inba tries to get in. Then, Riswanth becomes emotional upon seeing his daughter's face and tells Biswas by stopping the van, "Biswas. She looks exactly like her mother da. She would feel to be proud for being a girl's daughter?" He consoles him and they takes the lorry.

4:45 AM:

Meanwhile, Inspector Pandiyan tells George, "George. You have to near Riswanth. Then only, you can near the officers."

"What name you told me?" asked George.

"His name is Riswanth" said Pandiyan.

Around 5:00 AM, they reaches Kanchipuram almost. The same time, Inba's gang tries to break the door. But, finds it to be iron fist and tries some other way to go inside the place.

"Hello. What happened George?"

"Inba. Someone named Riswanth have safeguarded the police cop, by unnecessarily involving in this issue" said George.

"Aren't you ashamed? Didn't you feel ashamed to say this?" asked Inba.

 The same time, Shanmugam asked the students, "Hey. Give that key da. If I come out means, no one in your family would be alive. I would kill them all." As he is telling this, the college students plays the song: "Aalaporan Tamizhan." Angered, Shanmugam asked him: "Off that song da." Unable to hear anything from outside, Inba tries to go inside. The same time, Irfan is asked by Inba to go and support George. While going in a bike, Irfan sends a message saying: "Mission accomplished" to Biswas.

Inba manages to enter inside the door. While, Riswanth motivates Sekhar to fight up telling, "Sir. You have to die as a brave man. If anyone dare to touch a police officer, you have to react against them."

Inba's entry fears those five college students and they runs up. There, Anjali throws the henchman, who tries to enter the building through wire. Then, Inba's man manages to sneak into the building by breaking the door. In the process, one of the college friend gets killed. Angered, Shekar buldgeons and kills Inba with a fire extinguisher, to which Shanmugam tells: "Hey. I won't spare anyone of you da. Including your family members."

The same time, Rishwanth comes across another gang around 5:15 AM and they beats up Biswas. Pandiyan, who feels threatened to be exposed stabs Riswanth twice and others threw stones at him. Even after getting beaten up severely, Riswanth retaliates and he kills Pandiyan, George and their henchman using his and Biswas's gun. Since, Biswas brutally stabbed and killed Irfan, as he learned him to be the undercover officer.

The officers are admitted in the hospitals on time. Then, Riswanth alone enters into the building through the underground passage and sends the students out through the secret passage. While he, Sekhar and Biswas goes to burn the drugs.

To the surprise of Riswanth, he finds out an Russian M-16 gun.

"Biswas. If these drugs reach those people, they would completely destroy this society. Let's burn these and destroy those mafia too" said Riswanth.

Instead of just burning the drugs, they eliminate all the rowdies, who deals with drugs. They reached downwards as goons break-in. Riswanth kills all of Inba's gang outside the building, using the gun. Finally, police officers, who are cured keeps their hand in the head, due to the painful reactions. Doctors consoled them.


Biswas finds out the moles in the department and submits his reports to the NCB of Mumbai and DGP of Chennai. Joseph Raj commits suicide, as he have been exposed.

With the help of Nalini, Riswanth reconciles with his daughter.

"Thank you da Riswanth. You helped me in this mission. Without you, it's nothing" said Biswas.

"We both worked hard to do this. I am now going to Mumbai, Biswas. Going to take charge officially as the ACP of Mumbai. Since, this mission doesn't end here. It's just the matter of time. The Mission to Chase have began now. We have to crack down so many people, behind this group."

Biswas agrees to and he promises him to be supportive and helpful to Riswanth. With tears of joy, Aishwarya and Riswanth goes along with Biswas and Kamalesh, back to Mumbai in their car.


"Brother. Who is he brother? Without any link or connection with us, he have destroyed everything and became prime reasons for our losses!" One of the captured men asked Shanmugam.

"There is a link and there is a connection between he and our gang. That Wolf's name is Riswanth. ACP of the then, Mumbai." Shanmugam tells him.

While, Riswanth wears his cooling glass and proceeds to drive towards Mumbai roads, after reaching an NH4 Road.


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