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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Maruf Hasan

Action Fantasy Inspirational


Maruf Hasan

Action Fantasy Inspirational

Beyond Law And Order

Beyond Law And Order

7 mins 109 7 mins 109

“Society asks you to work as a waiter but you did challenge with the idea and I quit the job and you throw yourself to unknown and you will have so many different ways to choose. In other words, Society wants you to be cleaner since your family members are poor and they worked as a cleaner. So, you revolt this fucking fate and go try it out so many different options...Success will bow down to you or you die but you do not give too damn to anything or anyone in the world.”

I am writing this randomly in my notebook when I quit the job after having a long argument with my manager. I am now sitting in the railway station and waiting for the next train. I will go to sea now and will move to an island for few months. I got a new job there and I will enjoy the beauty of the blue sea next few months. My name is Mr. Bin. I am sure you are laughing at my name. Life is, in fact, a laughable event. We do the same activities every day and not realizing any intrinsic meaning behind them. We have been more reckless in this century. We have been too much individualistic that we have no time if our neighbor dies from starvation and we only complain to the police when the smell of a dead body can not make you sleep at night. Anyway, let’s start an adventurous journey to an unknown island with Mr. Unknown. I do not want to mention my boring everyday activities, rather I will tell you interesting events that may help to inspire you.

Two months went by

I am living on the island now and I got to mix up with new people. You can have duty-free hard drinks and enjoy smoking while starring at the beautiful blue water. The problem of boredom is everywhere. I loved this island when I came here and now it becomes bored now. I met one old man who graduated from MIT and living on this island with his new wife last 7 years as a gardener. I asked him whether I should spend the next of my years on this island and he said I need to explore the world since I am still too young. One day I left my job place with bare hand and I met a local man going for a one week trip walking along the shore and sleeping next to the sea with his tent. I started to talk with him and I joined with him. He gave me food and I started walking. We reached a village and asked the retired officer to climb the highest mountain on that island. He gave us permission. We took shower at the sea and spend the night next to the sea. I loved the sound of the waves. For millions of years, it maintains the same rhythm. Each generation comes and feels a strange feeling inside us when we spend our time with the sea. Night Sky and Ocean both give us a false hope when we are under stress. I told one of my friends one day “Have you noticed even if we are poor God of the sky gave us chance to observe the beautiful night sky consisting of millions of stars and galaxies free of charge whereas we do not have money to go to park since that so expensive for us poor people. God at least does not have racism to show his sky” My friend said, “You are a crazy man”.

We waked up at 3:00 am at night and started to climb that mountain. After climbing for two hours, we lost our way to climb to the top because there are two ways and we realized we came the wrong way. We had to look for a new way. We heard the sound from the sky and it indicates it is going to be raining soon. When we were climbing for half an hour more. It started raining and it continued for two hours. We had no protection. Therefore, we were trembling with cold and fear in the mountainous jungle. There was a time I felt like we should go back but I could not say to my friend. We keep on climbing and the rain seems to be slow. I had a flashlight. Suddenly I hold my friend and asked him to come backward. My friend said,” What happened?” I replied, “It is a snake”. We both got scared. We looked at the leap of a tree and both of us noticed the green color snake is staring at us. We waited for few minutes and we saw no dangerous movement of that green snake. We passed the snake and keep on climbing. When we reached near the top it was about morning. We both of us were shaking with cold. We waited for sunrise and went to a perfect place to observe the sunrise. My friend bought some bread with drinks. When the sun arose, we saw the beauty of Sea and sky from the top of the mountain. It was a marvelous experience which you may not get with wealth. All the valleys you can observe from the top. We had breakfast on top of the mountain. We waited for few hours. Then, we started to do rock climbing. We still need to go further. My friend became so exhausted and asked me to go to the highest peak and come back. I did that and came back after half an hour. We came down and went to a waterfall in that village. We swam in the waterfall for an hour long. Then, we came back. We stayed another night and we had an excellent dinner in one restaurant next to the sea. Having hot food dinner at night while listening to the sound of waves was really an amazing experience.

The next day morning I left the place and came to my job place. I had to cross 8 villages from the place till my job place. I walked through the jungle sometimes and I sawm through the sea sometimes if the jungle is too deep and I find rocks next to sea. I observed some small sharks moving on sea beaches. I encountered one big snake as well and I ran backward and I waited for half an hour and again started moving forward. When I reached my job place, it was night. I was there one more month and then I left the island being bored with the same schedule. I went for an open water scuba diving course and I went 18 m deep inside water and I experienced so many different types of marine life like a big turtle, Shark and another different color of fishes. I went snorkeling one time. 

After few months….

I am at my campus now and focusing on my thesis. Life is so strange and it changes its color always and this is we who can define who we are. We do not have absolute freedom, but with our limited freedom, we can maximize our potentials. Knowledge is very necessary to make us free from this limited freedom also. I was not able to take some risks in my life if I did not have knowledge. Currently, I am going through existential writings and I am learning some unique ideas which I have no knowledge of in my previous years. Learning should never be stopped as long as we live on this planet.

Last but not least………….

Let’s run away far from this slavery society. You would be seen as senior officer, junior officer, poor, rich in your society and you are no longer who you are. They see you as a teacher, cashier, cleaner, manager, father, mother, but that does not define who you really are. Do you remember your childhood when you played together and you did not define them how you define them today? I do think you do forget and try to be the so-called dumbed civilized, educated that society asks you to be. You try to forget and hide your identity thinking perhaps the universe wants us to act like that, but that’s the lie you have been taught from your childhood.

Who you are?

Mr. Unknown……

Am I crazy?

“Yes. You are right, I am…but who you are? I am laughing innocently as street people laugh from their heart without no hypocrisy”

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