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Gautam Prakash

Children Stories Fantasy Children


Gautam Prakash

Children Stories Fantasy Children



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Once upon a time in a land far away lived a young soldier named Magnus. He belonged to the Kingdom of Blackburn. Magnus although born into a family who serves the King as slaves, he rose in the community ranks through his inhumane strength, caring attitude and selflessness. Magnus was not only a powerful soldier, he also was the commander for the evil King Mathias who ruled the kingdom. Mathias, unlike Magnus, has a desire for conquering lands and destroying the land beyond recognition. With Magnus by his side, the sky was the limit for King Mathias. No kingdom dared to invade Blackburn. The combination of King Mathias’ unbreakable defence shield which can be generated through his hand and Magnus’ immeasurable strength made them the unopposed kingdom in the last decade. 

Magnus was a personal favourite to the King as he had no match for his brute strength. He stood over 7 feet tall and weighed over 372 pounds. However, don’t let the gigantic figure fool you as Magus is known to be the most caring and kind person in all lands. He shows mercy to his enemies which is the only thing his king despises about him. Word in the street was that the strength to Magnus was his high-protein-based diet. He eats five times and trains for four hours every day. The sight of his majestic muscles and his charming smile would grant the wish of any girl of his desire. Veins would pop up whenever he flexed his muscle and there would be another set of veins popping out from the initial veins. His diet consisted of 4 kilograms of Dragon meat, 3 dragon eggs, leafy vegetables, fruits and raisins. 

Problems soon started to circle the kingdom when it faced shortage of food. Crops started to die and soon the land endured famine. Dragons on the land refused to lay new eggs and dragon meat became scarce. The dragon meat and its eggs which was the source of power for Magnus soon became his weakness. Word of famine spread in the nearby kingdoms and the rivals of King Mathias started to invade. Even though the king’s force kept its enemies at bay, King Mathias knew he could not keep up the fight during the famine. He sent out his soldiers to get food and water by threatening smaller kingdoms. Soldiers were barely successful in their quest with improper nutrition. Without his protein, Magnus fell short and started to lose fights and often got captured by enemies which forced the king to send more troops to rescue Magnus. The king deemed him unworthy and banished him to a faraway land. 

Magnus went from 372 to 349 pounds in just 2 months after he left the kingdom. After months of travelling, due to lack of proper food, he soon was exhausted and fell to the ground. When he opened his eyes he was inside a chamber with few people sitting around him. 

“What is this place?”, asked Magnus.

“Hello, you are at Erstonia. My name is Icarus and you are in our medical helper’s chamber. When we were on our way to work we saw you lying down with open wounds and brought you here.”, said a stranger.

After a day’s rest, Magnus was back to his feet. He received a letter from an anonymous person who wanted to meet Magnus in person. The signature at the end of the letter read

‘Elric, the King of Erstonia’

“For what?”, wondered Magnus. 

“Should I be worried? Should I stay on my guard? Should I bow down to the King? Should I call him King? Is Mathias still my King?”, his mind wandered in thoughts. 

The king’s own personal chariot was sent to the helper’s chamber to pick up Magnus. The exiled giant had a scenic view on the way to the palace. Magnus realised the people of the land were shorter than the people he knew back in Blackburn. The tallest man he saw was 5 feet! Magnus felt everything was different in Erstonia. Everyone was calm and comforting even to strangers. Everyone was kind and their attitude was different and good. As they approached the king’s palace he saw a tall maze-like-structure in which small children in uniform were walking in and out. Magnus was curious and asked about the structure which looked like a school built next to the palace.

“Sir, may I ask you a question?”, said Magnus to the Charioteer.

“Yes sir, you shall”

“Why is there a school built near the King’s palace? 

“I can tell that you are new here by the question you’ve asked.”

“My apologies, I am uncertain why the King wanted to meet me. I wanted to know a little about the King before I met him. My apologies if my curious mind is out of the line”

“Apologies are unnecessary. You are right! You should know about the King before you meet him. The Mighty King Elric is very keen and involved in the education of each and every person in this kingdom. He believes that education, practical education is what makes humans. He genuinely cares for his people and is courteous. These are something which you won’t see in a King elsewhere. The population of this land doubled in the last year because people were eager to serve under him. One hilarious yet commendable thing the king always says

‘I don’t rule Erstonia, my people rule it and I am a mere helper who ensures the existence of the kingdom’s harmony.’

This is true, the king never sets any unwanted rules and we have been given the freedom to express ourselves. The education system is where the king involves himself the most. This school which you see is the only school built in Erstonia and the King has made a rule that everyone in this land should complete school only after which they will become a permanent resident of Erstonia. The status of the residency has many perks hence almost everyone here has at least completed school. The King is also the Headmaster of the school. He is keen on micromanaging every part of the school and the children’s life right from their childhood. He wants to be responsible for teaching the children what is good and what is bad and other important aspects of life.”

“This land seems to be the Utopia which is written in the legend book. How come I never heard of it before?”

“By your physique and the wondrous stories I heard may I assume you’re the Great Magnus of land Blackburn?”

“I would not say great but yes, I am Magnus.”

“Expanding Kingdom like Blackburn always has an eye for bigger kingdoms such as Lindow, Nathwich, Trudid, Azmarin. Because of the vast land these kingdoms occupy, they often end up in devastation by war and conquer and do not grow culturally or intellectually. But lands such as Erstonia which is small and located far away does not spark interest from any big kingdoms.”

“Your kingdom, though has a King, does not seem to be ruled by him. The freedom everyone has seems to be an independent entity on its own. The King is happy with the vision of shared powers?”

“You are right. That’s the vision our King created for us and the reason Erstonia is in harmony for thousands of years.”

Magnus reached the palace and the charioteer guided him to the King’s chamber where he was welcomed by the King. The King called upon Magnus to hear his story and the reason why he was abandoned by his own king. Magnus proceeded to narrate his story. 

King Elric: Why do you think dragons are the source of your strength?

Magnus: Dragons are a nutritious meal and it gives me unlimited power.

King Elric: Come, let’s go for a walk. 

They strolled toward the southern side of the kingdom into a narrow passage that led toward a large cave.

King Elric: This is where Kahina lives.

Magnus: Who is Kahina?

Suddenly a large dragon landed in front of them at super speed. It was as tall as Magnus and studied his movements carefully with his rear legs bent and its talons ready to pounce at him. 

King Elric: Easy there Kahina, Magnus is a friend. 

The dragon backed away obediently and then proceeds to take two newly born baby dragons from her nest and placed them near King Elric’s feet. 

King Elric: Look at that! Ooooohh look how cute and cuddly these babies are!

Magnus was stunned by the obedience and calmness portrayed by the dragon. He did not know a creature of such wild origin can be calm and nurturing. 

King Elric: This beautiful creature in front of me is Kahina, my pet dragon. She is a rescue dragon and is special and a little different from the rest of her kind. Kahina can neither fly nor breathe fire like the rest of them. My men discovered her one day malnourished and weak by the lake. Her owner must have figured that she is not worth a penny. With no profit for meat nor combat her owner left her in the dust. However, what her owner did not see through his eyes, I discovered it through love. You must have noticed by now Kahina is not an average dragon. While normal dragons are about 3-4 feet tall and lack sixth sense, Kahina is very large for a dragon and is still growing. She is also super smart. Though she is trained to listen to my command, I chose to treat her like my equal and only give command in grave situations. Oh, and she has one more crazy power. When she experiences fatal wounds, her body starts to regenerate cells which allows her to heal. You are correct! Dragons are the source of strength and power but not through consuming them through but nurturing them through love.

Magnus: With all due respect sir, I don’t understand. Why would you, a king, treat a dragon equally? You could easily rule the world with this magnificent beast by your side, couldn’t you?

King Elric burst into laughter.

King Elric: Magnus my witty friend! Yes, I could. But it is better to rule people through love rather than blood and battle. You want people to be with you because of love rather than fear right?

Magnus: I am having trouble understanding your perception of life sir. 

King Elric: It’s not that difficult to understand. I have heard stories of the mighty battles of King Mathias and his Champion Commander- Magnus. However, I also have heard other stories which are heard more often. It is the story of your heart. People say your fierce will, steel body and unmatched power does not reflect your heart and soul which is as soft as butter. Tell me Magnus, do you personally prefer war and battle in mayhem like your King?

Magnus: No. You are right sir. Whatever I do, I do for my King.

King Elric: How do you feel now that you were banished from the kingdom and forbidden from entering the land which you were born in?

Magnus: I am from the family of slaves sir. We are not allowed to have feelings. We are bound to take orders from our King, the better or for the worse. It’s the due diligence we show for our kind and the oath my forefathers took thousands of year’s back. 

King Elric: Interesting. 

Magnus: However, I do feel betrayed sir. King Mathias treats his people poorly. He talks properly to people only if he sees talent in them. I stood by the oath my forefathers took all these years but I should do something.

King Elric: I am no one to lecture you on what to do Magnus. But judging by the purity in your heart I feel you should stand up for your people Magnus. Blackburn deserves a better King. 

Magnus: I can’t do that sir. King Mathias, even though is weak physically, can create a shield which he can also use as an offensive weapon. He is too powerful and without my nutritious meal, I am as good as a soldier with no arms. 

King Elric: Answer this Magnus. What good is a kingdom if the King is weak in character? In your experience what happens to a weak kingdom? 

Magnus: It will fall on its own or worse, they will get invaded. 

King Elric: Are you going to allow that to happen to Blackburn? 

Magnus: I should not. But sir, Dragon’s meat is my power. Without it how do I regain my strength? 

King Elric: Let me ask you a question that might perhaps clear your mind. Dragons were abundant creatures on your land. Why do you think only you became strong by eating it and not anyone else?

Magnus: I have not thought about it. Maybe because they don’t eat as much as I do?

King Elric chuckled hearing the innocent answer. 

King Elric: Alright! If you and I were to compete in an arm-wrestling match who do you think would win? I have a dragon as a pet and you eat Dragons as a diet. 

Magnus: I am not at my full strength but with all due respect it would be me sir.

King Elric snapped his fingers and they teleported to a gladiator stadium in the outskirts of the kingdom. They both stood near a table and a referee ordered them to lock their hands. 

King Elric: Well then, let’s find out!

The referee gave the signal and both of them went at it. King Elric knew he physically had no chance against Magnus, hence to teach him a lesson he used his witchcraft to replicate the strength, weight and force of the strongest metal known. King Elric defeated a weakened Magnus at ease. 

Magnus: But how? You said you don’t eat dragon meat. You also have a normal diet with no specific nutrition to boost your performance. You also look medium built with no massive physique. Then how did you manage to defeat me sir?

King Elric snapped his finger once again and they were back inside his chamber. 

King Elric: Come Magnus, let’s eat first. 

King's son Spencer entered the room.

King Elric: This is my handsome son Spencer. He is a massive fan of yours. 

Prince Spencer’s eyes glowed after seeing Magnus. He jumped up and down in excitement. The three of them sat down to eat. 

King Elric: Son, Magnus here is in distress and is looking for an answer. 

Prince Spencer: Anything for my hero! 

King Elric: According to you, what provides strength to a person? 

Prince Spencer: Oh that’s an easy answer but a difficult one to hone. 

Magnus: What is it?

Prince Spencer: Will power.

Magnus: Will power? 

Prince Spencer: Yes, will power. To have the strongest will power is to have the victory at hand. 

King Elric: Correct! Magnus, think about it. The key to unlocking any strength or even for you to bring back the strength is will power. If you have a solid unbreakable will power, then dedication, hard work, progress and success will follow behind. 

King Elric and Prince Spencer enlightened Magnus’ with his words that day. After a few months of training with King Elric, Magnus prepared to return to Blackburn.

King Elric: Are you expecting war to break out? 

Magnus: No sir. As you are aware I do not like war nor drawing blood even if it’s from my enemies. I have unwashable bloodstains on my hand from the past and would like to spend the rest of my life in peace. I would try to settle things but if things go south I won’t be able to retain any peace. However, for the sake of the people, I shall try to end things with words. I pray for peace but I am also ready for war.

King Elric: And what if your body does not provide enough strength due to your diet?

Magnus smiled at the King and said 

“Will power”

Magnus reached the gates of his homeland and thus began the legendary battle between Magnus and King Mathias which was recorded in history books and told as tales for another thousands of years. Magnus managed to dethrone the King and returned peace and prosperity to his land and the people of Blackburn lived happily ever after. 

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